Star week, women only 


I’d say 90% of the time I like being female! I love that we can use make up to disguise how we look, wear nice underwear, flutter our eyelashes to get out of things and of course always being right!! Then 10% of the time I’d love to be male!!!!! You’re probably thinking, er what is she on lol. Star week!!!!!!!!!! I think it should be named at sw something more sinister, like devil week, or emotional wreak week, a star?!?! I don’t feel like a star!!! 

I’ve actually got endometriosis, so my * weeks are even more evil. The pain is horrendous, pain killers, hot water bottles, none of it stops the feeling like I’m being stabbed from the inside!! I go two ways. I either want to literally kill someone or I’m crying!! I have zero patience, irritable, snappy and poor h2b can’t do anything right bless him. Or I cry at flipping adverts!!! Things that wouldn’t even get an “oh that’s sad” out of me usually have me shedding a few tears!! So weird!!!!

The other thing to battle with on * week? The urge to eat everything!!!!!!! Nothing is safe!!! Luckily I don’t have any high syn food in my house, in fact there’s been a curly wurly in the fridge for about a year now!! Usually it doesn’t bother me, * week I want to jump in a bath of chocolate mousse!!!! 

How do I handle these urges?!?! Just a like a normal week. I use choc shot, hi fi bars, fruit and quark. It usually does the trick. After the first 2 days it seems to all go away. I’d still rather not have to go through this process every month!!! Men will never get it, they must literally think we’re a bit mental every month!! Luckily I’m aware when its happening so I’ll pre warn him. Did you know you can actually get an app to track it all and send a warning to your partners ha ha. There really is an app for that!!!! 

Don’t get me started on the bloating!!! My stomach looks like a football is shoved under my top!! I won’t say pregnant looking,  as obviously you aren’t if it’s that time of the month! Then your skin?!?! Oh hello extra head, where did you spring from?!? You can guarantee it’ll happen before a big night out too!! 

Did you know Fat, salt and sugar in your diet actually makes PMT worse?

What do we advise at Slimming World? 

Great choice chocs 

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers, each 1½ Syns McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, each 2½ Syns Cadbury Creme Egg – mini egg, 2½ Syns Milkybar, 12.5g standard 3½ Syns Milky Way Magic Stars, 12g bag 3½ Syns Cadbury Buttons, 15g bag 4 Syns Twix, fun size 5 Syns Kit Kat, 2 fingers 5½ Syns 

To relieve symptoms of PMT, health experts advise us to eat regularly and avoid going more than three hours without food. Bonus!!!!!. Filling up on fabulous Free Food such as pasta, rice and potatoes will keep your energy up whilst clever Free and low-Syn snacks will defeat the sugar cravings:

A filling bowl of porridge oats (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) made with milk from your allowance or hot water then topped with sweetener, yogurt and a tablespoon of jam (½ Syn for 1 level tsp) satisfies many a carbohydrate craving.  

Fill a bowl with loads of mouth-watering chopped fruits such as mango, guava and pineapple and leave in your fridge. It’s there ready to dive into whenever you want and with each dip there’s a new flavour.  

Sugar free jelly (1.5 Syns for 1 sachet, made up as directed) is great on its own for a nibble or even better with speed foods raspberries, blackberries and strawberries set in the middle! Mix it with fat free fromage frais and you’ve got a huge delicious Free mousse to enjoy all day long – whenever the fancy takes you.  

Trifle sponge fingers are only 1 Syn – crumbling them into a fat free fruit yogurt turns them into a yummy pudding or snack.  

A sachet of low-Syn chocolate drink such as Cadbury’s Highlights (2 Syns) mixed into fat free natural yogurt is a wonderful craving-combater!  

A huge tub of low Syn ice-cream sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, not only is our version sensationally low Syn, it’s also dead easy to make…  

Check out some of the delicious desserts in our recipe section. With puds such as creamy Bailey’s caramel cheesecake at 4 Syns per serving, spoil yourself!

More good news is that protein-rich foods like meat, fish, nuts and eggs help increase serotonin in the brain (low levels of serotonin in the brain are associated with feelings of depression and poor concentration). Other fab foods for boosting serotonin include soya, plums, pineapples and bananas.

Top tips for alleviating PMT symptoms include:

Exercise! Body Magic activities such as swimming and walking help loosen up stressed muscles and clear the mind.  

Drink less caffeine. Caffeine can worsen PMT symptoms – peppermint or camomile tea are great caffeine-free Free Food alternatives.  

Drink plenty of water – it helps prevent bloating.

A weight off your mind…

Some members find they retain fluid during the week of their period, which can unfortunately show as a lack of weight loss or even a weight gain. The good news is it’s only temporary.

By continuing to Food Optimise as normal you will lose some body fat during this time and this should show as an even greater weight loss next week!

So whether it’s a big bubble bath, a jaunty jog or curling up in front of a chick flick that makes you feel better, you can be sure that your figure is one less thing to worry about!

Happy Fopping xx




6 responses

  1. I feel your pain, I’ve got endometriosis too. Have you had treatment for it? I’ve had surgery twice to remove scar tissue and at the moment I’m managing it by taking the pill continuously and only having 3 days off so I only have star week every 2 months. My consultant has said we can look into a medically induced menopause, but even though it’s reversible and I don’t want anymore kids, I’m not sure I’m ready to go down that route yet 😟

  2. Hi, having just read this I totally sympathise. I’ve not been diagnosed with endometrosis but I have always had heavy painful periods. Saw a consultant last year who prescribed transamenic acid and narproxen makes the pain a lot more bearable. I feel your pain, I’m due star week any day and always dread it!

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