Restaurant review

So you all know I love food! Well good food. Indian is one of my favourites. We’ve recently moved to a small village, its in the same town I’m from, but just a bit further out. There’s 2 pubs, a little supermarket, 1 Chinese take away, 1 fish & chip shop, then an Indian restaurant. It looks a bit like someone’s house from the outside! We’ve driven passed a few times, but never eaten there.

We don’t eat out a lot, mainly because I love to cook and I begrudge the syns when I can make it just as good and syn free. My husband however loves eating out, so I suggested trying it out tonight and he jumped at the chance!! I can cook a mean curry, but my favourite restaurant curry, I’ve yet to master to the same standard.

We hadn’t booked, we naively assumed it wouldn’t be very busy, being a village and early evening. How wrong were we, it seems everyone else already knew what we were about to discover.

Despite not booking, they fitted us in. The friendly waiters took us to our table and took our drinks order. They gave us enough time to peruse the menu. Even though I always have the same thing, I still like to read the entire menu! I try and predict what my hubster will order and sometimes I’ll try and influence him so I can try it 😉 Come on, you do the same don’t you girls. I also just like reading menus! Foodies do.

I always have either chicken rogan josh or dansak. These are both 10.5 syns for an average portion, which is 550g. I have boiled rice if doing ee, as this is a free food on Slimming World and then a side salad for my speed free foods. I’m a massive Dansak fan, I know exactly how I like it. This didn’t disappoint. I asked the waiter if I could have either zero oil, or a minimum amount. He said they would use as little as possible and the chef understands that some people want a healthier curry. We had a laugh about it, in other restaurants they’ve not been as accommodating. It either seems to offend them, or they simply refuse saying the chicken has already been soaked in oil!?! Or they’ll say ok, then it comes out swimming in it anyway! They were true to their word here. My husband ordered the desi chicken curry, rice and a chapati.

The curry came out in cute mini pans, the portion was deceptively generous!! The rice was as good as rice can be and the salad was amazing! It even had peas in it, which I loved!! The dansak was incredible. If you’ve never had a dansak, it’s a tomato based curry, with lentils and it has quite a kick. It should be fairly dry and quite thick. Some have pineapple in too, this one did. I’ve got high standards with my dansak and this one exceeded my expectations. It was thick, tasty, packed with really tender chucks of chicken breast and just the right amount of spice. I didn’t want it to end! I said to Chris, if I was at home I would’ve licked the bowl!!!! He was equally pleased with his curry, there was loads of chicken and it was the perfect level of chilli for him. He likes it really hot. Obviously I had to try his too, wow gorgeous!!!img_2601img_2600img_2602img_2603


You do feel a bit like your eating in someone’s living room, but it’s bigger inside than you think, I really liked it. It’s a really chilled atmosphere and the staff were so friendly, efficient and attentive. I had a small house red and Chris, a beer. He had poppadoms to start, with tons of beautiful sauces and pickles, plus my fav, the onion salad. I don’t have these, as a poppadom is 4 syns each, that’s without the sauces.

The bill came to £34, which was really good I thought. They do take aways too, there’s a 10% discount on these. We do t have dessert, but if you did want it they do all different flavours of gelato! Much better than some dessert menus in Indian restaurants.

So what’s it called!?! Shah’s. Their Facebook page is here.
Ignore any negative reviews, we loved it!!!!!!! It does have a good score, but I gave it 5/5 on my review. We did go early, so it wasn’t as busy as it would be at peak times, but from what we experienced, we’d both go back in a flash!!!

When I find somewhere I can eat out, I get so excited!! I normally leave feeling a bit underwhelmed, not tonight!!! They’ll be seeing a lot more of us now!! I can’t shut about it!!

Thanks for reading and if you go, I hope you enjoy.
For more info on eating out in Indian restaurants on Slimming World, read below. Happy Fopping xx

Creamy curries, rich rice dishes and non-stop poppadoms – a night in an Indian restaurant can amount to staggeringly high Syns (and that’s not including the lager to help it down!). But it’s not all bad news for your baltis; there are loads of tikka-tastic ways to enjoy a Food Optimising feast, Indian-style.

The basis for most curries is ghee (clarified butter); the addition of oil and cream is why the Syns start soaring. Indian dining doesn’t have to be a Syn slip-up however. Great options include dishes that come minus the creamy sauce, eg tandoori chicken (marinated in spices and yogurt) and rice dishes such as biryani (meat/vegetables mixed with rice).

Tandoori tips
Starters/side orders – curry accompaniments such as naan bread are a whopping 20 Syns each on average – popping a poppadom saves 16 Syns at just 4 Syns each. Low Syn dips include onion sambal (1 level tbsp is ½ Syn), cucumber raita (1 Syn for a level tbsp), lime pickle (1 level tbsp 1½ Syns) and mango chutney (1 level tbsp 2 Syns).
Chicken dishes – fab for a filling main, Chicken dhansak is 10½ Syns* on Extra Easy. Chicken jalfrezi is 13 Syns*, chicken vindaloo is 12 Syns* and chicken tandoori is 9½ Syns*.
Vegetable dishes – vegetable jalfrezi is 10½ Syns*, vegetable curry is 12½ Syns*, Gobi Aloo Saag is 12 Syns*and vegetable biryani 15 Syns*.
*For an average serving

Member Brian Semple has a top tip for eating out, Indian style.

Whenever I go for an Indian I ask for my meal to be ghee-free. No-one has ever said it can’t be done and it tastes just as good!
While these are some of the lower Syn Indian options, to enjoy a real slap-up Food Optimising feast, fill up on heaps of salad as an accompaniment to your dishes. An average portion of pilau rice is 2½ Syns, you can enjoy piles of boiled basmati rice for Free!

Watch out for… high-Syn starters such as meat samosas (2 small ones are 12½ Syns) and onion bhajis (8½ Syns each).

See the sw website for tons of syn free curry recipes.


Waiting for my dinner to cook so a quick post of the danger of yogurts lol

I’m a total yogurt addict!!!!! I’m not joking I get withdrawals if I don’t have any. Here’s some pictures of popular yogurts. It’s really easy to get caught out though with yogurts. Fat free doesn’t always mean free. It’s always best to check out your apps or the website to be safe. The rachels one is 4 syns for the whole pot, the onken one is 5.5, danios vary, the strawberry is 1, but the blueberry is 3, the honey liberte ones are 1.5, as are the aldi brooklea ones, the shape rhubarb and apple crumble ones are 1/2, as are the Greek mullers. The rest are all syn free. It does vary with flavours, so again it’s always best to double check. Personally I adore fat free total Greek yogurt, it’s amazing!!!!!!! Enjoy x