Weight gain spectrum of emotions 

Ok so I’ve braved the scales today after the wedding/build up to the wedding and the events after and it’s a 4lb gain!!!! You go through different emotions when you have a gain don’t you, well I do anyway!!! 

1. Heart sinks and time stands stand still while you process it, really!?! How did that happen?!? I haven’t been that bad?!? I’ve made some good choices!?! 

2. Anger as you don’t feel it’s deserved. Also you’re angry at yourself!! 

3. Acceptance. You start to remember all the alcohol you drank, that take away you’d forgotten about, the wedding cake you had for breakfast and the pub meal you only ate half of, but then actually continued to pick at, etc etc……

4. Disappointment. Why did I do that to myself, why didn’t I stop myself and remind myself my weight loss is more important to me.

5. Forgiveness. There’s no point beating myself now, it’s done, it’s gone, I can only move forward.

6. Determination. Right scales, I’ll bloody show you!!!! That gain will not be staying and I will get back on track with a vengeance!!! You start to plan all the speed food and body magic you’re going to do. It’s one bad week, it’s doesn’t define you!! You’ll come back fighting!! 

This is why even though it might not always be pretty, you really should weigh every single week and stay to class. If I hadn’t of got on the scales today, I would of carried on letting little things creep in, I would of carried on fooling myself that I was being pretty good! I’ve got my honeymoon next week, so it’s full sw force ahead again!!! Back to basics and keeping things simple. Drinking lots of fluids and making sure I’m not over eating/over synning. 

People say to me all the time, “just have a day off!”, “why do you stick to it religiously all the time!?!”. To me it’s just not worth it, how I feel when I gain isn’t worth it. I can cook delicious food the sw way, I don’t need to do this to myself. I’m the sort of girl that just looks at a piece of cake and puts on a lb!!! I don’t get these girls on instagram that constantly share pics of cheat meals and still lose loads of weight!! I’ve never got away with anything! I actually prefer healthy food any way. My skins been rubbish and I feel tired all the time! You need to do what works for you and what you can sustain. For me that’s food optimising 100% with food and then sometimes being a bit more flexible one weekend day with a few drinks. Then lots of body magic 🙂 

Let’s smash this week!!!!! 

Happy Fopping xxx 



2 responses

  1. Go for it girl. You had a lovely wedding and let your hair down. But you also have the courage to face the scales. I am sure you will be on track again this week. Wishing you well – sw_arly.

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