Carrot and apple oaty pancakes 

Carrot and apple pancakes 
35g of oats
Either a splash of skimmed milk or a tbs of 0%fat yogurt/quark
2 eggs
2 tbs stevia
Caramel flavouring 
Half a grated apple
A small grated carrot
Mix all together, then spoon in to a hot pan. Cook on one side then flip. I used the coconut fry light. It was gorgeous!!! Drizzled 1/2 syn of choc shot over the top and served with the rest of the apple and some raspberries. I would of eaten the whole apple anyway so haven’t synned it. Syns for cooked fruit are on the website or app 🙂 please syn to protect your losses.
Enjoy and happy Fopping xx



One response

  1. Ni Nikki! Just found your blog while searching for other blogs about nutrition/fitness/life 🙂 The pancakes look like they come from heaven ❤ def. going to try that.
    I'm going to follow you and slowly read through your other posts.
    Keep it up and have a wonderful day 🙂

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