Temple spa review and info

Temple spa 

I love trying new products and I’d heard amazing things about these on Instagram. They didn’t disappoint!! 

I’ve got quite oily skin, so the first one I tried was the moisture matte moisturiser with apricot, olive, anise, lemongrass & vitamins.

“Most people with oily skin feel they do not need a moisturiser. Understandable, but not true. MOISTURE MATTE is a state of the art product – a remarkable oil and water free gel-lotion that is modern, matte, pure cashmere to the touch, and makes the skin look and feel so very good. It has been formulated with microsponges that work all day to absorb excess sebum, giving your skin a matt look.”
Advanced, high performance formula

Mops up excess oil

Mediterranean botanicals

Antioxidant, antiseptic and antiviral properties

Anti-ageing benefits

Lightweight, water free, gel-lotion

Skin feels like cashmere soft, cool and fresh

Rids shine

Fantastic makeup base to lock on foundation

Paraben free

I was really impressed with this, my skin felt really smooth and soft and it did help to keep my face more matte. Would defo buy again!! 

Then I tried the face wash. Way to go it’s called. This is gorgeous, smells amazing and made my skin feel so clean!! £19 and lasts ages! 

“Cooling and oh-so refreshing. This cool, refreshing rinse-off gel will remove grime, makeup and excess seburm, leaving your pores flushed and squeaky clean. Oily skin needs a regime of incredibly lightweight, low greasy products to keep oil at bay and skin feeling cool and fresh – the WAY TO GO formula does just that. It also feels oh so good to use.”
Lightweight, non-sticky

Removes excess sebum

Antiseptic and antibacterial

Anti-ageing benefits

Removes eye makeup

Soothes skin irritations

Stimulating and cooling

Paraben free

Targets problem oily skin areas

Advanced airless pump bottle – hygienic and no waste

Never without it! My skin is so greasy and is the only wash I have ever used that makes my skin feel “clean”

Next was the TONING ESSENCE, £16 200ml

Again, lovely product, really had that spa feel to it.

“Mediterranean skin refreshment! Every smart skincare ritual starts with a good cleanse. TONING ESSENCE is the second important step in this cleansing process – refining and toning the skin. It ensures a double cleanse by removing deeply embedded debris and final traces of cleanser. It also helps restore the natural balance of your skin.

A beautiful tonic water (without the alcohol) that will leave the skin squeaky clean, not squealing ‘ouch’! Our favourite juice and salad recipes inspired the ingredient list, including such Mediterranean staples such as tomatoes, basil, orange, lime, lemon, mandarin, ginger, lavender and melon. The fragrance sends you off to sunnier climes!”
Alcohol free

Instant skin refreshment

Hydration spritz

Anti-ageing benefits

Restores natural PH balance


Anti-itch, calming & soothing

No ‘ouch’ formula

Cools hot skin

Helps ‘set’ makeup

Great for all skin types

Latest Review

I love this product! I never used to tone as I found other toners too harsh on my skin. Toning Essence is really gentle, refreshing and leaves your skin feeling super clean. Love it!!

Last but not least I used the PURIFICATION mask £25 85g

It’s not cheap but it does the trick. If you’ve got oily skin you’ll love it!!

“A vacuum cleaner for the skin. This is a superb rich face mask made from land and marine mud and natural extracts known for their dislike of blocked pores, blackheads and other irritating effects cased by oily skin. PURIFICATION has been specifically designed to tackle oily skin problems by keeping oil at bay and leaving the skin clean, cool and refreshed. Includes spatula.”
Effective spot and blackhead treatment

Deep cleansing properties

Flushes out grime from blocked pores

Sophisticated, high performance formula

Skin feels cool, refreshed, clean, oil free

Rich in minerals from land and sea

Anti-ageing benefits

Paraben free

Professional spa mask formula

So they you have it, an amazing brand!!!! Feels high end but not too expensive. Head over to a page on FB called Temple Spa by Sarah P or my email sarah_parsons83@yahoo.co.uk. As she’s a Temple Spa Consultant she can offer exclusive deals & discounts not available in store or online. Enjoy! xx




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  1. If you think these products are amazing try their home scents (candles and reed diffusers) they’re to die for and no I’m no a consultant !

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