Wedding plans so far

So if you follow my page or my blog you’ll know I’m getting married in October!!! Im so excited!!!! The thought of marrying my gorgeous man with all our family and friends together in one place is amazing!!!!! 

We only got engaged in February, so we’ve moved pretty fast!! When you know though you know though, so why wait?!? 

We went for our dream venue!! The stunning Hogarth Hotel in Dorridge. It was a bit more than we intended to budget for, but no where else compared for us!!!

I’ve got my dress and all the extras, cannot wait to wear it! Ordered my shoes. We’ve booked the flowers, band, DJ, photographer, videographer, sent the invites for day and night, sorted centre pieces and first dance song, plus entrance music, I’ve had a make up trial and my hairdresser is doing my hair and my bridesmaids on the day too. Hen weekend is all sorted thanks to my amazing sister, so need to find a dress for that. Yes a dress girls! Not fancy dress!! 

We’ve just got to sort out the mens suits, wedding rings, our honeymoon and then the little things like a post box and any extra decoration for the ceremony room. 

Weddings are so expensive!!! Still it’s your one magical day and we really want it be one we’ll remember forever!!!! 

I’m so excited!!!!! 

I can’t wait to share some pics with you after the big day xx 



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