Carrot porridge cake with peanut butter topped fruit 

This was incredible!!!! I make these a lot, this is today’s version. 
35g oats

4 tbs of stevia or sweetener

A grated carrot


A capful of sugar free berries squash

An egg

A heaped tbs of quark 

I also added a little flaxseed & chia seeds. These can either be a healthy extra or syns. 

Mix together and put in a plastic microwaveable tub. Cook for just under 4 minutes or until it comes away from the edge. You can bake them in the oven, but I’m impatient!! 

The pb2 powder is 1 syn per 6g, I used 3g & mixed with water to make a paste. Just drizzle over your fruit.

HEB and 1/2 syn. You don’t need to add the flaxseed or chia seeds, I just do this for health.
Enjoy and Happy Fopping xxx  



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