Perfected wheat bran oero chocolate mug cake


Hunters chicken eesp stylie

Hi all. So tonight I made syn free hunters chicken! I used to love this as a kid!! I made the BBQ sauce which saves syns and I used the little bit of cheese I had as part of my hea choice.

There’s a photo of the BBQ sauce recipe. I like things spicy so I have the chilli powder, if you’re not in to spicy food just leave that out.

All you do is bake the chicken for about 10 minutes, then wrap the bacon round and pop back in the oven. I then topped with the sauce and the cheese. Done! It’s so easy and really tasty. I had mine with butternut squash chips, veggies and a flat mushroom. Heaven!

I’m currently doing eesp hence the lack of potato, you could serve this with wedges or syn free chips and salad, coleslaw would be nice too!!

Dessert was my weird eesp sweet treat!! Fat free cottage cheese, 1/2 syn of choc shot, some chocolate orange flavouring from cupcake world (syn free) and berries. I love it and it’s so filling. Keep an open mind and don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. If you don’t like it go for quark, sweetener and a sachet of chocolate options.

Happy Fopping xx

Enjoy xxx






Who says there no such thing as a free lunch?

One of the most common questions I get asked in group is what can we have for lunch? Some members really do struggle with what to take to work. It will depend on what facilitates you’ve got, but check out this list of ideas below! If you’ve got any more please feel to add them to this post. Also please feel free to share this link if you think it might help any of your lovely slimming world friends

Happy Fopping guys xx

Sushi. A lot of supermarkets sell low syn versions.
Subway salads. Syn free if having lean meat and no dressing, or syn the dressing.
Sainsburys spicy pasta. This is a tin and only 1 syn! Add some superfree salad and you’re sorted in minutes.
Morrisins ravioli savers range. Again a handy tin. Syn free!
Cous cous. Plain is free, always check flavoured ones eg the ainsley harriot range
Mug shots. Less than 1% fat are usually free. Double check
Kidney beans in chilli sauce. Fab for adding to soups or add to cooked pasta or use as a jacket potato topping.
Quinoa. Lovely mixed in with a salad.
Quorn deli pieces, tikka or roast. I love these and syn free.
Mattersons chicken Fridge raiders. Syns vary on what size bag you buy. The roast are 2.5 for a 60g bag. Other flavours vary.
Ainsley harriot Szechuan rice is syn free!
Marks and spencer Vietnamese style marinated pork salad bites in mooli ribbons with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. There’s a tuna one too. Lovely and only 2 syns.
Some healthy range microwave meals are also low syn.

Here’s some ideas from my lovely members:-

My favourite lunch at the moment is leftover Pulled Pork (warmed up) on a huge salad. It is divine!!! My emergency lunch is a mug shot with 2 boiled eggs and ham thrown in and then lots of fruit! (Leftovers is such a fab idea!! Make extra dinner and heat up at work)

The best lunch is leftovers from dinner-it’s hassle-free as you’re making dinner the night before, and you know you’re securing chances of having a healthy one based on that! Alternatively, jacket potato with a different filling each day!

Cold pasta with Turkey or ham with a sliced egg, a huge salad and balsamic vinegar as the dressing.

At work a large salad with lean meat a mug shot for warmth and a yoghurt I would also take friut to snack on

I have jacket potato and baked beans a lot, boots shaper Moroccan chicken couscous salad is 2 syns so have had that occasionally when out and about and have to buy from a shop. A friend at work on SW makes a tomato pasta sauce then takes in ready cooked pasta and prawns which she runs under our hot water tap, heats the sauce and has that, it always looks tasty and fresh.

Vegetable soup = pre prepared bags (I like Aldi ones best for £1), add a chopped red chilli, veg stock then simmer for 25 mins then add dried noodles for last five mins. I sometimes add frozen petit pois too. Tastes like a wagamamas ramen soup

You can always get a jacket with beans and salad at my work! Tend to have mug shots for back up/poor days! Pasta with tuna mayo is always good as is nice cold!

I had left over stuffed mushroom today. Tasted fine microwaved. Am thinking of doing a few at night and having then having them a few days in a row. Ham with an assortment of pickled veg is good if I’m in a rush and low on fresh veg.

Mini quiches are good as you can make loads so they cover a few days worth of lunches.

I love the Thai mugshot mixed with veggies (you could cook some the night before) and chopped up crabstick. Easily done for work.

Heres some sw ideas!
Spaghetti hoops on toast: Pile a tin of spaghetti hoops on top of 2 slices wholemeal toast from a 400g loaf (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice).

Chicken & pasta salad: Mix bite-size cooked chicken with cooked and cooled pasta and lots of chopped salad – red onion, red pepper and spring onion taste great. Add fat-free salad dressing and herbs and mix well to coat the salad.

Potato and ham frittata: Add par-boiled potatoes, chopped cooked vegetables (eg pepper, courgette and onion) and sliced ham to a non-stick frying pan. Top with beaten eggs and cook for 5 minutes, or until the base is just set. Scatter over 1 level tbsp Parmesan cheese (1½ Syns) and place under a hot grill until set and golden.

Tuna & sweetcorn jacket potato: Top a huge jacket potato with tuna (canned in brine) and sweetcorn. If you fancy it add a dollop of extra light mayonnaise (1 Syn per tbsp) to the tuna mix. Enjoy with a big green salad.

Flame-grilled chicken sandwich. Place a chicken breast between two sheets of clingfilm and flatten with a rolling pin. Season, spray with one calorie cooking spray and grill, turning occasionally until cooked. Place the cooked chicken breast between two slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) and top with shredded lettuce, 1 tbsp salsa dip (½ Syn) and homemade coleslaw – made using grated carrot, cabbage, red onion, and fat free fromage frais.

Layered salad: Tuck into a layered salad made with shredded lettuce, grated carrot, diced cucumber, sliced tomatoes, sweetcorn, 30g grated red Leicester (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and 2 level tbsp Hellmann’s Lighter Than Light Mayonnaise (½ Syn per tbsp). Swap the cheese for fresh prawns if you fancy a seafood salad.

Ham minestrone soup: Add chopped onions, garlic, celery, carrots, vegetable stock and a can of chopped tomatoes to a pan. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir in pasta, canned cannellini beans and chopped ham. Cook until the pasta is tender then serve sprinkled with parsley.
Luscious lunch tips

Choosing reduced fat Cheddar means a generous 40g of cheese for a Healthy Extra portion. Grating cheese also makes it scatter further than slicing.

How large is your Healthy Extra? As a visual guide, a 30g Healthy Extra portion of cheese is about the size of a small matchbox or an ice cube. Look out for the Pick & Mix cheese section next time you’re at the supermarket – most portions are between 25-30g and can be enjoyed as a Healthy Extra. Discover more ideas on getting extra from your Healthy Extras.

Jacket potatoes are fab for Food Optimisers. Free fillings for spuds include baked beans, tuna & sweetcorn, low fat/virtually fat free cottage cheese, Quark skimmed milk soft cheese and prawns.

For hunger satisfaction pack sandwiches with Free Food fillings, like chicken, beef, ham, tuna, prawns, salmon, sliced egg and salad and lots of salad on the side. Automatically reduce the Syns in pre-packed sandwiches by choosing wholemeal bread as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice (deducting 6 Syns from the sandwich). Check that it’s wholemeal – watch out for those delicious granary and wholegrains.

Syn free salad
Packing a salad for lunch is a doddle as you can fill your Tupperware box with any salad vegetables you have in the fridge – and that includes leftovers from the night before. We love cold, cooked meat, lean cooked bacon, eggs, halved cherry tomatoes, finely chopped red onion, cucumber chunks and sweetcorn in a lunchbox. Drizzle on some fat-free vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar and you’re done.

Niçoise salad
For a classic Niçoise toss tuna (canned in spring water or brine) with green beans, a quartered hard-boiled egg, a chopped spring onion and cherry tomatoes. Add fat-free French style salad dressing to taste.

Cooked couscous is perfect for boosting your midday salad with extra filling power. Enjoy with chopped red onion, tomatoes, red peppers and coriander.

A quiche packed with Superfree Foods is easy to whizz together. Mix ½ tub of fat free cottage cheese with beaten eggs and herbs. Throw into a quiche dish or individual silicon muffin moulds. Add cooked meat or seafood like ham, bacon or prawns, add potatoes and veggies and pop in the oven for approximately 30 minutes, or until golden.

Make a doorstop sandwich with two slices of wholemeal bread (from a small 400g loaf) filled with layers of fresh sliced tomato, slices of hard-boiled egg, crispy grilled bacon (with all the rind and fat trimmed off) and lettuce. It’s Free – using a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice for your bread.

Many of our successful members tell us that they cook extra-large pans of food, then freeze portions for a busy day or to take to work for a speedy meal. Spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne and vegetable stew are just a few of our favourites. And you can’t beat the humble jacket spud – enjoy yours with:

tuna (canned in spring water or brine) mixed with sweetcorn and fat free natural yogurt

prawns in fat-free fromage frais, sprinkled with freshly chopped tarragon

melted Gruyere cheese (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) with chopped grilled mushrooms and fresh parsley

quark and chopped spring onions

baked beans (with a sprinkle of chilli powder if you want to spice things up)

tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce

low fat/virtually fat-free cottage cheese with freshly chopped chives or fresh pineapple cubes

Baked beans and coleslaw

Mix shredded white cabbage, grated carrot and sliced red onion with a level tablespoon of extra light mayo (1 Syn) and the juice of half a lime. Season to taste. Serve with baked beans – with a spoonful of smoked paprika for extra oomph!

Garlic mushroom jackets
Jazz up your jackets with some garlicky mushroom magic. Transform the simple and understated spud into a sensationally stylish supper.

Prawns with Marie Rose sauce
Mix a few tablespoons of fat-free natural yogurt with some ketchup (1 Syn per level tablespoon), a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add as many cooked prawns as you like and stir well.

Mix together two chopped tomatoes, two sliced spring onions and your favourite Free pizza toppings – mushrooms, peppers, and cooked ham or skinless chicken all work well. Scatter over diced mozzarella cheese (45g is a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and grill for a few minutes to melt.

Smokey bacon and tomato
This bacon and tomato topping is full of flavour and goes perfectly with fluffy potato.

Scoop out the flesh of a baked potato and mix with chopped chives or spring onions, fat-free cottage cheese and diced lean ham or smoked bacon. Spoon the mixture back into the potato skin, sprinkle over reduced-fat Cheddar cheese (40g is a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and grill until golden.

Enliven a jacket spud with a generous topping of tasty home-made ratatouille and enjoy it either as a snack or a light lunch served with a salad.

Chicken and garlic mayo
Mix a little garlic salt or a small crushed garlic clove with fat-free natural yogurt or cottage cheese and extra light mayo (1 Syn per level tablespoon). Stir in chopped cooked skinless chicken breast and your favourite Free veggies (mushrooms, sweetcorn, cucumber and peppers all work well), then pile onto your potato!

Cook up a spicy beef or veggie chilli that your family will love – only you need to know that it’s completely Free. Serve with jacket spud and transform an ordinary supper into something sensational. If you have a microwave handy at lunchtime, take advantage of the hundreds of Free canned and chilled foods available. There are dozens of delicious soups that are Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices… Take a look at the Healthy Extra pages for details.

Snack ideas

Got the nibbles? Don’t reach for the biccies, there are plenty of Free Foods and Healthy Extras to enjoy on the go. We love…

Ryvita (enjoy 4 Original Ryvita as your Healthy extra ‘b’ choice) topped with 4 Dairylea Light Triangles (Healthy Extra ‘a’) and chopped vegetables make a filling snack.

A bag of Ryvita Minis (all flavours are a Healthy extra ‘b’ choice) make super scoopers for dips.

Having a bag armed with fruit or a big fruit salad is hard to beat when a snack attack strikes – all Superfree! We also love no added sugar jelly pots – only ½ Syn each!

Hopefully that gives you lots of ideas!! Don’t forget you’ve got the website, recipe books and the best place for ideas, image therapy xx









Saint vs Sinner

I’ve had a really flexible week!! It’s been my birthday so there’s been a girls night out, hangover food, bday spa day, bday family night, Friday night red wine, meal in Birmingham and a visit to the German market, then a meal out today too! Throw in a week of zero exercise means I was feeling pretty rubbish!! Until I read this quote, it was hanging up on the wall of the beautiful Walton Hall today.

“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”
― Oscar Wilde

This can easily apply to a slimmer! I’m usually really focused with food, alcohol not so much, but food I’m pretty close to a saint! But this week I’ve been a synner! I’ve not gone crazy, but I’ve certainly had more flexibility than usual. To some, when it’s your birthday they see it as the norm to eat and drink whatever you want, but for me it’s just not worth it. I don’t see cake, chocolate etc as treats. To me fitting in to an amazing dress and having spa treatments is more a treat. Don’t get me wrong I love love love the taste, but the pleasure is literally gone in seconds! Feeling good and healthy can last a life time. I’m perfectly happy having my sw version of takeaways, chocolate desserts and so on. I never feel deprived with food optimising, so I don’t feel the need to have mega blow outs. How I feel after eating high syn food takes away the enjoyment. Once you’ve got to target you really don’t ever want to slip back, it becomes your lifestyle and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The guilt was creeping in, the jeans are tighter and my stomach was wobbling when we went over some speed bumps! Then I saw this quote and felt better! No gain is permanent, every gain is undo able. I just need a new goal to re motivate myself. Two of our friends we were out with last night have got amazing figures, one girl R is really in to working out and going to the gym. She’s totally re inspired me!! She’s also lost weight and she knows how it feels to be bigger and unhappy, so we’ve got this is common. She’s way more focused than me though with exercise and I’m hoping it’s rubbed off!! I’ve ordered some new trainers and gym clothes to re motivate me!! I liked how I was feeling before my bday and I want that feeling back! But that’s down to me.

Everyone at any given moment in time is governed by their action and thought at that exact moment. A Saint, in an instant, can become a Sinner. And a Sinner, can become a Saint. You cannot be labeled by your past, or what you promise to do in the future. You are who you are now. So this sinner or synner is going back to being more saintly! Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels after all!!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend. Happy Fopping xx









Marvellous Monday!!

Wow what a fab day I’ve had!!!! I woke up to a lovely feature on Slimming Worlds amazing members website, about my weight loss and how I cope when I’m out and about on plan. I was so excited!! It’s quite strange to see yourself on a website!! If you’re a slimming world member check it out 🙂

It’s our sw month end today. As well as being a senior consultant I’m also a team developer of a fab bunch of consultants. For some people number crunching, analysing and planning might be boring, but I enjoy it. I can see all the hard work my team have put it paying off and then we can plan more exciting steps to have an amazing August and September. In between this I’ve also caught up on calls with some of my team. It’s a support catch up to go over results and plan lots of exciting things for groups throughout the summer. The next big event being Woman of the year!! I cannot wait to see who’s nominated in my two sessions!! I dint know how they’ll choose as there’s so many worthy nominees!!

I didn’t get chance to get to the gym today as busy doing the above, however I’m flipping aching from yesterday’s 5 mile jog/walk so I’m not going to best myself up. I’ll do some more tomorrow to make up for it!! I did however find time to open my new parcels that were delivered today!!! My postman laughs every time he comes to me as he knows I’m a fopperholic!!

Once I find something I like, I have to buy more of them!! I’m obsessed with little cami vest tops and I’m also loving midi skirts, as well as the trusty maxi dress. So I’ve added to my collection, a few quick clicks last week and hurrah, they are now in my wardrobe waiting to be worn!! I love internet shopping!!! You can sit on your bum over the weekend, while watching trashy tv and drinking tea and still shop!!! I do prefer actually going shopping though as I love trying things on, I also can get inspired by the displays, plus it’s good exercise as I walk bloody miles!! Internet shopping does mean however that I can even shop when the shops are shut! Winner!!! Today’s buys were Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and New Look. I’ve not bought anything from new look or dotty p’s for ages but they’ve got some really nice stuff in! I don’t care where clothes are from, to me it’s way more important how they look and fit.

Today’s food was all gorge!!!! I like to mix my breakfasts up, your bodies go in to starvation mode over night, so it’s important to fuel it right when you wake up. By having some protein you really set yourself up well for the day ahead. Do you always eat cereal at home, then as soon as your on holiday and see the chef making omelettes, you queue for hours for one lol?!?!? Why don’t we have more breakfasts like this during our working week? Eggs take minutes and really fill you up. Today’s breakfast was a ham and sautéed veg omelette and a little portion of baked beans. Baked beans are a super speed food so fab for weight loss.

Lunch was some left over chilli from last nights dinner, a small sweet potato and a large salad. I also had some fat free cottage cheese with it. It was so good!!!

Then I quickly whipped up a yummy dessert, almond chocolate sw cream and strawberries. It was just quark, sweetener, almond essence and a teaspoon of choc shot stirred in. I layered it in a posh glass with strawberries. That’s it! OMG it was heaven and only 1/2 syn!! Everything tastes nicer if you try and present it nicely doesn’t it!! We eat with our eyes too you know!

Dinner I was ummming and arrahing but then decided on this. Chicken tikka kebabs, cauliflower rice and salad. Syn free and so tasty!!! Just chops ll your ingredients up, marinade the chicken breast in tikka powder, grama masala, seasoning and chilli flakes. Then thread on to the skewers and grill. My bf is working late doing another photo shoot for Today’s Golfer. So I’m trying my hardest to wait for him to get home and not demolish his dinner too! I get so proud of him doing these shoots, he’s so dedicated to his profession and I love that in a man!! Shame I can’t play hey!!! If they invent heeled golf shoes I might try again!!

Have a fab evening guys and Happy Fopping!!!xxx
















Success express and beauty treats

Hi all!! I had a fab group last night. We really focused on the power of superfree and a fab tool we have at slimming world called success express. I do this a lot and I love it!!!! If you’ve never tried it why not give it a go. You don’t have to do it for a whole week, you can just throw in a few days to boost your losses. Or feel free to try it daily. Or if you’re struggling through the summer, kids being off school, change of routine, bbq’s and so on, success express can really really help you to reduce any damage.

How Success Express works:

1. Follow the 2 to 1 plate principle
Have three Success Express meals a day. At each meal, follow the 2-to-1 principle. Fill two-thirds of your plate with superhealthy Superfree Foods. Then on the other third of the plate, have your choice of Free Foods (from any choice). For example, have a jacket potato and tuna (1/3) with a huge side salad (2/3), or rice and barbecue chicken (1/3) with Superfree vegetables (2/3)– without weighing or counting.

2. Choose your Healthy Extras
Add one or two Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices and two ‘b’ choices every day. You can add your Healthy Extra to meals, for example by having a sandwich made with a third of a plateful of ham, two thirds of a plateful of salad and two slices of wholemeal bread from a small loaf. Or just use them as snacks.

3. Fill up on Superfree Food
Between meals, enjoy Superfree Foods (fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables). You can add Healthy Extras to snacks too. Fat free yogurt such as muller lites are superfree too as well as eggs and quorn on this plan. Personally I prefer to stick to superfree in the book ie the yellow pages, fruit and veg for a bigger loss.

4. Enjoy 5 to 15 Syns a day
Where Syn values differ, count the higher value. Eg if a sausage is 2 on red but 4 on green, you count the higher syn value.

That’s it!! I’ve shared some photos too to help you visually see how it looks. If you also search my blog for a feature on superfree is the key, there’s loads of creative of ideas of getting the 2/3rds superfree in.

Any questions feel free to ask.

I got to spend the day today with more members in a morning class in my team. Their consultant J is just wonderful. Stunning, motivational, caring, warm, I just feel so proud of her!!! There was lots of great food talk, the weight losses were amazing and a lot of them put this down to scan bran!! One lady is flying!!! She has it with cottage cheese or makes pizzas from it! This week she’s trying the carrot cake. Scan bran is sold in class and it’s 5 for a HEB or 1 syn a slice. It will literally keep you full for hours and hours!!!

After visiting the class I popped in to see one of my lovely members in house of frazer. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I tend to use mac or double wear by Estée Lauder, but I really wanted to try the Dior air flash. It’s described as this:-

The go-to solution for professional makeup maestros, Airflash brought the airbrushed perfection of spray foundation to daily makeup rituals.New from the Dior laboratory comes an Airflash formula that is lighter and silkier than ever for a fabulously even, flawless finish. Paraben-free and suffused with fresh natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land, it settles imperceptibly as a silky-smooth film with long-wearing coverage but no visible texture. The result is instant: a super-smooth, velvety complexion that feels like a second skin, full of radiance and glow.

Sounds good to me!!! I’ll let you know how I get on.

I also needed some moisturiser. I’ve been using the no.7 new day and night cream, alongside the serum, but I’m not very impressed. I like my skin to feel noticeably softer and clarins has always done this. They’ve got a special promo on too where you get a pic n mix of samples!! Can’t wait to try them all!!!!! I used to use the early correction fluid but now I’m getting older I’ve moved on to the extra firming day cream lol. How depressing!!! I’ve heard fab things about this cream and the lady who works there has the most amazing skin ever and she swears by it. Fingers crossed I’ll wake up looking 18 again!!! Yeah right ha ha.

While I was there a little old lady came up to me and said how cool my heels were, really made me smile. She actually said cool sandals lol. I always try and compliment people, genuinely, not in a patronising way. I think it’s really nice to be nice, it could make someone’s day. So if you think someone’s hairs nice, perfume, make up whatever, if you think it tell them 🙂 They might be having the worst day every and you’ll just give them that much needed boost.

So this was lunch. Smoked salmon omelette, salad and pizza topped mushroom. Lots of superfree as normal for me this week. I adore smoked salmon in omelettes.

Ok got to dash, more calls with my lovely team now, then support for my class.

Happy Fopping xx















Fuel as opposed to treats?!

How do you view food and drink?!? When I was at my heaviest I always viewed food as a treat, I realise now this was ones of the reasons I got to a size 16. I know to some people that might not sound like a big size, but to me it made me feel like a different person. I was miserable. If I had a bad day, if I was upset, if I was happy and wanted to celebrate, if someone annoyed me, if my boss was horrible to me, if I lost weight and so on, I’d always always treat myself with food or drink or both!!!

It got to the stage though when it wasn’t a treat anymore, a treat is something you reward yourself with when you’ve done something to deserve it. It’s occasional, not most days. So if you look at this in black and white, I’d reward myself with the one thing that was making me miserable. Where’s the sense in that?!?!

I’m completely different now. Food wise I wouldn’t choose to “treat myself” on a massive pizza and ice cream or a huge high syn greasy Chinese all you eat. I wouldn’t dream of eating an entire Sarah lee chocolate cake or a whole bag of doughnuts. I would never ever judge anyone else who does but that’s just not me anymore. After I found slimming world I made changes, lifestyle changes. I had to. People do say to me, oh treat yourself, just have chips!! But to me that’s not a treat anymore, I can make much nicer ones syn free! Some people do find it hard to understand that if I’m on holiday I don’t want to eat and drink everything in sight, just because I’m on holiday. I enjoy healthy food, I enjoy feeling healthy. I love fruit, I love veg, I love meat, sweet potato, fish……. If I followed some sort of strict diet I’m sure I’d be totally different, but I don’t. Since starting my blog and fb page people seemed shocked at what you can actually eat. A treat to me is one of my fav sw meals such as fillet steak, a low syn sauce and sw chips or lamb dansak and rice with spinach. Amazing!! There’s millions of gorgeous meals at our finger tips, the new fakeaway book is just fanbloodytastic!!!!!! Fish and chips, kebabs, curries, Chinese, sw KFC and so many more healthy versions of your favourite takeaways.

If I feel I need a treat you all know what I do, I shop!! It might be a nail varnish, a new dress, some perfume or a lipstick. It doesn’t matter, the key point is I’m not rewarding myself with something that in fact is really a punishment to me. We’ve got syns, we can have chocolate, we can crips, nothing is banned, another reason why I love sw!! We can eat out, we can have a low syn takeaway. I don’t treat nights or syn laden meals out to enjoy myself. Another nice reward in my opinion is a pamper session, maybe a massage, a facial or a manicure. Something that makes you feel good, a tub of Ice cream never made me feel very good.

Now I’m no angel, I do like a drink. I did give up when I lost my three stone in three months or just had an occasional vodka and diet coke, but for me this is a lifestyle change and I choose to use my syns now for vodka or a glass of wine. It wasn’t realistic for me never ever to drink again, I enjoy it so why shouldn’t I. The difference is now I’m in control, I enjoy it but I try not to go too mad anymore.

The best way to view food is as fuel, not as a treat or for comfort, but for exactly what it is, fuel for your body. If we fill our cars right they motor along very nicely. If we start to neglect them or put the wrong fuel in, they break down! We don’t want any of you doing that do we!! Once you change your relationship with food and find your new groove, you’ll see things start to change. You find low syn or free alternatives to your favourite meals, you don’t crave things you used to, mentally and physically you begin to feel better. Off you go down that motorway to target, passing everyone else who may of broken down sat in lay-bys, waiting to be rescued. The thing is, no one can truly rescue you, apart from you. You’re in the driving seat, you make the choices of which roads to take, how fast or slow you go, you repair any damage that may of stopped you in the past, you put the right fuel in, you plan and prepare your routes to get from a to b. You may have someone sat next to you in the passengers seat, eg your consultant or a family member/friend guided you, but you have to take the wheel.

So is your pedal to the metal or are you heading for a total breakdown?!? Off to the scrap heap? The choice is yours. I choose other treats, I try and fuel my body right and I’m planning on staying on that motorway to target. Who’s with me?!? Come along for the ride.

In other news It’s the forth day in our new house and things are coming along nicely. I’m so happy here. There’s still tons to do but we’re getting there. I found some right bargains today in a shop called store twenty one at home. Will be going back there!! I also picked up some of my fav beauty essentials. My new dressing table is so beautiful, I love it!!!! Ummmm what next to buy!?! Then home for a lovely pizza omelette, salad and corn on the cob.

Have a fab day and Happy Fopping xx







Today’s food

Breakfast HEB of porridge, berries and a banana, sprinkled with stevia and cinnamon.

Lunch. Smoked salmon omelette and a lovely salad

Dinner. This has to be one of my all time favourite sw recipes!!!! Syn free tex mex chilli, cauliflower rice and salad! Yummy!!! Tons of superfree in there too. I’ve even got some left over for lunch tomorrow.

All I do is:-
Fry some extra lean mince, or less than 5% fat mince as it’s called now. Drain off any excess fat. Then add garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, peppers, onions, mushrooms (whatever you like), a cartoon of passata and a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce. I don’t measure any of it, I just do it to my taste. I like loads of cumin, quite a bit of garlic and cayenne and a touch if cinnamon. Let it all cook for a while until the beef is really tender.

I had mine with the cauliflower rice and salad. So the majority of this meal is superfree!! It looks a lot, but hey that’s why we all love SW!!! It’s not a diet.

Dessert was quark, a sachet of options choc orange and stevia. Yummy for just two syns.

Also shared a fab visual I saw today 🙂 love this.

Happy Fopping all xx






Quick Friday catch up







Mega busy day today!!! I’m still on a high from my amazing group last night!! The losses were unreal! I spent the morning with a lovely consultant of mine, J. She’s lost six stone with sw, had a baby then lost another three stone!! Just fab!!!!! Lunch was Cajun chicken salad and a pizza topped mushroom. Berries, stevia and cinnamon with a Greek muller which is 1/2 syn. This dressing is syn free and lovely. I’ve also attached a recipe for sw haribo sweets. Hartleys sugar free jelly is 1.5 syns a sachet. Happy Fopping xx

It’s important to make yourself important

How many hours a day do we spend worrying and looking after everybody else? I’ve been the girl who has felt like the ugly fat friend, who was miserable and hated the way she looked. I used to cry for hours when trying on outfits for a night out. I’d spend the entire night feeling really uncomfortable and using anything as a prop to cover myself up lol, pillows came in handy or my trusty long black coat!! I’d squeeze myself into my size 16 trousers, paint on a smile and pretend to have fun. It took about 10 bottles of wkd to finally forget how gross I felt!!

Thanks to slimming world I got down to a size 10, sometimes an 8 if they are generous and I breathe in!! I finally could dress how I wanted to, have my hair how I wanted to and at least feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. If any of my close friends are reading this they’re probably laughing, as I’m still really self conscious!!!! I’m always asking them if I look ok or if my bum looks too big!! I guess I come across pretty confident and I am in my abilities but I don’t think I ever will be with how I look. If you’ve ever had a weight problem you will know that you can’t always see what others see, you still see the big unhappy girl you once were. Strange!! I’ve had bitchy comments off girls on nights out, such as she loves herself! Er no I don’t, if only you knew how much I actually used to hate myself, you shouldn’t judge people! Just because someone looks good on the outside doesn’t mean they are beautiful inside anyway!

Anyway my trail of thought is that it’s important to look after yourself, treat yourself and do whatever makes you happy. I totally get that non material things are more important, I adore my family, boyfriend and friends, but…….. Clothes, make up and hair are still important to me! If I look like awful, I feel awful! Feeling good is really important to me after spending probably the majority of my life feeling rubbish! I had a great day catching up with some of my team, I had a fab meeting, then In between work I got my hair done. I’ve gone back to being more blonde and I love it!! It’s amazing how much your hair can effect your mood!! I’m working all weekend and worked last Weekend too, so it had to be today, that’s the beauty of being a sw manager and consultant, you work from home so your hours are flexible. Another reason why I love my job so much!!

I had an amazing breakfast, smoked salmon omelette, with sautéed veg, peppers, onions and mushrooms with tomatoes. Lunch was a good old fashioned jacket potato, beans and cheese! I did it sw stylie, so I had a sweet potato, baked beans, part of my HEA on light cheese and a big salad for my superfree. I always have balsamic vinegar on my salads, I love it!!! Then dessert, OMG WOW!!! A taste sensation!!! I layered strawberries, chopped banana with a Greek fat free coconut and vanilla yogurt. I then topped it with stevia, cinnamon sprinkles and a chopped up rocky road hi fi light bar. All syn free as my hi fi was my HEB! This is such a fantastic plan isn’t it!!!!

Dinner I’m thinking fish and chips!! Again sw stylie. But I haven’t fully decided yet! I’ve got more work later, so I best go!!! Oh before I do I bought the new no.7 protect and perfect creams today, the day cream and night, then also the serum. It’s on three for two, so not bad. I usually use clarins, so I’m not sure if this will compare, but I’m a sucker for marketing and that advert where the women have their blindfolds lifted and then they gasp at their own reflections sold it to me ha ha. I best wake up and look 21 or else!!

Happy Fopping all xx