Coffee tiramisu cake with Sicilian lemon cream!! 

Morning all. So I can see me getting a bit obsessed with trying different variations of scan bran cakes!!! 

Today’s was an experiment and it was gorgeous!!! 1 HEB and 2 syns 

Here’s what I did 

Blitz up 5 x scan bran (HEB or 5 syns) 

Soak in boiling black coffee. Drain off any excess.

Add 1 egg (put in 2 if you want a bigger cake) 

A tbs of choc shot (2 syns) 

2 tbs of stevia or sweetener 

Drops of tiramisu flavouring (mines from cupcake world) 

2 tsps of yogurt (I used natural fat free, toffee would be amaze)

A sprinkle of ginger

Mix although & pop in a plastic container. Microwave for approx 4.5 minutes or until it comes away from the side. 

Served with Sicilian lemon cream, this is Sicilian lemon essence, quark and a tsp of stevia. Top with fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 



One response

  1. Sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    Looks like you’ll be selling out of scan bran tonight!!


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