My 5lb off week xx 

Hi all. So if you follow my fb page or Instagram, you’ll know I was over the moon with my 5lb weight loss last week. I needed it after my holiday!! I lost my holiday weight and more. Thrilled!! 

A lot of people have asked what I changed or what I followed, so here it is!! 

1. Eat clean. Which is basically keeping things really simple and basic. Not adding lots of food to food, if you know what I mean. There’s so many recipes for cakes, muffins, pancakes etc. all of which I like and yes they are free, but it’s still a lot of food I don’t need. 

2. Stop when I’m full. I love food and end up over eating a lot! I’ve reduced my portion size and if there’s leftovers they’ve gone in the fridge, instead of my mouth!!! I’ve had less quark too, which is hard for me!!! I’ve spilt a pot over lunch and dinner. Again, it’s free, but I feel I eat beyond being full. I’ve been splitting a tub at lunch and dinner. 

3. I Varied my healthy extras, had things I’ve never had before. Flaxseed, chia seeds and just varying porridge, eggs, weetabix etc for breakfast.

4. I’ve drank a lot more fluids. I’m usually rubbish at this!!! I believe this made a big difference as I didn’t feel as hungry. 

5. Snack on melon or cucumber rather than hi fi bars, yogurts etc…

6. Planned meals and prepared in advance.

7. I would eat before I went out, I had a funeral, christening and an all day girls day/night out. This protected me from all the Buffett foods. I also drove so no alcohol. 

8. I looked at the menu for the restaurant Saturday before hand and choose really well. Asked for plain new potatoes, which weren’t on the menu, but they didn’t mind at all. Grilled salmon and a salad. I also stuck mainly to gin and slim, with a few beers and pimms. I drank water inbetween drinks. 

9. Car snacks. On the way to the church I bought some chicken breast, sushi and fruit.

10. Did extra easy over the weekend and then mainly eesp through the week.

11. Then I went to the gym Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. I did 4 classes in those 3 days. 
So that’s it!! It’s all just following the plan, being in control and pulling it back after a slightly flexible Saturday. 

We all have the Same books, tools, support, it’s about our choices. I said out loud in group I wanted 4lb and I committed to my steps. If I say I’m doing something I do it. I posted on our fb support page, this helped too. Then I also set a goal and time framed it. I feel so motivated and excited about getting back to target!!! 

Have a fab weekend all.

Happy Fopping xxx



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