!!!!!!! Houses and cars

Hi all!! Happy Sunday. So today’s been a packed day!!! All done on hardly any sleep thanks to a “coffee” and a catch up with my old neighbour that turned into a 4.30am finish! Lol. Lovely to see her though and my bestie and another gorgeous couple we’re friends with. Having a local out is so dangerous, so is drinking when you get in!! I didn’t drink wine though and I did go on to squash! Just too much to catch up on and before we knew it it was starting to get light!!! Not good!! 

Anyway there’s just too many decisions to make ATM!!! We’ve got the wedding which is coming along nicely, but now the owners of our house want to sell it!!! We didn’t want to buy a house until after the wedding ideally, so it’s really thrown us!! Before I met my h2b I had a gorgeous house but sold it, wish i’d of kept it now!! I really want to stay on our lovely estate as I’ve had a few places here now and all my family and some of my close friends live here too. It’s such a nice community where we all really get on. There is the option to buy the house we’re in, but I just don’t think it’s big enough for us. It is 3 bedrooms, but there’s hardly any storage!! I’m a girl who likes to shop, so I need wardrobe space!! It is a gorgeous house and we’ve got it really nice, plus it’ll be sooooooo much easier than moving and cheaper!! Urgh just don’t know what to do!!!!

We’ve been to see a show home today for a new build on our estate, it’s a 4 bed and more expensive but it’s lovely!! Downside, it’s slightly further out on the estate and it’s not ready until October/November time. Our contract runs outs July time and I’m sure the house will get snapped up! Don’t really want to rent again and have to move twice!! There’s a few other houses for sale here, but they’re a bit over priced!! Confused!!!!

I’ve also got to change my car in July. I love my current car, an RCZ in white, but I need more room. I literally sell out of hi fi bars every week and can’t fit anymore in my car!! I’ve been debating between a merc, an evoque or an audi. We’ve gone around some dealerships today and I think I’ve decided on either the merc or the evoque. The boot isn’t actually much bigger than my car, but the four door will make it so much easier for my before and after group. Just can’t decide which to go for!?!?! I realise these are rather nice dilemmas to have, so please don’t think I’m taking anything for granted, but I work hard and I want to make the right choices. 

Then we went to our beautiful wedding venue, we wanted to see the room again we’re getting married in, we needed to make the decision as to whether it needed any additional decorating or not. It really doesn’t!! We love it, it’s so gorgeous!!!!! So that’s a bonus!!! One less thing to have to worry about! I got serious butterflies when we were there!!! I cannot wait to get married!!!!!!!!!!! 

So there you go, too many decisions to make!! Then we have to decide on a honeymoon destination!! With all this cost potentially with buying a house sooner than planned, the wedding, a car, god knows what we can afford! Might end up in bogna lol. 

While we were out we were starving so we ended up with a subway. H2b had a foot long and some full fat crisps and I had a double turkey salad and some walkers pops. I actually wanted to inhale a whopper and some fish and chips from Harry Ramsdons, but I resisted 🙂 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day. Time to catch up on BGT now and BB. A couple of my friends think I look just like the twins on there! I don’t think I do, but I do have similar hair and a big nose ha ha. Wish I had their bodies!!
I’ve also go the sw ball coming up and a christening to find a dress for! Left it and left it, but I’m going to do some internet shopping now! 

Speak soon and happy Fopping xx



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  1. I love both cars so that’s a hard choice I think i like the range rover better though lol.

    with your house choices is there no way you could extend on to your current house you are in now. I always say better the devil you know lol

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