Chocolate orange skinny pancakes 

Well my breakfast today was amazing!!!! Best pancakes I’ve made yet. 

Here’s how :-

Mix together a large tbs of quark, 3 tbs of sweetener, 2 eggs, 35g of porridge oats and some drops of chocolate orange flavouring. You can add whatever flavour you like. My flavourings are from cupcake world and all of them are syn free. I used quark as I’m doing eesp, you can use fat free yogurt if you want to. 

Heat a non stick frying pan with the groovy food companies coconut 1 calorie spray (or fry light, but this gave them a lovely flavour) 

Cook on one side then flip, the mixture makes about 6 small pancakes. 

Serve with mixed berries (speed foods) and a tsp of the new chocolate orange choc shot for 1/2 syn. 


Choc shot and coconut spray is from tesco 


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