Post honeymoon weight loss

So I had a pretty hefty gain after my honeymoon. I was rather shocked seeing what the scales said. I must of got on and off about 10 times, I moved them about, went for another wee lol and nope still there!! I was quite mortified.

Now baring in mind it was my bday week I aimed for 6lb off. I always advise members not to mid week weigh. It can really mess with your head and also your results. It’s not an accurate reading either. Knowing this I couldn’t resist a cheeky mid week weigh in. 7.5lbs off and a number I’m much happier with. I danced around the kitchen, shouted up to Chris, punched the air then ate breakfast. I should know better that it’s not really an accurate reading, as it was mid week! I didn’t care, I was so happy…

That night all my girls met up at a friends and had some drinks. It was a joint bday night for me and 2 other friends. I really didn’t know what to drink as I was over it after the honeymoon!! I decided to have a few, but not go to town to limit the damage. Utterly pointless as I ended up drinking prosecco and lots of it. I dread to think how many syns!! The next day then I ate for England. All on plan but just to much.

Then it was my bday. I had a sw friendly lunch and cake, not too many syns there. Then my brother cooked a sw chilli and other gorgeous bits and bobs. Again only a few syns, could have been a lot worse.

The final result? 3.5lbs back on!!! I was so dissapointed as I was in for a much bigger loss!!! I only had myself to blame.
Now 4lbs off is pretty good on a bday week. I was dissapointed though as I’d had a much better result earlier in the week. If I didn’t weigh myself then I probably would of been ok with 4lb. This is why we shouldn’t mid week weigh. I wouldn’t of drank as much either, but thought “oh I’ve already lost 7.5lbs so why not!!” Self sabotage.

Anyway this week has been good so fingers crossed. Made excellent choices while xmas shopping, took a Hi fi to the cinema and didn’t drink Friday or Saturday. Back to my wedding weight I go!!!

Happy Fopping xxx.





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