Does your weight hold you back? 

Does you weight hold you back?!? 

Mine definitely held me back for years!!! When I was at school/uni I always compared myself to others and felt like the fat friend. I couldn’t wear the short school skirts like my mates or the little shorts. I hated the summer as it meant summer dresses at school!! Getting ready for a night out would be a disaster!!! I always wore black or something long to cover my bum!! I hated going on holiday as it involved a swim suit and doing the sarong dash to the pool! I nearly quit my degree as I felt so rubbish at some stages in my first year. It also kept me from moving on from a previous dodgy relationship, the thought of whipping my clothes off with someone else filled me with dread!!!!!!!!! Lights off please!!!! 

After I lost my weight I felt free!! It wasn’t controlling my thoughts 24/7 anymore, it wasn’t holding me back from my dream job, dream man and dream life. I’m still not 100% confident or happy but who is?!? But I’m a million times better than I used to be. There’s no way I’d be a manager and consultant for slimming world, or getting married or even doing this blog if I didn’t decide to change. 

I hear a lot of stories from friends, family, members past and present about how they live half a life because of their weight. They might struggle to keep up with their children as they get out of breath, they may refuse to go swimming with them as they’re too embarrassed, they might shy away from going out due to feeling uncomfortable or having nothing to wear, some even delay weddings or have the day ruined, or cancel birthdays or anniversaries! Others allow their co workers or bosses to treat them badly as they haven’t got the confidence to stand up to them, some won’t go for the job they’ve always wanted as they’re scared to be judged in the interviews. One lady I saw today was walking with a frame, she was seriously seriously struggling and I felt so sad, I wonder if she knows there’s an amazing plan out there with tons of support. I’d love to help her to change her life. 

Isn’t this all so sad 😦 especially when we can do something about it!

Why not make a list of all the things you want to do when you hit target, start ticking them off as you go through your weight loss journey? Stop letting your own weight hold you back from truly finding real happiness. Some people are happy whatever they weigh and that’s fantastic, I admire them. I wasn’t one of those people. If you feel your weight is meaning you’re living half the life you could, decide now to change it!
Trust me you can do it and it’s 100% worth it!!!! 
Happy Fopping xxx 





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  1. Love this post 👌🏻 can completely relate to it and I’ve never thought to make a list before to tick off. Thanks for your inspiration x

  2. Hi Nikki, I totally concur with this! Finally, at the age of 57 I am slim thanks to Slimming World. I lost 6 stone and have been at target since January 2015. I love clothes shopping and even if my daughter does think I’m a bit old for them, I have bought a pair of leather trousers (just because I can now wear them). Who cares! You only get one shot and I’m taking it!

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