What do to with quark 

A really common question I get asked is what do I do with quark.  If you follow my blog or if you know me, you know I love quark!!!!! My all time favourite is the tesco one. It’s soooooooooo thick and creamy!! I adore it!!!

My top favs are :-

Mix a tub of quark with a sachet of options and a bit of stevia. Praline, mint or choc orange are my favs!!!

Mix it with some double concentrated sugar free squash and a pinch of stevia. Tastes just like a deluxe yogurt!

Mix it with stevia and flavourings, Sicilian lemon essence from tesco is heavenly!!!!

Use it for a sauce on lasagna. Mix it up and smooth it over your layers then add your hea of cheese.

For dips. Millions of tip ideas on the sw website.

In chicken supreme, recipe is on my blog or the sw website. 

Mix with a white chocolate options and serve with berries and a small crushed meringue for a low syn Eton mess.

Lastly I use it as an alternative to yogurt when on eesp for making pancakes, see my blog for my carrot cake pancakes.

For more ideas see this handy visual. Please feel free to comment on your fav ways to use it xx


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  1. I’ve only just bought the Tesco one so looking forward to trying it, but my fave way to enjoy quark is with the White chocolate options on fruit it’s just like cream, even my 8 yr old grandson liked it, other than that I use it for SW quiches x

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