Date night before the stag and hen! 

Morning all! Actually it’s afternoon now isn’t it!! Done nothing except eat and watching tv this morning. We started off with a lovely cocktail at turtle bay, I wanted a gin and slim but they didn’t have slimline tonic! So I allowed myself one cocktail, it did have passion fruit in so it was sort of healthy lol 😉 
Then we went to a launch party of a new salon. My salon I go to in Warwick has opened a new one in leamington, it’s stunning!!!!! Check it out if you’re local. Nash white opposite cafe rouge. Had a little prosecco there. 
We then went to the restaurant, it’s a south Indian one called Kayal. The website said it’s healthy good food and it was! I had the Nadan Kozhi Curry. It’s boneless chicken cubes cooked with mustard, ginger, garlic and special home made spices. It does come with potato too, but I didn’t have that. I asked for as little oil as possible to be used and they were so good about it. I was going to have a biryani but they were really honest and said the rice was cooked in a lot of ghee. It always pays to ask or make changes, don’t be shy as you’re the customer. You couldn’t see any nasty oil oozing out like some curries and the chicken melted in your mouth!!! I had a gin and slim, then we shared a bottle of sv. 
We then ended up in another bar, then on to a club/bar. Stuck to gin and drank loads of water in between too. God we felt old in the last place!! Everyone was so young and soooooooooo drunk!!! It was fun though. We called it a night but then ended up in the kitchen drinking small bottles of beer & having d&m, (deep and meaningfuls), while listening to all of our wedding songs and watching our band on YouTube! When my h2b started trying to make a cocktail out of vodka, milk and squash, as that’s all that was left, I went to bed! We don’t do it often, so I’m not going to beat myself up.
Straight back on it today with a yummy cooked breakie courtesy of musclefood. Speed speed and more speed needed this week. I’ve got my hen do a week Friday so need to pull it back!! 
Here’s a few pics of our evening. I put one on Instagram last night and I had some lovely comments, it really boosted my confidence. When you’ve been bigger you are still insecure and self critical. Last night I got in a size 8 skirt and actually felt ok!! To then get lovely comments makes you think actually I should be more confident so thanks to all those lovely people, mwah. 
I’m currently watching X factor in my pjs trying to find some sort of motivation to get up and go shopping!!! I look like a gremlin lol!! I need quark though so I might have to crawl off the sofa and have a bower! That’s a bath/shower when you can’t be bothered to stand up!!!! 
Have a lovely Sunday all, Happy Fopping xxx



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