Finding a new path

Hi all. I sent some mid week support out to my amazing members last week and wanted to share it with you too.

We all know to lose weight we need to change. What does that actually mean though? It’s about finding a new path because the old path leads to somewhere you don’t like.

How do we do this? It might be not ordering chips with your meal out, saying no thank you to a dessert you used to always have, swopping wine to spirits, exercising more, having a small bar of chocolate rather than a large, making a fakeaway instead of a takeaway. The fab thing about Slimming World is we can fill up on all the gorgeous free foods can’t we, then we have our healthy extras and syns. These do need to be limited though to lose weight.

If we carry on doing what we used to, the same things that bought you to group are going to keep you here. To find a new happy place you need to take a new path. Putting plasters over your journey each week will not heal old habits. Protect yourself by making new ones. Food for thought today. What will you change? Because if nothing changes, nothing will change. The very definition of madness is said to be doing the same thing, but expecting a different result. Most of us will of done it, we can get a little lost sometimes and that’s ok. The key is to stay to class and get support to find that new path again xx


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