Wtf, how can that be?!? My thoughts after a disappointing result

Ok let’s set the scene. I had a fantastic week, I’ve food optimised brilliantly, I only had one medium glass of wine saturday at a boxing event, I’ve weighed and measured everything, even including choc shot. I’ve had 2 family birthdays and didn’t touch any cakes or alcohol. I’ve done a mix of eesp and ee, I’ve not gone over 8 syns a day once, in fact 6 out of the 7 it’s 5 and under. I’ve been running, doing gym classes and weights and what did I get?!? A maintain!!!!

My initial reaction was sheer horror, then I felt like crying, then I felt a bit angry, then I just felt really confused. I know this plan works, I’ve lost 3 stone before with ease, so where am I going wrong?!!

Now usually we’d go down the route of a food diary, well I’d done one and it’s perfect, plus I know the plan inside out. For most people who don’t lose there will be things we can spot when we see food diaries, it’s very rare I can’t find something. We’d then look at sas logs, as sometimes we self sabotage without realising, I don’t need one as I can answer positively to every question on there. Eesp? Already do it. This is the most perfect I’ve been in ages, so what can it be?!? Maybe I’m being too perfect, after all we do say 5 to 15 syns and most days I have less than 5, but at the end of the day that’s just adding more food, so it can’t be just that.

If you ever feel like this always stay to class, well stay to class anyway as it’s vital, but especially when you’re disappointed. The temptation is there to leave and go and eat your body weight in chocolate, but then what’s that going to achieve?! The one thing none of these tools give you is a clear picture of HOW MUCH you actually eat. I know this is where I’m pushing the limits still. Yes it’s free, speed etc but do I really need to eat until I can’t move, or have to undo my jeans lol. No!! The plan clearly states to eat to your appetitive and to satisfy it. I eat a lot as I work mainly from home and I eat even when I’m not hungry, I also eat really fast, so I don’t realise how full I am. This is something this week Im going to really monitor. I need to stop once I’m full, not stop when I feel sick! I usually end up cooking too much and that’s it then, I can’t leave it! I’ve spoken about this before, so I need to have a good think about some strategies. One is to make less! Eat slower, drink lots of fluids and wait at least 20 minutes after I’ve eaten so I realise I’m full.

The other thing is Im doing quite a bit of exercise. I do a mix of cardio and weights and have just started to build up to running again. I probably need to up my fluid in take more and start introducing more carbs on the days I do exercise, I actually felt quite faint today and that’s not good. I think on eesp the danger with me is I’m full at the time, but then get hungry quicker and snack more. If I have rice, pasta or potato with my meals, I eat less if that makes sense. Your body needs healthy carbs to function, but I’ve got in the eesp groove as I don’t feel as bloated. Sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit and see what works for you.

The scales don’t define us, I actually feel slimmer and I’m in control of the syns and weighing and measuring again, so of course I’m going to carry on. All they are is an indication that you might need to change things. All of our bodies are different. What suits one person might not suit someone else. Your lifestyle will also factor in to this and how much you want to lose and have to lose. I try and focus on monthly results, dress sizes and how I feel, rather than get too obsessed with weekly weigh ins.

When I lost my weight originally it was red and green. I did mainly red. Red is a bit like extra easy, but having say weighed cereal for breakfast or bread, a tuna salad for lunch, then a measured amount of potato with chicken and veg for dinner. Or smoked salmon, eggs and mushrooms for breakie, ham and ryvita for lunch, then fish and a measured amount of Wholemeal pasta for dinner. Extra easy was born to simplify red and green and make it even easier. This is what I’m going to go back to as it’s what worked for me before.

I just wanted to share this as I’m human too and I know the pain of disappointment. However I will not be beaten and I will get back to target!

Thanks for reading and Happy Fopping xxx


7 responses

  1. Nikki I have been the same for weeks losing 1 then maintaining then 1 again, I also have lost 3stone and I also can not explain why. The only thing I can think is that your body gets used to the food we eat and with less to lose it makes it harder. But don’t be hard on yourself you look fabulous and this proves you are only human x

  2. Ohhhh I hear ya!
    I’m currently sticking to +/- 5g on my macros and I’m not seeing ANY changes. We’ll see at my body comp test on Thursday, but so far I’m doubtful!

    Keep going – we’ll break these plateaus soon! xxx

  3. I used to be a SW consultant 22 yrs ago after loising 3 stone in 6 months on the Original plan, and now I go to class…I still stand by the original plan of Red & Green were better for me as it was more disciplined for portion size of carbs and fruit…I also am going back to basics Red & Green as I find the temptation of being able to eat anything is too great for me…also what I could have as syndrome was more limited that also suited me and my lifestyle…I managed to keep my weight off for many years but I am really struggling now.

  4. Hiya I ready your blog a lot – love it. I’ve got about a stone to lose in total but it’s coming off so so slowly – half a pound at a time. I wanted to go back to red and green but can’t find the info anywhere – do you know where I can get it from? Thanks lisa

  5. A really good post, thank you. I wrote about quantities a couple of weeks ago after tracking calories for a day that was perfectly on plan, which worked out to be close to 1900 calories. It is definitely possible to overeat on this plan and I’m having to be really carefully with portion size as I get smaller and weight loss is slowing down. Thanks for sharing this – helps to know it happens to others too!

  6. I have been struggling for a long time on plan. I was 2 lbs away from 9 St loss. I was loosing very slowly for the last 3 St but I then started to put on on plan. The trouble is after gaining for a few weeks I would get so frustrated I would go off plan a bit, not a lot, only what some people seem to get away with while still loosing. Very disappointed and disheartening! Tried everything we can think of. Have gained nearly 3 St. The last few weeks I have lost more weeks than I have gained so here’s hoping!? Very hard to keep going, trouble is I have so few clothes that fit now and I am NOT going to buy more.

  7. Hi there,

    thanks for sharing – I am reading about myself!! I am struggling; new to SW but enjoying it and really don’t want to give up in six weeks I have only lost 4.5lb, did think it would be much quicker. After reading you have giving me the carry on….and smile.

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