Ginger and chocolate ZCAN cake with caramel cream 

Today’s was another experiment and it was gorgeous!!! 1 HEB and 2 syns. 

If you follow my fb page, Instagram or blog, or you’re a member of my group, you’ll know I love ZOATS!!!! This is one of those things you need an open mind for. I’m massively open minded with food, so gave it a go and was hooked!!! Then came chocolate ZOATS, zoat biscuits, zoat pancakes, you get the idea!!! If you haven’t tried them read my blog on ZOATS. 

So this cake was another variation using scan bran again. I’ve always liked scan bran! I know some people find it offensive lol but I love it! It’s super filling and rammed with fibre. Just make sure you drink loads of water when you’re having it. One of my members once sent me a pic of a scan bran as a beer mat lol, said it was the only use for it. He he. 

Using the secret weapon in this cake made it really soft and moist, I promise you can’t taste it. That’s the beauty of it, you bulk it out with speed food, you’re not having tons of fruit and you’re even fuller. Win win!!! 

Here’s what I did 

Blitz up 5 x scan bran (HEB or 5 syns) 

Soak in boiling water.

Drain off any excess.

Add 2 eggs 

2 tsps of cacao powder (you can use a sachet of chocolate options, any flavour, or cocoa powder, or choc shot. Or add more if you like it chocolatier)

3 tbs of stevia or sweetener 

A tsp of cinnamon 

A tsp of ginger

1/2 grated courgette (I blitzed mine in the food processor with the scan bran) 

Mix & pop in 2 plastic containers. Microwave each cake for approx 3 1/2 – 4 minutes, or until it comes away from the side. 

Set aside to cool.

Served with Caramel cream, this is Salted caramel essence, quark and a tsp of stevia. Top with fruit and eat!!!! 

I’m calling it ZCAN cake!!! Now please manage your expectations. It’s not going to taste like something off GBO or like your mom used to make them, but it’s a lovely, sweet, filling treat which is also fab for weight loss.

Play around with the flavours as much as you like, enjoy.

Happy Fopping xx




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