So a new breakfast has become one of my favs!!! ZOATS!!!! It’s an American creation using oats and zucchini aka the courgette. Courgette is a fantastic speed food but hasn’t got a strong taste. It’s amazing for bulking out dishes as it’s really low calorie but fills you up. 

Method :- 

Weigh out your 35g of porridge oats

Grate half a courgette and add it to the oats

Add your measured hea of milk. You won’t need as much as normal as the courgette does have water in. Mix it altogether and microwave on high for approx 2 minutes or until it goes nice and thick.

I stir in ginger and cinnamon. 

Top with berries and stevia. 

You can also experiment by adding flavourings.

Voila ZOATS! A mega healthy filling and speed food packed breakfast. 

You can also use carrot for carrot cake porridge, love this too.

Happy Fopping xx



14 responses

  1. have tried this today and couldn’t taste the courgette at all. DH turned his nose up at it. I just grated the courgette skin and all. think it was the green that put him off. do you peel before you grate it?

  2. love your enthusiasm, I’m going to join this thursday in Urmston Manchester, i was member a few years ago but if somone said have a muller light yogurt one more i think i might have thrown it at them, but i belive things have changed for the better, love your recepies (dont think i spelt it right) and will keep looking


  3. Hi Nikki, do you add ginger in powder or fresh ginger form please and how much of each. A sprinkling or a teaspoon? Xx

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