Sofa snacks x

Whether you’re with the family, your other half, or having a girls/guys’ night in, here’s how to snack on your settee without adding your own extra cushioning!
Set up a treat tin
‘A Syn tin is a great way to keep on track,’ says Slimming World member Marcea Watkins. Have your planned-for goodies for the week safely stashed away (out of reach of any children!), ready for when you feel like a treat. ‘Check Syns Online, write down the Syn value on each item, or stick a Syn list inside the tin lid,’ she adds. Remember, though, when it’s gone, it’s gone!
Treat tin treasures…
Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice cereal bars like Alpen Light etc.

Nestle KitKat Milk (a two-finger bar is 5½ Syns)

Funsize chocolate bars eg Mars Bar (18g bar is 4 Syns), Twix (20g bar is 5 Syns), Milky Way (16g bar is 3½ Syns)

Curly Wurly (26g bar is 6 Syns) or Dairy Milk (21g bar is 5½ Syns)

Nakd Apple Pie Bar (30g bar is 5 Syns), Strawberry Crunch Bar (30g bar is 5½ Syns) or Banana Crunch Bar (30g bar is 5 Syns) 

Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn (25g bag is 6 Syns), Walkers French Fries, all varieties (22g bag is 5 Syns)

Roll with it

For a savoury snack, Consultant Katrina Barker says, ‘Spread slices of lean ham with your Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice of Philadelphia Lightest, sprinkle with finely chopped peppers and spring onions, then roll them up for a tasty Free snack.’ Or try one of these tasty ‘rolls’…
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket

Turkey, couscous and tzatziki

Grilled aubergine

Make a grazing tray
Why have one healthy treat, when you could have two or three? Consultant Dawn Breacher suggests putting together a smorgasbord of snacks – such as sliced hard-boiled eggs and home-made Free dips with potato wedges or houmous and veg sticks, or lean meats with pickled onions and gherkins and a Healthy Extra of cheese. These should stop you feeling tempted by what your other half is having. 
Sip sangria
This pitcher of low-Syn home-made sangria (adults only!) is perfect for cocktail hour at home at just 2 Syns per serving (serves 6): stir together 200ml red wine, 200ml orange juice, 600ml diet lemonade and lots of ice. Add slices of orange, lime, cucumber and a handful of chopped strawberries and fresh mint.
Get fruity
A well-stocked fruit bowl means you’ll always have a healthy nibble on hand. ‘For a bit of extra luxury, I make up a bowl of chopped melon, mango and pineapple and keep it in the fridge, ready to tuck into,’ says Consultant Sara Fremantle.
Enjoy crunch time
‘One of my favourite crisp-style snacks are Popchips,’ says Slimming World member Ritchie Parrott. ‘All varieties are 4½ Syns for a 23g bag, so you can have something really tasty and super crunchy when the munchies strike.’ They’re also great with home-made dip. 
Tame your tipples
If you have a tendency to ‘over-pour’ when drinking wine at home (or your glass is goldfish-bowl size!) you can buy a pub-style marked glass to help keep your measures on track. Visit for lined 125ml, 175ml and 250ml glasses in various pack sizes.
Get a choccie fix
‘My favourite comforting treat is a mug of Options Belgian Choc Mint or Orange (1½ Syns per 11g sachet),’ says Ritchie. Or put your feet up with Consultant Emma Chapman’s inspired indulgence: a melted Dairy Milk Freddo (5 Syns) which she uses as a dip for chopped banana or other fresh fruit – for enjoyment, it lasts a lot longer than just eating the bar!
Keep it sweet
For a girls’ night in, Consultant Nikki McDonnell likes to spoil her mates with an ‘armchair picnic’. ‘We have low-Syn treats such as Daim or milk chocolate Mikado sticks (½ Syn each), some marshmallow Flumps (2 Syns each) and bowls of chopped fresh fruit, topped with dollops of fat-free natural yogurt. Just 10 Syns can keep us going all night!’



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