Chocolate and peanut butter cream scan bran cake 

Chocolate and peanut butter cream cake 

1 HEB and 2.5 syns in total. I’m counting 1.5 per cake. If you aren’t eating the whole cake you’re better off synning the whole cake, counting 5 syns for the scan bran. HEB are for that, not to carry over xx

For the cake

5 scan bran blitzed up (HEB) 

2 beaten eggs

Boiling water

2 tbs of stevia or sweetener (add more if you like it really sweet)

A few drops of Caramel flavouring (optional)

A tbs of choc shot (2 syns add more if you don’t mind the syns)

For the topping


Caramel flavouring 

3G of pb2 peanut butter powder (1/2 syn, again add more if you don’t mind the syns)


Blitz the scan bran and soak it in boiling water.

Mash and drain 

Add the other ingredients and mix

Divide in to 2 plastic tubs rectangle tubs

Microwave each one for 3 1/2 minutes or till the cakes come away from the tub.
Mix the pb2 powder with a little water and stir in to the quark with the flavouring. You can add sweetener if you wish.

Serve with berries as your 1/3 rd speed food. 

This is a basic scan bran cake recipe. You can play around with the flavours,try adding different Flavourings, cocoa powder, coffee, ginger, carrot. Whatever you like. 

Happy Fopping xx 






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  1. I’v been trying out loads of your recipes my new addiction is my spiralizer and Cauli rice. I love quark and bought PB2 so I think I’m going to make chicken satay just need to figure out the best way. Xx

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