New breakie idea, digestive biscuit oaty pancake x

Tried a new breakie this morning, ran out of my usual stuff I make pancakes with ie the carrot cake ones, so did this instead. Lovely!!! 

I mixed together 2 eggs, a heaped tbs of quark, a splash of coconut milk from my hea, 1/2 my HEB of oats and a few drops of digestive biscuit flavouring. 

Pour the mixture in to a hot frying pan, I added heart shaped strawberries too. Remove from the hob and grill the top.

I topped mine with cinnamon and 1/2 syn of coconut choc shot, a side of speed berries. Lush and still got half my HEB for later 🙂 

Off to get my hair done shortly, we’ve got an engagement shoot tomorrow!! It’s complimentary in our wedding photography package, should be a laugh! 


 Happy Fopping xxx 



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