Diet Pepsi sweet chilli sticky chicken & potato 

This was such a stunning dinner!! You’ve probably heard of diet coke chicken, well this was even better!! 

I’ve never tried it with diet Pepsi before but it worked so well!!!! 


Chicken breast 

Sliced veggies, I just used carrot and onion



Cajun spice 

Garlic fry light or a clove/sprinkle of garlic 

8 splashes of soy sauce

Diet Pepsi 330ml

A chicken oxo 

6 tbs of passata 

Method :-

Chop and pan fry your chicken in garlic fry light or regaulr fry light and a clove/sprinkle of garlic. Then add either fresh or dried ginger and chilli. Amount depends on your taste, I like mine hot!

Add finely sliced carrots, onions and whatever other veg you want. Then sprinkle on some Cajun spices. 

Fry off on a low heat.

Then mix together 330ml of diet Pepsi, 6 tbs of passata, 8 splashes of soy sauce, a chicken stock cube, seasoning and pour on to th chicken. 

Turn up the heat to high and leave it until it starts to condense down and go sticky. 

I added cubed cooked baby new potatoes to mine and served with veg. Just gorgeous!! Me and the hubby loved it!!!!!!!! 

Defo a new fav!!!! 

Enjoy and Happy Fopping xx



2 responses

  1. Hi Nicky, just had the Diet Pepsi chicken for tea …. Absolutely brilliant!!! Definitely will be doing it again…….many thanks for sharing 👍❤️😊

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