Fav cupcake world flavourings so far :-

Fav cupcake world flavourings so far :-

I get asked this question all the time, so thought I’d write a quick blog on it. 
I use my flavourings in porridge, quark with stevia, fat free cottage cheese and berries sweetened, magic pancakes and lots more. 

Top five
1. Lemon cheesecake 

2. Mint chocolate

3. Orange chocolate

4. English trifle 

5. Digestive biscuit or the rhubarb and custard 

Some are stronger tasting than others. I found the coconut ones a bit over powering, but the rest have all be great!! I don’t measure mine out but I’d recommended adding a few drops at a time, then taste, repeat if necessary. 

All are syn free 


Check out http://www.cupcake-world.co.uk for the full list x


6 responses

  1. Hi. I’m loving your blog! Just doing what I’ve been told and checking syn values on everything. Can’t find info on these flavourings except on your page :/ Can I be sure they are really Syn free?!

  2. Hi sorry to bother you but is it just cupcake world flavourings that are free or all flavourings? I have a butter and vanilla one from lidl and was just wondering would it be synned? Thanks. Love your page x

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