ZOATS pancakes!!!!!! 

OMG guys these were amaze!!!!!!!! If you follow my blog or fb page/Instagram you’ll of heard of ZOATS now, well welcome ZOATS pancakes!!!! 

Mix together 35g of oats, a tbs of quark of fat free yogurt if not on eesp, 1/2 a grated courgette, 3 tbs of stevia or sweetener, 2 eggs and then chocolate orange flavouring. 

Heat a large pan with fry light and spoon in the mixture, then flip. 

Place on a plate and drizzle with 1/2 syn of chocolate orange choc shot, which is a tsp. 

Remember your speed food with it too 🙂 Bloody gorgeous!!!!!! 

Off to have my hair done now, getting some more great lengths put in to just thicken it up when I wear it straight. I’ll share some pics later. 

Happy Fopping xxx 



3 responses

  1. Love love love this Nikki – thank you. Will be sharing details with my members, credit to your good self of course. Big thanks for all your ideas and inspiration xx

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