Amsterdam. A holiday I’ll never forget!!

image image image image imageWell what an incredibly special amazing fantastic wonderful fabulous trip away!! One I’ll never ever forget as we got engaged!!!!!! I can’t stop smiling, or staring at my ring!! I absolutely love it!!!!! I couldn’t of picked a more perfect ring myself!! The boy did good!!!! I honestly had no idea he was going to propose!!

We arrived and had a really nice day wondering round the shops and bars/restaurants. We went on a lovely canal tour, the bridges and buildings are stunning!!

My bf suggested heading towards this particular spot that was mentioned on the tour, it’s renowned for it’s bars and clubs. It was flipping freezing and heels combined with cobbled streets do not mix!! I don’t do walking on a night out, let alone when I can’t feel my face any more as it’s so cold lol. We’d been walking for ages so I started to moan a bit!!! We started to cross this particularly beautiful bridge, know as The Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”), it was built by two wealthy sisters who lived on opposite sides of the Amstel river and wanted to be able to visit one another every day. How lovely is that, it made me laugh it’s called the skinny bridge, when I’m so obsessed with slimming world!

Anyway he just suddenly stopped and said “you’re going to kill me!” I was like what!?! I thought he’d got us lost or left his wallet at the hotel! He went on to say he’d bought me here for a different reason and got down on one knee!! I was so shocked I just said OMG what are you doing!! Are you being serious!!!!???!!! The poor guy was waiting on one knee for me to answer, I was so shocked he was down there for about an hour ha ha, of course I said yes, then cried! Then he got out a lock he’d had made engraved with Nikki and Chris 31st January 2015 and we attached it to the bridge. That made me cry again!! He’d booked a restaurant, so after a few pics we headed there.

OMG it was the most incredible meal of my life!!!! It’s a lobster and steak only restaurant, it had rave reviews and it lived up to them!! The steak was unbelievable. Easily the best steak I’ve ever ever eaten!!! It just melts in your mouth!! The lobster was stunning too!!! After dry January I was like, right!! Pass me the wine list!! Technically it wasn’t quite midnight, so still January, but I wanted to celebrate!!! I rang my mom and dad, she screamed down the phone and started crying lol. They were both over the moon for me. Then I rang my sister who was all emosh too and my best friend who made me cry again!! Had to tell my girls too before putting it on social media, so sent a quick group text to them. Everyone was so happy for us, which made it even more special.

After dinner we headed to the sky lounge at the Hilton which has an incredible 360 degree view of the city. My face was a mess by this point, so I had to explain I’d been crying as we’d just got engaged, the next minute table fireworks are coming out!! We had some beautiful cocktails!!!!! They tasted soooooooooo good after staying off alcohol for a whole month!! The gin ones were amazing!!!!

You can’t come to Amsterdam and not visit the red light district!! Ok it’s not a traditionally romantic way to celebrate an engagement, but I thought it would be hilarious!! Well it was certainly an eye opener!!! I won’t go in to detail, but put it this way, I’m not sure I can eat a banana ever again!!!! ****BLUSH!!!**** We had such a laugh then headed back to the hotel.

Too excited to sleep we hit the mini bar and started playing wedding songs ha ha. I can’t believe all the lovely messages, likes and comments we’ve had. It really does make us even happier that people are so happy for us 🙂 From the day we met we haven’t been apart, it really has been that magical fairy tale You dream about when you’re younger. It took me a while to find him, but my god was it worth the wait!!!! I’m so grateful to his parents for bringing him up to be not only a gentleman but funny, gorgeous and the best friend anyone could wish for. Plus he always let’s me try his food and never asks to try mine!! Oh god I’m welling up again!!! I’ve always been quite a hard person when it comes to showing my emotions but not anymore!! He’s melted the ice queen ha ha.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Amsterdam, if you’ve never been, go!! Yes there’s the slightly more seedy side, there’s the weed smoking, bikes everywhere that nearly kill you and weird little wee huts where men just wee in public!! But there’s also stunning buildings, every designer shop you can wish for, the canals, museums and just loads of culture. Our hotel was just perfect, they even had quark at breakfast!!!! That made my day!! Buffet style breakfasts are lethal for me though!! I just can’t stop!! Now operation wedding dress body is on, I really need to address this!! That’s a different blog though!

I’m the sort of person that when I’ve decided on something I act on it straight away! I commit to things 100%. I’ve already started thinking about wedding venues, bridesmaids dresses, the invite list for day and night, music, food and I’ve liked every wedding page and started a wedding board on Pinterest! I’m so excited to start visiting wedding fares and just throwing myself in to planning our dream day.

Then there’s THE DRESS!!!!!!!! Well it has to be a wow dress!! I know I’m going to find this the biggest challenge to get right. I’ve got a few ideas on the style I’d like but I guess I won’t know until I start trying them on. I’m so fussy when it comes to dresses, so I best start looking now!!! Any suggestions of stunning wedding dress shops that sell modern fashionable wedding dresses, let me know 🙂 God then there’s how to have my hair, nails, make up!!!! Wedding planner anyone?!? It’s so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right I’ll love you and leave you now.

Happy Fopping!! Xxxx



















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