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IMG_5288Wedding blog

We literally had the best day of our lives. Having all the people you love together in one place is just amazing!!!! I managed to stay composed all day, didn’t cry once. A few tears welled up, but I hate crying in public!! I loved my dress, the bridemaids dresses, Chris’s and the boys suits, the venue, the food, the band, video, photos, speeches, flowers, make up, hair, DJ, everything!!! The only thing that was a shame, was the terrible weather!!! Apparently it’s lucky to have rain on your wedding day, someone blatantly made that up to make the bride and groom feel better! How can it be lucky to have rain!?! Never mind, it certainly didn’t spilt our day, just a shame for the photos as the grounds are so pretty.

I wanted to share with you all the fabulous contacts I made for everything wedding related. Everybody was amazing, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend all of the below. If you’re planning a wedding, or even a party, they might help you.


My gorgeous flowers were made by a local lady. Karen came to the house with books and ideas, we chatted through what I’d like and she made some suggestions, then she went away and designed and arranged them all perfectly. We also used her centre pieces and had a little basket and petals for the flower girl too. I was really impressed and she’s very reasonable too.
The band are called The Official Receivers. My family and I have loved this band for years!! They’ve played at the jam house in Birmingham, they’re that good. It’s an 8 piece soul and motown band. I don’t do dancing much, but OMG I was up from the first song to the last!! They also let my very talented brother do a song with them too. He sang try a little tenderness and blew everyone away, even the band were impressed. They’re just amazing at getting the party going, they create a brilliant atmosphere and are really professional. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick is the main contact. for info.


Make up was done by a gorgeous friend Niki C. She was just amazing on the day, came nice and early and knew exactly what to do as we’d had a trial. My make up was flawless, she’s so talented. She knew how to make the best of me and my bridesmaids. I particularly liked her contouring and the way she did my eyes. Love her!!!!!! Again very reasonable rates. It was great to have her there too, as she kept me calm and really helped with the whole process too. Superstar. Check out her facebook page and website.

Our hair was done by my lovely friend Shannon. She’s based at Nash White. I’m so lucky as Shannon actually booked the day off and came to the venue, bless her. Shannon is an exceptional hairdresser, again like Niki, she even pitched in and helped me stay calm too. We drank fizz and relaxed while she did her magic. She even offered to re touch it night, I’d had to many glasses of champers to care though by that point lol. She did hair up for the bridesmaids and then curled my nieces hair too. I can’t recommended Shannon enough, she’s based at Nash White, my fav hair salon ever!!!!!!!!!!

Nash White

8 High St,


CV34 4AP

01926 409586


Then we were very lucky to find the lovely Stuart via a facebook recommendation for our video. We went to his studio at his beautiful home and chatted through what we wanted and he talked us though his experience, then we watched some of his work. We’re thrilled with the final product and loved the little shorter video for social media too. Stuart stayed right up until the band came on. He was never intrusive and very respectful, even when I turned in to a slight bridezilla when I was trying to rush to finish getting ready, my earrings wouldn’t go in, the necklace wouldn’t do up and the shoes were a nightmare to get on, ha everyone went very quiet!!! He’s captured every moment and the video took us through every possible emotion. I can’t stop watching it!!!!!!!!!! His contact details are below.


Our photographer is also someone we know, the lovely Siobhan. She was amazing!!! It really isn’t an easy job, I did feel for her!! We had a free engagement shoot as part of the package. This was brilliant as it meant she got to know the sort of shots we like and also how fussy I am about myself in photos!! I can’t bare what I call fat arm pics, I’m a tea pot poser ha ha. Never a squashed arm on my pics!! Siobhan also met us at the venue before the wedding. This have her a feel for the rooms and outside, which sadly we couldn’t utilise 😦 We flew out for a couple of shots, so fingers crossed. She was funny, patient, incentive and creative with the shots, calm, attentive, always checking my hair for me or getting the most flattering angle. She also bought another photographer to take more shots of the boys while they arrived too. Then she asked for a list of all the photos we wanted and with who. This made it run so much smoother and more efficiently. She gets on the floor, stands on a ladder, climbs over things lol, anything to get you a good pic. She also made us a beautiful photo signing board with our fav shot from the engagement shoot, You can visit her website, or find her on facebook. I cannot wait to see all the photos!!!!!!!!!

DJ Andy Saunders, what can I say. Just amazing!!!!!!!!!! We didn’t stop dancing, he was just fantastic, everyone said so!!!!! The tunes were just never ending, you couldn’t stop dancing!!! My brother in law and his brother did a dance routine ha ha break dancing, it was just brilliant. Then he let my friend bust out boom shake the room and use his mic. He came early to set up, played filler music when the band broke for food and water and also played our first dance for us. He’s such a nice guy too. If you want an amazing DJ you HAVE to book Andy!!!!!! His website is, he’s also on facebook.

My gorgeous hubby really researched his suit. He went with one he found on Instagram. Whitfield and Ward, he had to go to Manchester, but it was so worth it. They also have a store in Essex. They all looked so dapper, really really loved them. or follow them on insta. Best suits and accessories I’ve ever seen!!!

Dress fitting was carried out by the lovely Claire in Dunchurch. The place where I got my dress from has sadly closed. Claire was the owners sister, so that was perfect!!! She knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted the dress to sit. I did make quite a few alterations to it and Claire carried them all out fantastically. She made some brilliant suggestions too and made the dress fit me perfectly. Couldn’t of been happier with it. or again there’s a facebook page for her.

The dress shop as I said has now closed I’m afraid. I think I’m going to get my dress cleaned and then sell it. I’ve never loved a dress so much in my life and I’ve had or have a lot!!!!! I just think it’s such a lot of money to waste, I’d also love for someone else to get to feel how I felt in mine. Will think about this a bit more, if you’re interested let me know!!

My cousin made our cake as a wedding gift. She actually made it to look like my dress and it did. There were two sw cake tiers, a Spanish orange cake and a carrot cake tier. How cool is that!!!! It was beautiful, we were thrilled with it!!!!!!! Sarah owns her own bakery and has even worked for royalty! So how lucky were we to have her make ours, so kind.

Hogarth was the venue where we held our wedding. They couldn’t do enough for us. The bridal suite is out of this world and the hotel is stunning. We visited a lot of places!!!!! Both of us were wowed by Hogarth, the wedding room is incredible and the bedrooms are just stunning!!!!! I highly recommend it as a wedding venue and Nathan is a total star!!! The food is incredibly high standard, everyone commented on our beef main. No where else was an option for us, loved it!!!!!!!!!! We all got to have breakfast together in the marquee the next day too, that was interesting with lots of hangovers lol. Hogarth have a fb page or visit the website here

Right I think that’s everything. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions.



Date night before the stag and hen! 

Morning all! Actually it’s afternoon now isn’t it!! Done nothing except eat and watching tv this morning. We started off with a lovely cocktail at turtle bay, I wanted a gin and slim but they didn’t have slimline tonic! So I allowed myself one cocktail, it did have passion fruit in so it was sort of healthy lol 😉 
Then we went to a launch party of a new salon. My salon I go to in Warwick has opened a new one in leamington, it’s stunning!!!!! Check it out if you’re local. Nash white opposite cafe rouge. Had a little prosecco there. 
We then went to the restaurant, it’s a south Indian one called Kayal. The website said it’s healthy good food and it was! I had the Nadan Kozhi Curry. It’s boneless chicken cubes cooked with mustard, ginger, garlic and special home made spices. It does come with potato too, but I didn’t have that. I asked for as little oil as possible to be used and they were so good about it. I was going to have a biryani but they were really honest and said the rice was cooked in a lot of ghee. It always pays to ask or make changes, don’t be shy as you’re the customer. You couldn’t see any nasty oil oozing out like some curries and the chicken melted in your mouth!!! I had a gin and slim, then we shared a bottle of sv. 
We then ended up in another bar, then on to a club/bar. Stuck to gin and drank loads of water in between too. God we felt old in the last place!! Everyone was so young and soooooooooo drunk!!! It was fun though. We called it a night but then ended up in the kitchen drinking small bottles of beer & having d&m, (deep and meaningfuls), while listening to all of our wedding songs and watching our band on YouTube! When my h2b started trying to make a cocktail out of vodka, milk and squash, as that’s all that was left, I went to bed! We don’t do it often, so I’m not going to beat myself up.
Straight back on it today with a yummy cooked breakie courtesy of musclefood. Speed speed and more speed needed this week. I’ve got my hen do a week Friday so need to pull it back!! 
Here’s a few pics of our evening. I put one on Instagram last night and I had some lovely comments, it really boosted my confidence. When you’ve been bigger you are still insecure and self critical. Last night I got in a size 8 skirt and actually felt ok!! To then get lovely comments makes you think actually I should be more confident so thanks to all those lovely people, mwah. 
I’m currently watching X factor in my pjs trying to find some sort of motivation to get up and go shopping!!! I look like a gremlin lol!! I need quark though so I might have to crawl off the sofa and have a bower! That’s a bath/shower when you can’t be bothered to stand up!!!! 
Have a lovely Sunday all, Happy Fopping xxx

   !!!!!!! Houses and cars

Hi all!! Happy Sunday. So today’s been a packed day!!! All done on hardly any sleep thanks to a “coffee” and a catch up with my old neighbour that turned into a 4.30am finish! Lol. Lovely to see her though and my bestie and another gorgeous couple we’re friends with. Having a local out is so dangerous, so is drinking when you get in!! I didn’t drink wine though and I did go on to squash! Just too much to catch up on and before we knew it it was starting to get light!!! Not good!! 

Anyway there’s just too many decisions to make ATM!!! We’ve got the wedding which is coming along nicely, but now the owners of our house want to sell it!!! We didn’t want to buy a house until after the wedding ideally, so it’s really thrown us!! Before I met my h2b I had a gorgeous house but sold it, wish i’d of kept it now!! I really want to stay on our lovely estate as I’ve had a few places here now and all my family and some of my close friends live here too. It’s such a nice community where we all really get on. There is the option to buy the house we’re in, but I just don’t think it’s big enough for us. It is 3 bedrooms, but there’s hardly any storage!! I’m a girl who likes to shop, so I need wardrobe space!! It is a gorgeous house and we’ve got it really nice, plus it’ll be sooooooo much easier than moving and cheaper!! Urgh just don’t know what to do!!!!

We’ve been to see a show home today for a new build on our estate, it’s a 4 bed and more expensive but it’s lovely!! Downside, it’s slightly further out on the estate and it’s not ready until October/November time. Our contract runs outs July time and I’m sure the house will get snapped up! Don’t really want to rent again and have to move twice!! There’s a few other houses for sale here, but they’re a bit over priced!! Confused!!!!

I’ve also got to change my car in July. I love my current car, an RCZ in white, but I need more room. I literally sell out of hi fi bars every week and can’t fit anymore in my car!! I’ve been debating between a merc, an evoque or an audi. We’ve gone around some dealerships today and I think I’ve decided on either the merc or the evoque. The boot isn’t actually much bigger than my car, but the four door will make it so much easier for my before and after group. Just can’t decide which to go for!?!?! I realise these are rather nice dilemmas to have, so please don’t think I’m taking anything for granted, but I work hard and I want to make the right choices. 

Then we went to our beautiful wedding venue, we wanted to see the room again we’re getting married in, we needed to make the decision as to whether it needed any additional decorating or not. It really doesn’t!! We love it, it’s so gorgeous!!!!! So that’s a bonus!!! One less thing to have to worry about! I got serious butterflies when we were there!!! I cannot wait to get married!!!!!!!!!!! 

So there you go, too many decisions to make!! Then we have to decide on a honeymoon destination!! With all this cost potentially with buying a house sooner than planned, the wedding, a car, god knows what we can afford! Might end up in bogna lol. 

While we were out we were starving so we ended up with a subway. H2b had a foot long and some full fat crisps and I had a double turkey salad and some walkers pops. I actually wanted to inhale a whopper and some fish and chips from Harry Ramsdons, but I resisted 🙂 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day. Time to catch up on BGT now and BB. A couple of my friends think I look just like the twins on there! I don’t think I do, but I do have similar hair and a big nose ha ha. Wish I had their bodies!!
I’ve also go the sw ball coming up and a christening to find a dress for! Left it and left it, but I’m going to do some internet shopping now! 

Speak soon and happy Fopping xx


Wedding plans so far

So if you follow my page or my blog you’ll know I’m getting married in October!!! Im so excited!!!! The thought of marrying my gorgeous man with all our family and friends together in one place is amazing!!!!! 

We only got engaged in February, so we’ve moved pretty fast!! When you know though you know though, so why wait?!? 

We went for our dream venue!! The stunning Hogarth Hotel in Dorridge. It was a bit more than we intended to budget for, but no where else compared for us!!!

I’ve got my dress and all the extras, cannot wait to wear it! Ordered my shoes. We’ve booked the flowers, band, DJ, photographer, videographer, sent the invites for day and night, sorted centre pieces and first dance song, plus entrance music, I’ve had a make up trial and my hairdresser is doing my hair and my bridesmaids on the day too. Hen weekend is all sorted thanks to my amazing sister, so need to find a dress for that. Yes a dress girls! Not fancy dress!! 

We’ve just got to sort out the mens suits, wedding rings, our honeymoon and then the little things like a post box and any extra decoration for the ceremony room. 

Weddings are so expensive!!! Still it’s your one magical day and we really want it be one we’ll remember forever!!!! 

I’m so excited!!!!! 

I can’t wait to share some pics with you after the big day xx