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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?!?


I’ve always loved reading trashy magazines, it’s my guilty pleasure alongside reality tv! The only problem with them is the constant weight loss theme, she’s too curvy, she’s gone too thin, look what she now weighs, what is she thinking!?!?! Blah blah blah. It’s quite dangerous and very often utter rubbish!! Photos are often air brushed within an inch of their life, celebs weight loss stats are probably totally made up! How on earth would heat mag know what Victoria Beckham weighs!?! I doubt very much she rang them up after weighing herself this morning and shared this very personal fact with them! I do like a success story though, if they’ve done it in a healthy way. Take Claire from steps, she’s just gone from a size 20 to a size 12 and does look fab! She’s done it for the right reasons, she wants a baby, therefore followed a healthy eating plan and exercised. Good for her, let’s hope she’s gets help and support to maintain it this time.

In now magazine practically every single article is weight related!! The one I do quite like though is the what celebs really weigh revealed article, not because of the made up stats, but because it shows that every single celeb they’ve picked from VB to Kelly Brook is beautiful in their own way. You can’t compare them as they are all different height, ages, shapes and so on. Some even weigh the same but look completely different! This is healthy to see. Us girls are a nightmare at comparing ourselves to other girls. I’m terrible for it, I’m getting better. I’ve never ever liked my legs! They’ve always been quite chunky! I’d look at models, celebs or girls on a night out and be really jealous that I haven’t got their thin long pins!! But then some girls say they’d like my waist or my arms. Lol why the hell do we do this to ourselves?!? I’m never going to have Abby Clancys legs, she’s about 5 inches taller than me, so unless I find a miracle pill for being taller I can bin that dream!

All we can do is make the best of what we’ve got and stop comparing ourselves to others. A quote hat’s always stuck in my head is, “comparison is like the plague”. This is so true! Elle Macpherson said it in Britons next top model, (easily self torture material!)  She is so right and I love her even more for saying it.

The other thing I dis like about my trashy mags is the magic lotions and potions they promote to lose weight. My £7 miracle grain, raspberry ketones, shakes, juices. I’m sorry but guess how you lose weight and keep it off?!? A healthy eating plan and exercise! We all know that deep down and very often we learn the hard way. I also can’t stand the mega skinny celebs saying all they eat is burgers and chips, yeah course you do love!!! Ha ha.

You might be thinking, why the hell does she read them then! I love a bit of a goss and I love the fashion posts. It often gives me ideas of things I “HAVE” to buy. In fact they cost me a fortune!!

So the moral of the story, just focus on being the best version of yourself, you’ll be a lot happier! I’m off shopping now, shopping is my cardio today!! Happy Fopping xx




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