A wonderful Saturday 

Hi all!! I hope you’re having a fab Sunday 🙂 
I had such a fab day yesterday!!!! I met up with a sw friend, who’s now defo going to be a good friend and we went to Coffee Architects in leamington for lunch. This is my fav coffee shop in the entire world as they have so many healthy options, even healthy cakes!!!! They do loads of gluten free and paleo items too. 
We went for the salad plate with chicken, there’s a wide variety of salad bits behind the counter and you can choose what you’d like or just ask for a bit of everything. You’ve got things from large mushrooms filled with home made hummus, healthy quiches, loads of speed foods and we added chicken. A nice big plate of healthy food for zero syns!! I usually go for the healthy brownies, but they had a ginger and lemon muffin yesterday so we had one of those each with berries. OMG it was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! A normal muffin can range from 20 to 30 syns, even for the skinny ones! This worked out at just 6. We had 2 de cafe coffees with skimmed milk and my friend agreed that the coffee is just fantastic!!! It was such a nice day too, you feel like you’re in a cool little place in London or Bournemouth in this gorgeous shop. If you’re local to leamington I’d highly recommend it!!! It is extremely popular so if you go at a peak time, please be patient, they all do their best to get you seated and served ASAP. Or alternatively you can grab a take out. 
After that I took my friend to my local, it was really lovely as ended up seeing my sister and some of my other friends too. We had two glasses of medium wine and some water, then stopped there and came back to mine for a coffee and more catching up, it could of got messy, but we refrained!! I only know Tracey through mutual friends and slimming world, but we knew we’d get on really well and we’ve just hit it off and are so alike!!!!! I can see a beautiful, but wild friendship ahead of us!!! 
Chris really wanted to go for a curry later on, so we headed down to a place called Warwick Spice. Wow it was just gorgeous!!!! I asked for zero oil or ghee and they happily obliged, they did try and say ok no problem, we’ll just use a little bit, I was like er no I can’t eat any oil or ghee I’m afraid, so they just used a bit of water. I explained I worked for sw and they were great, they did me a gorgeous salad too. I had chicken dansak… Standard! 1/4 of Chris’s boiled rice and the salad. They were joking when the popadoms came out saying they were watching me, but I didn’t touch any anyway. I had 2 gin and slim line tonics, then came home for fruit and quark. It felt so good today not having a hangover!! Although the day was slightly flexible, it was way better than previous weekends. My problem is never food syns it’s alcohol!! I did pretty good though 🙂 
I’m like a zombie though today as I was up bloody coughing all night!! I’ve got a really sore throat and can hardly breathe!! I’ve gargled salt water, used a throat spray and keep drinking lots of fluids, if you’ve got any other suggestions let me know. I might try a glass of measured red wine later, see if that works 😉 I never ever drink mid week so it’s nice to relax and have a couple at the weekend I think. I had to do a quick dash to tesco as Chris did the shop this week and got me four lots of quark, four lol, that’ll last me 2 days max!! I saw so many sw members, thank god my basket/trolley is always sw!! 
Ps there’s a promo code if you haven’t seen it already on asos, it’s BIGWINS, this gives you 20% off. I’ve accidentally bought tons of dresses!!! The idea is I’ll send back the ones I don’t like, let’s hope I don’t like them all then!!!
Off to see my family now for some famalam time, speak soon and Happy Fopping xxxx



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  1. Try putting a good smear of Vicks on your feet tonight, pop your socks on and go to bed. Hopefully you will have a cough free night x

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