Chia seed dessert 

Hi all, 

How are we?? I tend to post on my fb page more regaulry then on there, then I remember some of you don’t do facebook or Instagram. 

This is a new dessert I’m liking, mega healthy and something a bit different. 

Chia seeds can be a healthy extra or syns. 30g is a HEB or 25g is 5 syns.

I’ve done a blog on the health benefits already. 

This dessert is simple. Soak some chia seeds in almond milk, ( you can use any healthy extra milks, chocolate would be nice!), sweetener or stevia and some flavouring or essence. I like vanilla or white chocolate and strawberry from cupcake world. Then mix together and add to a glass. I layered quark mixed with sugar free squash and berries. It keeps you full for hours!!!!!!!! 

Here’s some other recent meals. 
Enjoy, happy Fopping xx



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