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Recent purchases :-)

Hey all. Just thought I’d share some of my recent purchases with you. 

These are my fav gym tops ATM. I’ve got tons of vests, all mainly nike and all around £25-£30. But these are amazing quality for just £7.99!! They fit so well and don’t cling to the bits you want to hide!! They also stay really cool and dry if things get a bit sweaty!! Tbh I don’t really sweat much, well apart from when I do insanity!!! They’ve got tons of different patterns and colours. The tights and leggings are fab too!!! Nice work H&M!

Then my other little gym bargain is this sports bra from new look. I’ve got the same one in yellow and I love them!! They do need to come with a boobage warning!!! They are slightly padded and they do give you a cleavage!! I love them under shear gym tops. They support you really well, just as good as my shock absorber bras and they look pretty 🙂 

Yesterday I picked up my fav mascara, it’s fab!! I’ve tried millions of different mascara and this one is a new winner!! It has to be the yellow top one though, not the pink. The face wash/mask was on clearance so got it for £1.50! Then I wanted a new bright lippie so got this boujouirs one and I love it!! It’s the perfect mix between coral and red. It’s quite glossy as opposed to a matte lipstick. Then this highlighter caught my eye!! I’m a soft and gentle mac girl, I literally love it!!!!!!!!! This make, revolution, do a great version and it’s sooooooooo much cheaper!!! It’s highly pigmented and does the trick. I’ll still use my mac one for evenings as nothing will beat it, but this will be great for the day. I’ve never seen this brand before, all the products are so cheap!!! 

My mua ordered me some mac stuff, I got my fav highlighter as above then the amazing primer they do. Primers make a huge difference to your base look. Your make up will look more airbrushed and it’ll last so much longer. 

The pic with the clarins stuff were all purchased from house of frazer. I got the bottles on the right in the bag free!!! You had to buy 2 clarins products, so I got the gorgeous one step cleanser and the famous eye revive beauty flash. This is great for getting rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. I needed to replace the best foundation in the world, my double wear. You simply cannot beat it in my opinion. I’ve got the light version, which in also love, but this is incredible!!! I’m also trying estee lauders day cream. It’s smells fab!! The Vaseline spray moisturiser is a god send!! I find putting on moisturiser every day so boring!!! This takes a quick squirt and your away! It’s smells stunning and leaves your skin so soft. 

So that’s it for now!! Any questions just shout. I’ve also included a pic of today’s syn free breakie! 

Happy Fopping xxx





Body magic!!

Well my Sunday was very different to how I used to spend my Sundays!! Normally I’d wake up, false lashes still on, sometimes clothes still on lol. My first thoughts were, oh my god what did I drink last night!! Then the entire day would consist of eating, TV, Facebook, then repeat until bed time!!

Today I bounced out of bed at 7.45am, had a big breakie of smoked salmon, scan bran, scrambled egg and sautéed veg. Threw some gym clothes on and drove to draycote waters. We co ordinated a sw race for life event today. Members from all different groups met up and did a five mile run/walk. That’s quite bloody far, especially if you’re out of practice!! I do lots of gym classes but outdoor running is so much harder!!!! I really enjoyed it though, it was so lovely seeing everyone. We need to work out what we raised and how much weight we’d lost between us. One amazing couple have lost now 19 stone between them!! Just wonderful.

After we completed it I headed to the nearest subway, I was starving!! Syn free turkey salad for me, came home and used some balsamic vinegar to keep it syn free. I love love love subway salads!!! My bf had a meat club and crisp’s ha ha, he’d earned it though, so I’ll let him off 😉

Then after a five minute break I was busy again moving more stuff from my old house!! Fridges, dressers, office stuff, flipping hard work!! Three tip runs later and I’m done! Queue a big bowl of fruit, fat free Total Greek 0% yogurt and some choc shot. Heaven!!!! I had one large glass of wine last night and one small one then went on to tea!! How my life has changed!!!! I’d best make up for this grown up adult behaviour soon!!!!

Having withdrawals today as no shopping!! Might have to have a quick peek online now!! Have a lovely Sunday all.

Happy Fopping xxx
















Shop till you drop

Today’s been a fab day!! I’ve been busy organising our first ever Slimming World race for life event Sunday 3rd august at Draycote Waters 10am. It’s a national event that all groups are taking part in. I’ve got the radio calling me tomorrow and it’s all over facebook. This should be really good fun and a fab bit of body magic.

After a work meeting yesterday and being busy packing I really really needed to get out the house, so off I went on a quick one hour shopping dash on my lunch break.

I picked up these little finds 🙂

The floral cami top is Miss Selfridge
The sports wear and black dress is H & M
The perfume is from the perfume shop, got my bf a pressie too
The white cami top is River Island
The kimono is Warehouse
Chanel sample House of Fraser

H & M sports stuff is really nice and so cheap!!! I love the dress too, it looks really nice on, very classy and lady like!! Well I can pretend!! The perfume was a great find!! I’m obsessed with Alien after one of my team introduced me to it. It’s such a strong distinctive perfume. This gorgeous gift set and free gift was the same price as buying the perfume alone!! Winner! I fancied a new foundation too and everyone raves about the Chanel range. The girl matched some to my skin and gave me a sample to take home and try, it’s the perfection lumiere one, the description is long wear flawless fluid make up. Excited to try this!!

I was so impressed with the Chanel girl. It was her first day bless her but she was amazing!! Such a pretty, friendly girl. We were chatting away and she was so complimentary! Good sales technique!! I learnt a lot about her lol as she was so chatty!

The man in the perfume shop was really helpful too and told me about the gift set and free gift for the same price as a single bottle. So I’ve got a 100ml Alien body lotion and a 30ml shower gel, plus the little handbag size perfumes. I’m passionate about good customer service so I was really impressed with both of these today. Gold stars!!!

Food wise I’ve had more fab meals recently. I’ve also included some pics of my packed lunch for work.

Any questions just shout!!

Happy Fopping!! Xxx


















Do you every struggle to fit in body magic? I’m moving house next weekend, so with work, moving etc the gym has fallen off this week. I feel pretty rubbish for it and to be honest it’s probably just an excuse, but other things have to take priority sometimes.

However what I try and do when I can’t get to the gym is use my trx. I’ve only recently discovered these, it seems to be the latest craze amongst female celebs. If you’ve seen the pictures of Danielle Lloyd looking amazing, you’ll know what I mean. A lot of mothers use them after having babies as they are fantastic at helping you to re build your core muscles.

Me being me, I had to test it out! I showed my bf the pics and he said he’d got some trx straps!!! Amazing! Now the first time I tried it the door wasn’t secure and I literally fell flat on my face ha ha, very embarrassing. Luckily I didn’t smash any teeth when I crashed to the floor ha ha. No one saw though so it’s fine!! My bedroom door was stronger so I had a go in there. I just googled trx work outs and found some fab ones on you tube. You just fix them to the door shut the door and then do different exercises. As it uses your entire body weight you can get really good results really quickly.

So what is a trx?!? The TRX was the brainchild of a Navy Seal, born out of necessity for keeping in shape during deployment. The principles are simple: hang it up (you can do this at home using a secure bracket), grab the stirrups and work your body against gravity to build muscle and burn fat. The instability caused by the suspension develops serious strength that’s very hard to replicate with regular weights.

You can buy them online, it’s more of an American thing but it’s quickly getting more and more popular over here, I’d highly recommend them as long as you can be motivated to exercise at home. It’s fab for a busy mom or for someone that maybe can’t afford a monthly gym fee. They aren’t cheap, but they are fab and will last forever.

I’ve shared some pics so you can see what I mean. Happy Fopping xxx







Monday fun day!!!

Monday, fun day!

Wow what a busy day!!!! I always fit my gym sessions in first thing, if I wait till the evening I won’t go! I like to get up early and go before I start work. A lot of what I do is evening based, which means I’m lucky enough to be able to go to the gym in the morning. It’s a great place to switch off and it makes you more motivated for the day ahead.

We did the new body combat release this morning. Body combat 90 I think it was. Flipping heck!! It wasn’t easy!! I get comments that I don’t really sweat or I look too fresh to have just worked out, but trust me I always try really hard, I’m just not a sweaty betty thankfully. We did a new move, the superman punch!! You think it’s going to be a kick, then bang, you land a punch! There were a lot of running man moves, this was tough! I wanted to run, straight out the door! Half way through the class my sports bra decided to undo lol, great!! Not ideal when jumping around and kicking. Then it wasn’t till the end of the class that I realised my top was on inside out haha. Whoops!! Monday morning rush!

After the class I quickly popped to the local Royal Mail office. I’d missed two deliveries. The guy said to me, “don’t worry I don’t need your ID or name as I know it by now! You keep Royal Mail going with all your shopping” lol made me giggle, he’s not wrong!! It was a pair of shoes I’d ordered and some more Topshop trousers. I love the shoes but I don’t like the trousers 😦

After that I quickly viewed a house. After selling my beloved beautiful townhouse, I’ve been renting. It’s just not big enough now for all of my clothes and shoes, oh plus my BF is moving here lol. I guess I should make sure there’s space for him and his stuff too! (Joke if you’re reading this C). Now we’ve been looking since December, but they literally go in seconds. So this time I was like a ninja after my combat class! I viewed it, within ten minutes I’d called the estate agent, filled in the forms and shot them up to their shop with my ID. C said he’s never seen me move so fast, cheek!! It made me laugh when I called to view it, the lady asked me my name then said, are you the Slimming World girl? Ha ha I’m famous! It turns out her best friend is a member of mine and a friend, so I’m hoping this might help!! There are others interested and it’s not judged on first come first served, so I tried to sell myself, not literally!! So fingers crossed for us!!!!

I’ve then spent the entire day doing month end, which I really enjoy. I’m a Senior Consultant, I run a class once a week, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. The most members I’ve had in one group in one night was 198!! I just adore it. I’m also an area manager too, we’re called Team Developers at Slimming World. I look after 31 other groups in my area and I have the best team ever!!! We care for an average of 2000 members per week. The team is going from strength to strength and I’m so proud of them all.

Working from home however can equal eating all day!! I always eat on plan but I can over eat, just because I can! Two steps and I’m in my kitchen! Sometimes without even thinking I’ve got a cooked chicken breast in my mouth or yet another piece of fruit, yet I’m not actually hungry! As I knew today was going to be full on, I had a very filling breakfast. My trusty scan bran, (2 from my b choice), a small tin of baked beans, a poached egg and some tin tomatoes for my superfree. Lunch was some roast chicken left from yesterday, with a salad and a small sweet potato. I also did one of my fav pizza topped mushrooms for added superfree. I got peckish some had another scan bran from my HEB with some fat free cottage cheese and a carrot! Dinner is chicken fajitas inspired by our fab website.

Serves: 4
Cook time: Ready in about 15 minutes

Syns per serving:
Extra Easy: FREE

1 red pepper, halved, deseeded and finely sliced
1 green pepper, halved, deseeded and finely sliced
2 medium red onions, halved and finely sliced
2-3 skinless boneless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cumin
2 fresh red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
Juice of 1 lime
Low calorie cooking spray
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
For the salsa

½-1 fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
15 ripe cherry tomatoes, halved
Small handful of finely chopped coriander
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Juice of 1 lime

Spray a non-stick pan with low calorie cooking spray and place over a medium-high heat. Add the peppers, onions, chillies, lime juice and spices and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes. Add the chicken, then stir-fry over a high heat for 5 mins until the chicken is cooked.
Meanwhile, tip the salsa ingredients into a food processor, along with the lime juice and a little seasoning and pulse until finely chopped.
Lay out the ingredients on a table and serve.

Tip: Serve with homemade coleslaw (cabbage, carrot and onion mixed with fat free plain yogurt), grated cheese (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and rice. Or if you want a tortilla then you can use an asda be free one as your HEB or simply lettuce leaves x








Saturday kitchen and body magic!





Phew!!! I’m shattered!!! Did an hour of body combat this morning and then straight after an hour of body pump. I always prefer weights to cardio but this morning was hard!!! I’ve got a busy day today, gym, my gorgeous nieces birthday, sorting a house viewing out, eeekkkk and then I’m off out tonight. It’s date night, so we’re going for a few drinks and then to an award winning Indian restaurant. I’ve never been before so I’m excited!!! I adore Indian food!! It’s a really easy meal out to do in plan. I always have chicken rogan josh or chicken dansak, both are only 6.5 syns. I’ll have it with boiled rice and I always ask for a side salad. I never have nan bread as it’s sooooo high in syns but I do sometimes have a poppadom, but at 4 syns each they are quite high for what you get. I might just have the onion salad now I’m thinking about it, this is why it’s important to pre plan when you’re eating out.

So I wore my favourite trainers today, I love love love them!!! I’ll do a post on all of my trainers soon. It’s the only flats I own!! After the gym I had the most gorgeous lunch!!!! Turkey burgers, pizza topped mushrooms and salad. The burgers is just extra lean turkey mince, season, Cajun powder, chilli and a pinch of garlic. I then grilled them along with the mushrooms. The mushrooms are really simple. You top them with either tomatoe purée or tinned chopped tomatoes, mixed herbs and extra light mature cheese from your A choice. Dessert was mixed berries with diluted choc shot, so not even 1/2 syn and an Aldi syn free Greek lemon yogurt. Just what was needed after the gym!!

Right I’m off to get ready to see my little birthday princess. Have an amazing weekend all and Happy Fopping xxxx

Strong is the new skinny, don’t be a calorie slave!







I love Instagram!! I’ve not been on it for long but it’s fab!! I prefer the fact that it’s mainly pictures as opposed to loads of status updates. I use it for work and sharing personal pics and I’ve connected with loads of amazing sw members. It’s so inspiring to see their success stories and photos of yummy foods they’ve created. Everyone is so lovely. I love it so much though I find myself double tapping pictures on other sites ha ha. Slightly addicted I think!!!

The only thing I do find hard or sad really, is when I’ve seen girls I follow get frustrated for whatever reason and end up jumping ship to other methods of losing weight. These tend to be more like diets as opposed to a life style change like sw. I don’t judge others as trust me, I’ve done every diet under the sun, but I know now, through experience that diets simply don’t work!! You may be reading this and be thinking, er hang on isn’t she a Slimming World Consultant and Manager?!? Yes I am and that’s why I am. It’s not a faddy diet, it’s simply healthy eating. Making changes, but not huge ones. You’re encouraged to fill up on healthy free and superfree foods, add on your healthy extras, then still enjoy 5-15 syns per day. You get to eat and enjoy real food and still lose weight! It’s all backed by a leading nutritionist at head office and we are still the biggest slimming organisation in the U.K. for a reason.

I wasted years and years on diets, of course I lost weight, but as soon as I stopped I’d put it all back on again. The worst one is a toss up between the cabbage pill diet and herbal life! The cabbage pill diet is crazy! Just eat fruit and veg one day and take the tablets, then you have bananas and milk on another and wow happy days, on the last day you actually get to eat a chicken breast and some cherry tomatoes!! By this point I was a moody evil b***h!! I had zero energy and just felt and looked so awful. My brother tried to steal some of my chicken and I literally went to stab his hand with a fork ha ha!!! My gorgeous Swedish friend M and I did herbal life together, worst mistake ever!!! We were both so ill. I remember one night before we were due to go out, we were outside having a few drinks at my sisters and we both nearly fainted. I’d get stomach cramps and always felt light headed, it was horrible and expensive! Now I know some people love it and each to their own, but it didn’t agree with me at all. I’d have big losses on these strict diets but then, you’ve guessed it, a big gain would bite me in the ass the week after!! All I wanted to do was binge as I felt so deprived. It’s a vicious circle.

I’ve also downloaded my fitness pal and counted calories. I actually quite enjoyed it for a few days but the novelty soon wore off!! It did highlight a few things to me where I may of been over eating on certain things, but it’s not a way of life. I wouldn’t eat a thing until it went on my app!

Here are the reasons why calorie counting isn’t a great way to live or lose weight:-

1. It’s actually really inaccurate, calories in meals out will always vary, you don’t always weigh and measure everything and even raw veg has less calories than cooked.

2. Muscle burns more calories, but to gain muscle you actually need calories, the less you eat the slower your metabolism i.e. the less calories you will burn.

3. Quality is more important than quantity. By just focusing on calories you are forgetting other important factors such as protein per gram, fibre, fat, carbs etc….

4. Calories provide energy, its important to eat them for good health. If you constantly count them it adds stress and it isn’t a long term solution.

I get it, if you’ve got a special event like a wedding, birthday or holiday, I get that you want to feel at your best. I’ve done fast forward before, it’s a sw straight jacket. We use it as a last resort tool, I was struggling so I went on ff and lost 6lbs to fit in my birthday dress. We only ever advise to do this for a week or two at the most, never ever longer. It did help me regain some control as I wasn’t food optimising 100%.

So if you want to lose body fat, gain muscle and be happy and healthy please don’t do faddy diets and try not to count calories. Rather than thinking, I need to swop plans, this doesn’t work for me, stop and think. The plan hasn’t changed, if you’ve lost weight before you can again. It works for everyone, we may of just got complacent, see my blog on where could I of gone wrong. There so many things you can try before you try yet another plan. Success express, food diaries, sas logs, pep plans, red days, green days, more superfree, the speed food challenge, scan bran, visualisation, flexible syns, for and against lists and if desperate ff.

I love the whole new craze amongst women at the moment, Strong is the new skinny. I totally agree with this!!! We need to fuel our bodies not deprive them. Toned healthy, “normal” people don’t count calories forever, they eat until they are full and get a wide variety of foods. The pictures of skinny models in this blog are just shocking!!! How is this healthy and attractive?!? In my personal opinion the other pictures of healthy and strong women, such as Paige Hathaway, are far more appealing!! She eats healthily, doesn’t deprive herself and works out. I know what I’d rather look like.

So the choice is yours guys and girls. Stick with a generous healthy lifestyle change or go on a strict diet that ultimately isn’t a long term solution. I lost three stone in three months and kept it off for 14 years, ok so I’m 1/2 stone out of target at present. That’s not the plans fault. All I need to do is food optimise 100%, eat until I’m full and not beyond and keep up my body magic! Oh and cut down on alcohol haha, which I have done.

Here’s today food. Breakfast was amazing, SS baked beans, 2 x scan bran and my superfree of tomatoes and mushroom. I also had marmite on my scan bran, which I love!! Lunch was left overs from yesterday’s amazing piri piri pork and salad. It’s sooooooo rare for me to have leftovers as I’m so greedy lol, but I managed to refrain from scoffing the lot and it came in so handy as took minutes!! Dinner I’m currently planning now so that will be shared later.

Happy Fopping all xxxx






Kitchen vs the gym



Firstly I’m not a fitness expert and never will be. Before I gained my weight I played squash for 10 years, I played for the West Midlands and loved it. When I hit 15 though the Sunday six hour training sessions got boring and I lost interest. At my biggest I was too embarrassed to go the gym so didn’t bother. Practically every personal trainer, fitness expert and slimming expert will tell you that weight loss is 80% our diet and 20% fitness and exercise. Say you worked out for ten hours in a week, that still leaves 158 hours to ruin it in the kitchen.

As a slimming world consultant we are trained on our version of increasing fitness levels called body magic. How often have you thought ‘I only lose weight when I do Body Magic too’, or ‘I’ll lose weight next week because I’ll exercise more’? Not exercising often gets the blame when we don’t lose weight – it can be all too easy to assume that’s it’s our exercise (or lack of) that’s made the difference. Well it might surprise you to hear that if you Food Optimise without exercise – you WILL lose weight.

Misconceptions about activity and its effect on weight loss can often start to weaken our belief in Food Optimising – and we’re here to put the record straight, bust those mighty myths and ensure you’re on the path to weight loss success!

Food Optimising and Body Magic, the facts:

If you Food Optimise without exercise – you WILL lose weight.
If you exercise without Food Optimising – you WON’T lose weight (at least, not much and not without a lot of hard work!).
If you’ve gained or maintained one week it won’t be because you haven’t done any or enough exercise. By Food Optimising 100%, we naturally reduce our calorie intake to give us at least a 1-2lb weight loss each week – even if we are close to our personal target. If you still have some way to go, those weekly weight losses will be even greater!
To achieve that 1-2lb weekly loss by exercise alone, we’d have to jog for more than one hour every single day! Food Optimising is absolutely what’s going to get you to your personal target weight. So why is activity important at all? Body Magic brings longer-term benefits – and it’s important that, over time, we build it into our daily routines. Without activity it’s too difficult to maintain successful weight loss – it just comes back and you end up starting all over again! Our research shows that 90% of successful weight loss maintainers have made activity as much a part of their routine as healthy eating. When you exercise you see the following benefits :-

Discover more energy and vitality

Help protect yourself from serious illness

Build long-lasting, healthy eating habits to maintain your target weight forever!

Tone up arms, legs, tummy and bottom

Maintain lean muscle which helps burn more energy – even when you’re resting!

Feel more relaxed and enjoy more restful sleep

Strengthen bones and joints

Build long-lasting, active habits to maintain your target weight forever!
So how does Body Magic affect weight loss?

“I lost a lot of weight this week – it’ll be because I’ve done a lot of Body Magic”.

The great news is… your fabulous weight loss this week will be because you’ve been Food Optimising brilliantly! And by doing 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week in addition to Food Optimising, it will help you lose an additional 12-24lbs across a year! That’s an average of around ¼lb a week extra!

“I know what I’m going to do to lose weight: I’m going to go to Zumba three times this week!”

That’s real determination, and those three sessions will set you on your way to your silver Body Magic award, and all of those health benefits. Without Food Optimising though you might not see the result you want on the scales. Is there anything that might get in the way of you Food Optimising 100%?

“I know why I’ve maintained this week, it will be because I haven’t been out walking so much”

The good news is… if you’re still near the beginning of your journey, by Food Optimising 100% you could lose 5lbs or more in a single week. And if you’re close to target, you could still lose at least 1-2lbs each week – even if you miss out on your walking again.

So you’ve decided you want to start exercising and increasing your body magic. Where do you start!?! There’s so many different types of exercise. Running/jogging, fitness dvd’s like the 30 day shread, boot camps, PT sessions, cardio classes, insanity training, interval training, weight training, then other sports based training and so on…….

Having tried most of these I prefer a combination of interval training and weight training. Just running and running for hours will burn calories but only while you’re running. It can also put a lot of stress on your body. Weight training helps your body to carry on burning calories for hours after, even sitting on your bum! Winner!!!!! I love my gym classes like combat, spin and step. But I also absolutely love the weights based class, body pump. Nothing changes the shape of my body like pump. It’s a combination of arms, legs and tummies doing exercises such as squats, lunges, dead lifts, clean and press, biceps, back, shoulders, triceps and abs and so on. Before I went to Ibiza two years ago I was the slimmest and most toned I’ve ever been and that was doing a combination of the above. There’s been many studies comparing diet, cardio and weight training. Subjects that just dieted lost weight, 14lbs. Those that dieted and did cardio only lost an extra 1lb, however those that followed a healthy diet plan and did weight based training lost nearly an extra 7lbs. Interesting stuff 🙂 I think you should do whatever suits you, whatever you enjoy doing and whatever makes you feel good and happy. It can be based on how much time you have in your lives to fit it in too.

To achieve your body magic awards in group, this is what you need to be doing.

Bronze standard
45 minutes per week
spread over 3 to 5 days
maintained for 4 weeks*

The key is to start small (5 to 15 minutes per session is fine) and build in some regular activity over a number of days (not 45 minutes in one session) and then to make it a habit (by maintaining this level for 4 weeks).

Silver standard
6 sessions of 15 minutes per week
spread over 3 to 5 days
maintained for 4 weeks*

Again, the key is regular sessions (of 15 to 30 minutes) on several days of the week and then to make this a new habit (by maintaining this level now for 4 weeks).

Gold standard
10 sessions of 15 minutes per week
including at least two sessions of muscle strengthening exercises (like lifting weights in the gym, continuous digging in the garden, stepping or jumping) as part of the 10 sessions spread over at least 5 days
maintained for 8 weeks*

The overall long-term goal should be to build up to 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 days a week.

Then make this a habit. This is the Gold standard.

Platinum standard is when active living really has become a lifestyle.

I’m an all or nothing girl! I’ll either go nearly every day or not at all! For me planning is the key, if I book in to do a class I’ll go. I’m lucky that the trainer at my gym is fab!!! She’s so fit and strong and always makes the classes fun. You make new friends too so it’s lovely to all catch up. Just like a group. I always feel so much better though when I go and it makes me more determined to stick to plan, as I’d hate to undo all my hard work.

The other thing that motivates me is new gym gear!!! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I’ve got a bit addicted to buying new trainers! These are the only flat shoes I own, so I like to have a few different coloured pairs 🙂  Right that’s enough sitting down writing about being active. Keep up the good work guys and Happy Fopping xx