Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje 

Im writing this on the plane on the way home. Sitting reflecting on a lovely holiday. 

It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been able to enjoy a “proper” holiday because of stupid vertigo!! I’m so happy to say this time I was fine!! We went away as a. Test, I need to know if I’d be ok before we book a honeymoon. The sun makes it worse, so I drank tons of water, stayed off caffeine for a while, took antihistamines, used the amazing ear planes on the flight and just tried to stay really calm. I’m sure it’s the ear planes that do the trick!! I get mine from boots. 

We did quite a bit of research to find a nice hotel and it was so worth it!! We stayed at the H10 costa adeje palace. It was beautiful!!!!! They’ve got a spa, a gym, a stunning pool area, a lovely restaurant and really gorgeous modern rooms. I was really impressed!!! I always leave it to Chris to book the hotel so I’m not responsible if we don’t like it!! He’s way better at it than me!! I get impatient looking and just book anything!! He reads reviews, compares a million websites and googles tons of info about the surrounding areas too. Men come in so handy on holiday don’t they!! They carry the heavy stuff, navigate everywhere, get you drinks when you’re boiling and just generally look after you. Well mine does anyway. I have zero sense of direction!! I’d never of visited all of the palaces we did if it wasn’t for him. He’s the perfect holiday partner, love him so much!!! 

We went half board, breakfast was gorgeous!! Tons of fruit, fat free yogurt, omelettes, cereal, porridge, boiled eggs, then the usual fatty bacon and weird willy looking sausages lol!!! They also had a huge bread selection and crepes!! I had these just the one day and they were amaze! That pleasure though just lasts seconds doesn’t it!! I was annoyed with myself after and swore I wouldn’t have them again! 

Then we decided to swop and have lunch to save venturing out and about in the day, disturbing sunbathing!! I always over eat at buffet style restaurants!! I can’t help myself!!! It’s literally like an addiction!! I walk in and immediately feel stressed as there’s too much choice, I’d hate to miss anything!!! So I do a reiki and plan out my route. I watch others with a sparrows portion of food and can’t get my head around it!!! But that’s why they’re naturally slim and I’m not!! Chris calls me nikki two plates he he. I tried to get him to tell me I didn’t need that second plate, but oh no!! Off I go!!! I can only compare it to an alcoholic in a bar or a sex addict at a brothel!!! It’s a compulsion!! This is why I have to eat healthily as I eat too much!!! This is why I love slimming world though because you can!! (No offence intended here)

We didn’t hardly do any exercise, just a bit of walking at night to the restaurants and bars and a bit of swimming. Every year I think about taking my trainers and gym gear, every year I don’t!!! I went for a massage one day and saw people working out, I felt guilty….. For about two seconds!! The massage was heaven but a bit weird!! She started by washing my feet!?! After I felt a bit light headed and got really worried I was getting vertigo again, but luckily it passed. 

We had some amazing food!!! I really did try to make good choices. I’d swop chips for rice, I’d order side salads to fill up on, I didn’t order desserts, or have starters or any bread. Everything’s cooked in oil though isn’t it!! They don’t understand sauce on the side and they don’t have slim line tonic for some reason. Do you do that thing where you order your food, then try and influence your partners decision so you can try there’s too lol!!!! Do you also do the sly stare game?!? Where you try and secretly look at everyone’s else’s meals, just in case it looks better than yours!! You pretend to flick your hair, or look at the waiters, when really you’re just salivating at their food, food envy!!!!. Rather than waste syns on drinks I don’t really like, the ones I just drink because they’re lower in syns, I had multiple beers and cocktails and the odd glass of wine. The cocktails were unreal!!!!! Cosmopolitans, mojitos and my favourite coco loco were the most popular choice with me. How come the beer tastes so much better abroad!?! 

My favourite meals were fillet steak, which I had twice. Once with a mushroom sauce which was pretty creamy but spectacular, the other with a gorgeous jalapeño salsa. I also really loved the chicken fajitas, I didn’t eat all the wraps, just had it with loads of salad. The amount of chicken they gave me would of feed both of us!! I still ate it though!!! You just can’t beat fillet steak can you!!!!! The best restaurant for tasty food was Restaurant La Brasserie, Costa Adeje. It’s on the sea front. They use a BBQ style grill so everything tasted amazing!!!!! Chris had a gourmet burger here too and he loved it!!! Really nice friendly staff too. Check it out. All the restaurants by the sea were beautiful.

There’s loads of lovely bars and places to get a drink. I loved the fun moon bar, this is a proper English style casual pub. It was great though!!! They had karaoke, a fantastic duo act who sang all up to date songs and had great personalities!!! One guy rapped and the other sang. It was brilliant!!!! I love watching people do karaoke!!! It’s a childhood thing, I used to sing a lot but not anymore!! The nicest bar was papyagaya in playa de las Americas. It’s really got the wow factor!!! I got a bit of abuse on my blog as I said I wouldn’t go back to playa!! It really wasn’t nice. However I didn’t want to offend anyone, it was just my personal experience of this particular part of Tenerife. Im sure there’s lots of gorgeous places in playa, this area isn’t one of them!! We had just got out of the taxi and there was woman in the street with her underwear pulled down, put it this way, she wasn’t just doing a wee!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! Everyone was so shocked, she didn’t care!! She just got back up and carried on standing there!! It’s such a shame as the bar is simply stunning!!!!!!!! We tried to find somewhere nice to eat around here but we couldn’t. We got stopped a thousand times getting offered sunglasses, watches, and to have my hair braided!?! No thanks lol I’m not 12!! There was another really scary hammered guy acting like an actual monkey!! The whole thing freaked me out, I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. This is just my personal opinion and like I said I’m sure there some gorgeous parts. Just avoid this bit! 

So overall it was a fab holiday!!! Just five days but five wonderful days!! It now means we can go ahead and plan our honeymoon!!! 

Thanks for reading and here’s some other little holidays observations:-
Papaya tastes like feet!!!!

I don’t like things inbetween my toes!!!

Apparently men don’t understand colours that us women do, i.e. the colour teal. Ha ha

If there’s tablecloths on the table at restaurants it means it’s nice, if not, it isn’t. 

Sunburn, what’s that about!! Why do you always miss the bits by your bikini line or boobage area?! I swear I need a spray tan version of sun cream!! How good would that be!! 
Happy Fopping xxx



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  1. Loved reading about your hols and seeing the beautiful pics. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I for one appreciate reading an honest account about someone else’s experiences.

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