Diet coke chicken!!!

Yes you read that correct 🙂 

If you haven’t tried this gorgeous recipe, give it a go!!! It’s a like a sweet sticky chilli chicken dish, but syn free!! I do mine slightly different and I personally think it’s the best version 😉 
Fry off a couple of chicken breasts in garlic, ginger and chilli. 
Add chopped mushrooms, peppers and onions and fry it all off.

Mix together 330ml of diet coke 
6 tbs of passata 

8 splashes of Worcestershire sauce ( I don’t count, just whack it in!) and

A chicken oxo cube crumbled 

Stir and pour over the chicken. 
Turn the heat up high and leave to boil away. You’ll see it slowly condense down, Leave it until it’s at your desired consistency, remove from the heat and serve.

I had mine with cauliflower rice and a large salad. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! 

I’m slightly stressed at the moment with house hunting, cars and weddings!! Could do with a lottery win! Why do people say this when they don’t actually play ha ha, I’m not going to randomly find a ticket in the street and win a million am I lol!!! I’ll just keep working hard and stay confident what’s meant to be will be. Just could do without it all coming at once!!

Enjoy lovelies xxxx


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