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A year from now…..

Hi lovely people. I hope you’re all well. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you today.

I’ve been watching a couple of very inspiring programmes on ITV recently. You may of seen them? Extraordinary weddings and This time next year, with the amazing Davina. These type of programmes are just so emotional! I always cry!! I also get so much motivation from them though!

Take the one about extraordinary weddings. It features different people who’ve gone through such adversity, but still want to have their dream weddings. Why shouldn’t they? Those featured, plus their partners, are just incredibly strong people. Take one girl, she was a sport lover, very active and loved to travel. Her and her fiancé were so happy. Then one night, after a few drinks with friends, she left early and called her dad for a lift. While waiting on a wall, she feel backwards and broke her neck! She was then permanently paralysed from the waist down. Just horrific. Her partner was just so so so lovely. He stood by her and helped her to re build her strength, where possible and also her confidence too. He stayed by her side during her hospital stint and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives as her husband. They’ve already ticked off in sickness and health haven’t they. To even leave the house was a huge challenge, let alone get married! But they had their magical day and proved you really can achieve anything if you stay committed and never give up.

Another guy had a tumour and lost his sight! A lady in her 40’s had a stroke, which massively effected her speech and mental capacity. Every single person featured were just amazing humans!!!! They all still achieved their dream weddings despite these awful things happening to them.

In This time next year there’s people who set a goal and within a year the dream is to achieve it. There’s people who’ve lost limbs and want to walk again unaided, people who held back from living due to their weight, who then lost over 10 stone, single people who found love, people with severe stammers who have learnt to speak again and so on…. In just 12 months they’ve totally changed their lives!!! Some with Slimming World, which was very exciting!!!!!! It’s like that film sliding doors, which door do you want to go through? The one where you change your life and as a result are so much happier, or the old door that leads to unhappiness and misery!?! You can achieve so much in a year!! That time will pass anyway, life is too precious to waste.

All these people had such difficult obstacles to overcome, but they stayed committed and refused to let anything beat them. Most didn’t have a choice about what happened to them, it was mainly things they couldn’t control. They’ve still tried their very best to claw back their lives and wouldn’t be beaten.

It made me think about weight loss. If these people can achieve such wonderful things, we can certainly achieve our weight loss dreams. Ultimately we do have a choice, we can change. It drives me mad though when people say losing weight is easy, just don’t eat it! Oh yeah thanks Geoff, I didn’t realise that?!?! Idiot. Lol. It’s a mental battle most of us face isn’t it, some do have physical challenges too, but on the whole it’s what goes on upstairs, in those funny minds of ours! But it is one we can win. Joining Slimming World and staying for group transformed my life. I’m so glad I made the changes and I’ll never go back. I’m not perfect, but I had the power to make myself happy and healthy again. Some don’t have that option. Let’s grab it with both hands people and after Christmas smash it!!!! Target here we all come. What can you achieve by this time next year???

Thanks for reading and happy fopping xxx


If food were a relationship


This is something I read a while back, I’ve adapted it to link in with food optimising.

It’s really thought provoking!!!

Ask yourself the following. :-

If food were a romantic relationship what kind of relationship would you be in?

Would your family and friends approve?

Is it a loving, caring, respectful one?

Or one fuelled by greed and short term pleasure, is it intense, controlling, abusive, do you feel imprisoned?

Is it boring or monotonous?

Or strict and regimented during the week, followed by naughty weekends with indulgent flings?? Are you having an affair or cheating on yourself?


You’re probably giggling right now, or you might be struck by a light bulb moment. The most important relationship is the one with you. If your relationship with food/drink isn’t getting you to where you want to be at the moment, have a think how you can make it better. How can you get it back to being loving and respecting it? Loving and respecting yourself by fuelling it with healthy filling foods? What’s getting in your way and what would you like to change?


We all want happy loving relationships in our life…… Don’t we?

Happy Fopping xxx


Finding a new path

Hi all. I sent some mid week support out to my amazing members last week and wanted to share it with you too.

We all know to lose weight we need to change. What does that actually mean though? It’s about finding a new path because the old path leads to somewhere you don’t like.

How do we do this? It might be not ordering chips with your meal out, saying no thank you to a dessert you used to always have, swopping wine to spirits, exercising more, having a small bar of chocolate rather than a large, making a fakeaway instead of a takeaway. The fab thing about Slimming World is we can fill up on all the gorgeous free foods can’t we, then we have our healthy extras and syns. These do need to be limited though to lose weight.

If we carry on doing what we used to, the same things that bought you to group are going to keep you here. To find a new happy place you need to take a new path. Putting plasters over your journey each week will not heal old habits. Protect yourself by making new ones. Food for thought today. What will you change? Because if nothing changes, nothing will change. The very definition of madness is said to be doing the same thing, but expecting a different result. Most of us will of done it, we can get a little lost sometimes and that’s ok. The key is to stay to class and get support to find that new path again xx

Wtf, how can that be?!? My thoughts after a disappointing result

Ok let’s set the scene. I had a fantastic week, I’ve food optimised brilliantly, I only had one medium glass of wine saturday at a boxing event, I’ve weighed and measured everything, even including choc shot. I’ve had 2 family birthdays and didn’t touch any cakes or alcohol. I’ve done a mix of eesp and ee, I’ve not gone over 8 syns a day once, in fact 6 out of the 7 it’s 5 and under. I’ve been running, doing gym classes and weights and what did I get?!? A maintain!!!!

My initial reaction was sheer horror, then I felt like crying, then I felt a bit angry, then I just felt really confused. I know this plan works, I’ve lost 3 stone before with ease, so where am I going wrong?!!

Now usually we’d go down the route of a food diary, well I’d done one and it’s perfect, plus I know the plan inside out. For most people who don’t lose there will be things we can spot when we see food diaries, it’s very rare I can’t find something. We’d then look at sas logs, as sometimes we self sabotage without realising, I don’t need one as I can answer positively to every question on there. Eesp? Already do it. This is the most perfect I’ve been in ages, so what can it be?!? Maybe I’m being too perfect, after all we do say 5 to 15 syns and most days I have less than 5, but at the end of the day that’s just adding more food, so it can’t be just that.

If you ever feel like this always stay to class, well stay to class anyway as it’s vital, but especially when you’re disappointed. The temptation is there to leave and go and eat your body weight in chocolate, but then what’s that going to achieve?! The one thing none of these tools give you is a clear picture of HOW MUCH you actually eat. I know this is where I’m pushing the limits still. Yes it’s free, speed etc but do I really need to eat until I can’t move, or have to undo my jeans lol. No!! The plan clearly states to eat to your appetitive and to satisfy it. I eat a lot as I work mainly from home and I eat even when I’m not hungry, I also eat really fast, so I don’t realise how full I am. This is something this week Im going to really monitor. I need to stop once I’m full, not stop when I feel sick! I usually end up cooking too much and that’s it then, I can’t leave it! I’ve spoken about this before, so I need to have a good think about some strategies. One is to make less! Eat slower, drink lots of fluids and wait at least 20 minutes after I’ve eaten so I realise I’m full.

The other thing is Im doing quite a bit of exercise. I do a mix of cardio and weights and have just started to build up to running again. I probably need to up my fluid in take more and start introducing more carbs on the days I do exercise, I actually felt quite faint today and that’s not good. I think on eesp the danger with me is I’m full at the time, but then get hungry quicker and snack more. If I have rice, pasta or potato with my meals, I eat less if that makes sense. Your body needs healthy carbs to function, but I’ve got in the eesp groove as I don’t feel as bloated. Sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit and see what works for you.

The scales don’t define us, I actually feel slimmer and I’m in control of the syns and weighing and measuring again, so of course I’m going to carry on. All they are is an indication that you might need to change things. All of our bodies are different. What suits one person might not suit someone else. Your lifestyle will also factor in to this and how much you want to lose and have to lose. I try and focus on monthly results, dress sizes and how I feel, rather than get too obsessed with weekly weigh ins.

When I lost my weight originally it was red and green. I did mainly red. Red is a bit like extra easy, but having say weighed cereal for breakfast or bread, a tuna salad for lunch, then a measured amount of potato with chicken and veg for dinner. Or smoked salmon, eggs and mushrooms for breakie, ham and ryvita for lunch, then fish and a measured amount of Wholemeal pasta for dinner. Extra easy was born to simplify red and green and make it even easier. This is what I’m going to go back to as it’s what worked for me before.

I just wanted to share this as I’m human too and I know the pain of disappointment. However I will not be beaten and I will get back to target!

Thanks for reading and Happy Fopping xxx

Don’t punch yourself in the face!

Self sabotage

Ok I need to get this off my chest and move on. The past month I have fallen in to a habit, I’m kidding myself it’s not harming me, but it is!!!! I’m not perfect, I do have times when I struggle and February was one of them.

I’ve got in to this groove of wondering round the kitchen after dinner, or between meals and breaking bits of cereal bars or grabbing handfuls of dried fruit. You might be laughing now as yes these might be healthy syns, but they are still syns! Calories are calories, whether it’s crisps, chocolate or dried fruit. I kid myself there “healthy snacks” so it’s fine, but it’s taking me on some days way over my syns. It’s become a real habit!! It’s amazing how quickly you get a new habit. If it were a bar of chocolate I wouldn’t touch it, but because it’s made from fruit and quinoa lol it’s ok! Er it’s the same syns Nicola!!!

I’ve spotted it now and now need a strategy to protect myself. I was sent loads of these gorgeous bars, yes there healthy but they range from 7 to 12 syns a bar. Add on other little syns I have, it’s taking me over sometimes. I think “oh I’ll just break off a little bit”, then the whole bar ends up in my mouth, I know I’m doing it but I can’t stop myself. I pretend I don’t care or I ignore I’m even doing it!! If my husband goes upstairs that’s it, I’m in the kitchen like a flash!! So that says something, I feel shame therefore do it in secret sometimes! Not good!

So whys this happening?!? It’s simply for me I think because they’re there! I don’t usually have anything like this in the house, I’d opt for fruit, quark and choc shot. I’m still doing this, but then I can’t stop thinking about these bars!! I’ve also gone mad on dried prunes!!!! I have them sometimes as a HEB, but then it’s so easy to grab a handful when I’m in the kitchen!!! There quite high in syns when you do this.

So what am I going to do about it!?!?! First thing I’m doing is hiding them away upstairs, I’m really active and love exercise, but when I’m at home I’m so lazy!! If I go to bed and forget my phone charger is downstairs I go mad lol!! I stomp back downstairs and back up again in a right mood!! If there upstairs there’s no chance I’d go up to get them!! If I ask my husband he won’t get them for me as he knows it’s driving me mad!! I’m also getting the hubster to eat them!

The prunes I think I’ll just have to stop buying, or weigh them out and bag them in to HEB allowances. I’m far better off grabbing melon or some satsumas. It does t help when star week is looming!

After we’ve done it we get so annoyed don’t we!! Luckily I’m not the sort of person who’d then write the whole week off, but I know some do. I had a coffee with a gorgeous member recently who’s done so amazing!!!!! She described it like self harming and it hit me like a bolt of lightening! She said it’s like punching yourself in the face!!! Extreme? Yes, but my god it made me think!! But I’ve still just gone and punched myself smack bang in the face!! So something needs to change. I can really feel I’ve gained weight around my tummy area. My arms are legs are slowly toning up but weirdly I used to have a small waist and a felt stomach and now I don’t!

I think deep down what I really need is to rejoin a group and be a member again!! The problem is I know too many people and I don’t feel I could be just a member. I so end so much time in groups it just feels weird. Part of my of me if I’m really honest would also feel embarrassed!! I’ve got 10 years experience as a manager and senior consultant and 15 years as a target member, I should know better!!! Also writing my blog, insta and fb page also adds pressure. I know all the answers and can help anyone that joins my class, but it’s so much harder to help yourself. I’ve got every tool available in terms of diaries, sas logs, the website etc but nothing at all, NOTHING beats the power of image therapy, getting weighed at a group and getting help and support mid week. I don’t get any of this. If I say out loud I’m doing something, I do it. I lost 3 stone in 3 months as you know. I exercise, I eat syn free meals but these pesky syns are doing my head in! I think now I’m married and older, I’m also not so bothered as I don’t go out as much! Every week I was so focused before as I knew I’d have a little dress to fit in to. I guess I’m happier now, so not as bothered maybe? But the truth is I am!!

In the winter I think we get complacent as we can hide away easier, in the summer it’s so much harder and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I haven’t actually weighed myself for a while either, this is also having a major impact I think!! Time to start practising what I do and say to help my members and followers. Starting now!!

If I actually kept count I also know I’d stop, as I don’t like going over my syns in the week. So a food diary I think is needed again too.

So let’s draw a line and figure out a plan of action and protect ourselves. Stop punching yourself in the face 🙂

Read on for more info on how to prevent self sabotage.

Thanks for reading and Happy Fopping xxxx

1. Believe In Yourself. You have the power to change your life. One of the most important things you can do is to accept yourself just as you are. You will be with you for the rest of your life. Learn to nuture yourself. You are worthy of a good live. You are deserving of your goals, your dreams and wonderful relationships. You have talents and gifts to offer those around you.

2. Identify What Holds You Back. It’s important to know you are in your own way when you self-sabotage. It’s like banging your head against the wall and not realizing it hurts! Lack of trust, low self esteem, perfectionism, lack of self worth, shame, not feeling good enough or smart enough some of the reasons you continue to hurt yourself.

It’s important to figure out what causes you to get in your own way. Talk about it with someone, hire a coach, journal your feelings, thoughts and emotions or join a support group. Educate yourself on what’s causing the behavior and the actions you need to take to change the behavior.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. This is one of the biggest causes of human suffering. It’s a form of self abuse. You are unique. It doesn’t matter who has a better car, home, or job. What matters is you appreciate yourself and what you have. Value your own unique qualities. When you catch yourself judging others or yourself. Stop. Change your thoughts. Move on. You are worthy of enjoying life. Comparison to others is a waste of time.

4. Face Your Fears and Move On. It’s OK to be afraid but do it anyway.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail. Let’s say you decide to run a marathon and set a pace of 3 hours. During the race you trip on your shoestring, fall and end up limping to the finish line a half hour later than your goal. You may have failed to make your goal however it doesn’t mean you are a failure. People who self-sabotage internalize failure. Instead of focusing on the fact they finished the race they only see what went wrong. Failure is part of succeeding.

6. Take Action. Procrastination causes anxiety, doubt, stress, dread, depression and more. The answer to procrastination is to take action. Begin with the most difficult task. If it’s a phone call you need to make, do it. If it’s a job or chore you’ve been putting off get started. Beginning is half the battle. It can lead to creativity, productivity and being in the flow. Taking action is always rewarding.

Make your list of action steps. Without action you will fail. Set yourself up for success. Live your life on purpose.

7. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone. Look for ways to stretch yourself and grow. Choose to do at least one uncomfortable thing everyday. Look for ways to take calculated risks. When you fear new things reflect back on other times you were afraid but took the action necessary and things worked out well. Challenge yourself and have fun with it.

Weight gain spectrum of emotions 

Ok so I’ve braved the scales today after the wedding/build up to the wedding and the events after and it’s a 4lb gain!!!! You go through different emotions when you have a gain don’t you, well I do anyway!!! 

1. Heart sinks and time stands stand still while you process it, really!?! How did that happen?!? I haven’t been that bad?!? I’ve made some good choices!?! 

2. Anger as you don’t feel it’s deserved. Also you’re angry at yourself!! 

3. Acceptance. You start to remember all the alcohol you drank, that take away you’d forgotten about, the wedding cake you had for breakfast and the pub meal you only ate half of, but then actually continued to pick at, etc etc……

4. Disappointment. Why did I do that to myself, why didn’t I stop myself and remind myself my weight loss is more important to me.

5. Forgiveness. There’s no point beating myself now, it’s done, it’s gone, I can only move forward.

6. Determination. Right scales, I’ll bloody show you!!!! That gain will not be staying and I will get back on track with a vengeance!!! You start to plan all the speed food and body magic you’re going to do. It’s one bad week, it’s doesn’t define you!! You’ll come back fighting!! 

This is why even though it might not always be pretty, you really should weigh every single week and stay to class. If I hadn’t of got on the scales today, I would of carried on letting little things creep in, I would of carried on fooling myself that I was being pretty good! I’ve got my honeymoon next week, so it’s full sw force ahead again!!! Back to basics and keeping things simple. Drinking lots of fluids and making sure I’m not over eating/over synning. 

People say to me all the time, “just have a day off!”, “why do you stick to it religiously all the time!?!”. To me it’s just not worth it, how I feel when I gain isn’t worth it. I can cook delicious food the sw way, I don’t need to do this to myself. I’m the sort of girl that just looks at a piece of cake and puts on a lb!!! I don’t get these girls on instagram that constantly share pics of cheat meals and still lose loads of weight!! I’ve never got away with anything! I actually prefer healthy food any way. My skins been rubbish and I feel tired all the time! You need to do what works for you and what you can sustain. For me that’s food optimising 100% with food and then sometimes being a bit more flexible one weekend day with a few drinks. Then lots of body magic 🙂 

Let’s smash this week!!!!! 

Happy Fopping xxx 


The secret to losing 3 stone in 3 months 

I get asked this question on a daily basis, so I decided to write a blog on it. Simple answer??? There isn’t one!! How many years and how much money do people waste looking for a quick fix or a magic wand. I did! Thank god I found slimming world or I’d still be searching!! It works! Trust it.

If you’d like to know how I lost my weight it’ll be a quick answer. I joined my sw group, I went home and read, re read and re read my book again. I used the website, recipe books and magazines. I planned, prepared and I used choice power. I didn’t miss a class, unless I was out of the country. Nothing or no one could drag me away from my group!!!!! I had one weight gain in my entire journey and that was because I’d been abroad. That was only a lb! Slimming worlds food optimising plan is super easy!!! There’s no other plan out there that even comes close. You can eat sooooooo much food, you never need to go hungry and you’ve got your syns for your chocolate, wine or crisps. Whatever you choose to use them on.

For me it was about goals and commitment. I still ate out, I had 2 more years at uni and a degree to complete and I still stuck to plan. I then got a job doing over 70 hours a week working mainly with men eating doughnuts daily, guess what, I still stuck to plan. I have food optimised now for over 15 years, it’s a way of life. I’d never go back.

You need to change habits, find new grooves and commit. This takes support. If we could do it on our own we wouldn’t get overweight in the first place. I totally fell in love with slimming world and cooking. I never cooked before!!! It became a passion. You need to treat your weekly dose of image therapy like a hair or doctors appointment. It’s in your diary and that’s your “me” time. It’s what you pay for. I adore listening to others members, I love seeing others get awards, I like to know others struggle to and I love talking about food!!!

If you’re not ready and you don’t want it bad enough, you’ll find excuses/reasons to not to go or not to food optimise. In truth, there’s no real reason why we can’t do it. There’s on plan grab and go’s, eating out can be done with ease, there’s slow cookers, Iceland meals, healthy food in every supermarket, places like subway, m & s in petrol stations. The only thing that can really stop you is you. You have to believe you can do it. I had ex boyfriends who’d tell me I was fat and put me down, I had other girls put me down and call me names. Did I comfort eat?! Hell no, I used it as motivation to bloody show them!!! Every day I visualise being slim, fit and healthy and I used that to drive me.

Trust me when I say this, getting to target and feeling finally happy in your own skin will feel better than any piece of cake, any pizza or any take away. Yes a whole tub of ice cream, haribos and a dominos is amazing and tastes nice, but how do you feel after?!? The pleasure lasts seconds, then you get the guilt and sick feeling. Eating rubbish makes you feel rubbish. You’ll start to crave healthy foods, trust me!!

When you slip in to that dream dress or suit and you can run around after your children, or you can feel confident enough to go for that new job, whatever it is, you will feel amazing!!!!!!! Tell yourself you can and you will, tell yourself you can’t and guess what?! You probably won’t.

So no secret, but if I were to give my tops tips this would be them :-

1. Speed speed and more speed. I’m the queen of speed foods!!! Add them to your plate first and snack on them where possible.

2. Plan your meals. I plan meal by meal, some like weekly plans. Whatever will help you.

3. Think about what you eat. Don’t inhale things that are going to take you over your syns. Stop, think, do you really want it or can you find a low syn or syn free alternative?

4. STAY TO CLASS!!!!!!!!

5. If you have one bad day, which I do, just dust yourself off, draw a line and move on. Do not beat yourself and up do not let the guilt then ruin your week. There’s 21 meals in a week, don’t stress if 1 goes wrong. Learn from it and apply a strategy for next time. Don’t think, “sod it I don’t care today” because you do deep down.

6. Know your own triggers. If you hit 5pm and you need a snack, plan it in. If you’re a night time picker, plan it in, if you struggle with weekends and alcohol, plan it in. Put steps in place to protect yourself.

7. Finally try and have lots of PMA. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Negative thinkers will always struggle to lose weight. Fling off the negative knickers and put on those positive pants.

I hope that helps slimmers. We all have the same books, we all have different and busy lives, please know that if this is truly important to you, you can succeed. Dream, believe, achieve. If you want the secret to losing weight, look in the mirror.

Happy Fopping xxx


Peanut butter porridge cake!!!! 

Peanut butter porridge cake

OMG this is my new favourite breakfast ever!!!!! One of my gorgeous followers shared it with me a while back and I’ve tweaked it slightly, wow!!!! Incredible!!! 

All you do is mix the following together:-

35g oats

A grated carrot

2 tbs of quark (or fat free Greek yogurt)

A tsp of cinnamon

A pinch of ginger 

1 egg

4 tbs of stevia

Bake for approx 20 minutes. Once cooked top with quark mixed with some PB2 peanut butter powder, I used 6g which is 1 syn. 
Top with fruit and inhale!!!!!!!!