Fillet steak, bns chips, mushroom, vegetables and creamy horseradish cabbage

This is literally one of my favourite ever sw meals!!!! My h2b cooked it for me for our first valentines and we’ve loved it ever since. It’s a perfect treat might Friday dinner. All of this is only 1/2 syn!!!!!!!! 

The fillet steak is pan fried with fry light in a griddle pan, just seasoned with pepper.

Syn free bns chips is just a butternut squash chipped and oven baked with salt and fry light. He had proper syn free chips with his, thick cut.

Vegetables were boiled.

Flat mushroom also cooked in the griddle pan.

Then the best bit!!!!!!!!! The cabbage side!!!!!!!!!!!

Pan fry off sliced Savoy cabbage with garlic, rosemary and onion. Then add 200ml of beef stock, cook off. Take of the heat and add fat free fromaige frais mixed with a tablespoon of horse radish, which is 1 syn (check your brand), so 1/2 per serving. Heaven on a plate!!!!!!!

Then I’m proud to say I measured 175ml of red wine. Gorgeous. 

Happy Friday x



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