OMG review of the new Iceland burger, Big Mac anyone?!? 

Hi all!!! Well I’ve just tried the new sw burgers from Iceland and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing!!!! So tasty and such good quality, zero fat came out of them and they’re flavoured really well!!!! These are going to be fantastic for bbq’s!!!! I’m going to be obsessed with them!!!!!!!!!! You get loads too!! 

I turned mine in to a Big Mac in a bowl. Here’s how :-

Pan fried the burgers in a griddle pan with fry light and red onions. I then sliced the burgers through the middle and cooked the iside through too. Big Mac burgers are thinner so this worked better.

Make a bowl of salad, place the burgers and onions on top. Slice some gherkins up and whack them on top.

Then use a cheese slice from your healthy extra a choice (kerry low low are good) and cut up over the burger. 

Top with the light kraft thousand island dressing (0.5 syn per tbs), I used less than this so it’s not even 1/2 a syn! 

Season and it’s done!!!! 

You can have these in a roll as your HEB, serve with chips and salad, mash and beans with some speed food, whatever you fancy!! They are eesp too girls and boys!!! I need to buy a bigger freezer now!!! 

Next stop to try the new chicken Thai burgers and the new sausages.

Happy Fopping all xx



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