If food were a relationship


This is something I read a while back, I’ve adapted it to link in with food optimising.

It’s really thought provoking!!!

Ask yourself the following. :-

If food were a romantic relationship what kind of relationship would you be in?

Would your family and friends approve?

Is it a loving, caring, respectful one?

Or one fuelled by greed and short term pleasure, is it intense, controlling, abusive, do you feel imprisoned?

Is it boring or monotonous?

Or strict and regimented during the week, followed by naughty weekends with indulgent flings?? Are you having an affair or cheating on yourself?


You’re probably giggling right now, or you might be struck by a light bulb moment. The most important relationship is the one with you. If your relationship with food/drink isn’t getting you to where you want to be at the moment, have a think how you can make it better. How can you get it back to being loving and respecting it? Loving and respecting yourself by fuelling it with healthy filling foods? What’s getting in your way and what would you like to change?


We all want happy loving relationships in our life…… Don’t we?

Happy Fopping xxx



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