Recent purchases :-)

Hey all. Just thought I’d share some of my recent purchases with you. 

These are my fav gym tops ATM. I’ve got tons of vests, all mainly nike and all around £25-£30. But these are amazing quality for just £7.99!! They fit so well and don’t cling to the bits you want to hide!! They also stay really cool and dry if things get a bit sweaty!! Tbh I don’t really sweat much, well apart from when I do insanity!!! They’ve got tons of different patterns and colours. The tights and leggings are fab too!!! Nice work H&M!

Then my other little gym bargain is this sports bra from new look. I’ve got the same one in yellow and I love them!! They do need to come with a boobage warning!!! They are slightly padded and they do give you a cleavage!! I love them under shear gym tops. They support you really well, just as good as my shock absorber bras and they look pretty 🙂 

Yesterday I picked up my fav mascara, it’s fab!! I’ve tried millions of different mascara and this one is a new winner!! It has to be the yellow top one though, not the pink. The face wash/mask was on clearance so got it for £1.50! Then I wanted a new bright lippie so got this boujouirs one and I love it!! It’s the perfect mix between coral and red. It’s quite glossy as opposed to a matte lipstick. Then this highlighter caught my eye!! I’m a soft and gentle mac girl, I literally love it!!!!!!!!! This make, revolution, do a great version and it’s sooooooooo much cheaper!!! It’s highly pigmented and does the trick. I’ll still use my mac one for evenings as nothing will beat it, but this will be great for the day. I’ve never seen this brand before, all the products are so cheap!!! 

My mua ordered me some mac stuff, I got my fav highlighter as above then the amazing primer they do. Primers make a huge difference to your base look. Your make up will look more airbrushed and it’ll last so much longer. 

The pic with the clarins stuff were all purchased from house of frazer. I got the bottles on the right in the bag free!!! You had to buy 2 clarins products, so I got the gorgeous one step cleanser and the famous eye revive beauty flash. This is great for getting rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. I needed to replace the best foundation in the world, my double wear. You simply cannot beat it in my opinion. I’ve got the light version, which in also love, but this is incredible!!! I’m also trying estee lauders day cream. It’s smells fab!! The Vaseline spray moisturiser is a god send!! I find putting on moisturiser every day so boring!!! This takes a quick squirt and your away! It’s smells stunning and leaves your skin so soft. 

So that’s it for now!! Any questions just shout. I’ve also included a pic of today’s syn free breakie! 

Happy Fopping xxx






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