Tonight’s food recipes, best ever spag Bol & lemon cheesecake 

Evening all. Here’s the recipes from tonight’s food :-

Best ever spag Bol. Loved it!! 

I used quorn mince but you can use use extra lean beef mince or turkey. 

Pan fry the mince, onions, mushrooms and 2 gloves of garlic. 

Add splashes of Worcestershire sauce, seasoning, Italian herbs, basil & some rosemary. 

Tip in a tin of chopped tomatoes, some passatta and tomatoe purée. 

Then add a beef stock melt undiluted and a red wine stock melt slightly diluted with boiling water. Pour in and simmer. That’s it!! 

I served mine with butternut squash spaghetti and salad leaves. Feel free to add your healthy extra of cheese or add some chopped bacon. 

Dessert was a really quick simple “cheesecake” 

Blitz up 2 scan or oat bran. Line a glass with this. 

Mix together a tub of quark, some stevia and Sicilian lemon essence from tesco. 

Dollop over the bran and top with strawberries, choc shot and cinnamon. 1/2 syn and part of your HEB. If you’ve had your HEB it’s 2.5 syns. If you don’t like scan bran just slightly melt a hi fi light bar and use this. 

Happy Fopping xx


3 responses

  1. Ah that “cheesecake” looks amazing! So quick and simple. I’ll be trying that! I don’t attend my group anymore, but can you get scan and oat bran at normal supermarkets? I’d never even heard of it until I attended Slimming World, haha. Probably a stupid question but hey ho!
    I also read your lovely little bio and went to go and follow you on Instagram, and it turns ou I already do! I knew I recognised the word “fopperholic” from somewhere 😉 haha.

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