The secret to losing 3 stone in 3 months 

I get asked this question on a daily basis, so I decided to write a blog on it. Simple answer??? There isn’t one!! How many years and how much money do people waste looking for a quick fix or a magic wand. I did! Thank god I found slimming world or I’d still be searching!! It works! Trust it.

If you’d like to know how I lost my weight it’ll be a quick answer. I joined my sw group, I went home and read, re read and re read my book again. I used the website, recipe books and magazines. I planned, prepared and I used choice power. I didn’t miss a class, unless I was out of the country. Nothing or no one could drag me away from my group!!!!! I had one weight gain in my entire journey and that was because I’d been abroad. That was only a lb! Slimming worlds food optimising plan is super easy!!! There’s no other plan out there that even comes close. You can eat sooooooo much food, you never need to go hungry and you’ve got your syns for your chocolate, wine or crisps. Whatever you choose to use them on.

For me it was about goals and commitment. I still ate out, I had 2 more years at uni and a degree to complete and I still stuck to plan. I then got a job doing over 70 hours a week working mainly with men eating doughnuts daily, guess what, I still stuck to plan. I have food optimised now for over 15 years, it’s a way of life. I’d never go back.

You need to change habits, find new grooves and commit. This takes support. If we could do it on our own we wouldn’t get overweight in the first place. I totally fell in love with slimming world and cooking. I never cooked before!!! It became a passion. You need to treat your weekly dose of image therapy like a hair or doctors appointment. It’s in your diary and that’s your “me” time. It’s what you pay for. I adore listening to others members, I love seeing others get awards, I like to know others struggle to and I love talking about food!!!

If you’re not ready and you don’t want it bad enough, you’ll find excuses/reasons to not to go or not to food optimise. In truth, there’s no real reason why we can’t do it. There’s on plan grab and go’s, eating out can be done with ease, there’s slow cookers, Iceland meals, healthy food in every supermarket, places like subway, m & s in petrol stations. The only thing that can really stop you is you. You have to believe you can do it. I had ex boyfriends who’d tell me I was fat and put me down, I had other girls put me down and call me names. Did I comfort eat?! Hell no, I used it as motivation to bloody show them!!! Every day I visualise being slim, fit and healthy and I used that to drive me.

Trust me when I say this, getting to target and feeling finally happy in your own skin will feel better than any piece of cake, any pizza or any take away. Yes a whole tub of ice cream, haribos and a dominos is amazing and tastes nice, but how do you feel after?!? The pleasure lasts seconds, then you get the guilt and sick feeling. Eating rubbish makes you feel rubbish. You’ll start to crave healthy foods, trust me!!

When you slip in to that dream dress or suit and you can run around after your children, or you can feel confident enough to go for that new job, whatever it is, you will feel amazing!!!!!!! Tell yourself you can and you will, tell yourself you can’t and guess what?! You probably won’t.

So no secret, but if I were to give my tops tips this would be them :-

1. Speed speed and more speed. I’m the queen of speed foods!!! Add them to your plate first and snack on them where possible.

2. Plan your meals. I plan meal by meal, some like weekly plans. Whatever will help you.

3. Think about what you eat. Don’t inhale things that are going to take you over your syns. Stop, think, do you really want it or can you find a low syn or syn free alternative?

4. STAY TO CLASS!!!!!!!!

5. If you have one bad day, which I do, just dust yourself off, draw a line and move on. Do not beat yourself and up do not let the guilt then ruin your week. There’s 21 meals in a week, don’t stress if 1 goes wrong. Learn from it and apply a strategy for next time. Don’t think, “sod it I don’t care today” because you do deep down.

6. Know your own triggers. If you hit 5pm and you need a snack, plan it in. If you’re a night time picker, plan it in, if you struggle with weekends and alcohol, plan it in. Put steps in place to protect yourself.

7. Finally try and have lots of PMA. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Negative thinkers will always struggle to lose weight. Fling off the negative knickers and put on those positive pants.

I hope that helps slimmers. We all have the same books, we all have different and busy lives, please know that if this is truly important to you, you can succeed. Dream, believe, achieve. If you want the secret to losing weight, look in the mirror.

Happy Fopping xxx



17 responses

  1. I think it’s amazing how quick that you lost your weight. I like to have a fair few drinks with my friends at the weekend at each others houses, but the syns are so high. I feel that I have made so many changes since I joined SW, but I am not prepared to give up my few drinks. What do you suggest a way to be able to have my social time and still follow the plan? I think a lot of people who say they lost a lot of weight so quick, but they can be happy with just one or two drinks..

  2. This has inspired me so much I have “starred” it in my email box and intend to read it every day. It’s never too late!

    Granny -age 61 and three quarters X

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Love your blogs! I started my slimming world journey middle of July and already lost 2 stone, I’m like you I have a plan and stick to it. Wine has been swapped for vodka and Diet Coke, and nights out are less but feel it is totally worth it. I want to lose another stone and then will maintain, slimming world has changed my life so much, I never cooked before either and now really enjoy planning my meals and going to class every week. Keep up with the blogs and recipes…love love love them 😊

  4. How much excercise did you do. Iv currently
    Lost 3 stone with no excercise. It’s really slowed down now tho so wondering how much excercise to do to maximise my weightloss.

  5. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for this blog. Over the years I’ve tried to lose weight through slimming world several times and I got to target 2 years ago. Sadly I’ve gained 2stone of the 4 I lost and I’m really struggling to find my way back on the waggon. I know the plan works but you have to believe it and I think that’s where I go wrong. I just got back from an all inclusive holiday and I have gained about 8lb!! I am tempted to give up after so many tried and failed attempts but your post has really inspired me and I’m going to go for it!! Thank you 😊

  6. Thank you so much, just what i needed, ive started picking at bread, telling myself its ok, i know its not and i feel guilty but its become a habit!!!! Ive lost 44lbs so far and am scared to get on scales at the moment, but I’m going to shower and put my positive pants on, I can and i will finish my journey xxx

  7. fantastic so inspirational . I rejoined in middle of August and have lost 2 stone 8lb. I have joined many times before but not been totally committed – this time i am . I stay to all classes , plan in fact i think i have become obsessed but i dont care i can and i will do it this time. Its not a diet its a change in lifestyle and i love it.

  8. Inspiring write up of u .i had alot of fried food this morning and enjoyed at the time and aftr guilty .so i have told myself its done cant undo .what i can do is in my hands now .so free food and salad for work tonight instead of any syn ful meal .

  9. Wow what an inspiration. I like you want this so bad and always think first what do I want more that chocolate bar for example or weight loss before I put the food in my mouth however the weight loss seems slow and I just do not know why it’s very frustrating but won’t give in I had 3 stone to lose lost 19 1/2 pounds so far! I lost 5 pound last week then stayed the same this week but it’s very frustrating as I did nothing different argh I recently gave birth do not sure of that has something to do with it but I will keep going as I LOVE SW stay to group each week and love the friends I have made and listening to success watch this space maybe I will be doing what your doing one day. Well done!!!

  10. I found your blog today and I love it. I have been motivated to join SW on line (I live in Australia). I have 22 kilos to lose. My motivation is a lady I work with. Her motivation was another work colleague who said to her “I am going to lose weight and when I do I will give you all my fat clothes!!!!). She didn’t lose any weight but it was the catalyst for my friend to start her journey and so far she has lost 35 kilos and has become a different person. She is so much happier, wears bright clothes instead of the black and grey she used to wear. I was so inspired it finally made me get off my backside and do something about myself. Heres to a successful journey.

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