2 thoughts on “Understanding tweaks xx

  1. I’m panicking about tweaks.i think I’m ok as I haven’t been doing any of the things you spoke about . I was wondering about the mug cakes and the grape nuts cookies though. I like to make them sometimes as a snack or a pud with some fruit and quark would this be tweaking? Also when you are food optimising do you tend to take note of how many eggs you in in a day…even though they are free I still worry.thanks in advance. My mum , sister’s and I all do slimming world …me more recently and we all love your recipes and your vlogs. Such a relatable person and it’s really helpful to have extra supportand motivation from someone who knows what they are talking about. 😊 btw…grape nuts cookies with choc shot , skinny choc caramel truffle, tsp ginger so nice as pudding with orange flavoured quark…

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