Tex mex chilli and cauli rice

Lovely dinner tonight. I’m still doing eesp till Sunday. I’m still dry too!!!! No alcohol has passed my lips since nye!!! So proud of myself. I’ve lost nearly 1/2 stone so it’s defo helping!!! Tomorrow’s the real test as I’m in Swansea for my bf friends birthday. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a party and didn’t drink !!! It’s going to be a challenge, but when I put my mind to something and I commit to it, I do it!! Wish me luck !!

Tex mex chilli and cauliflower rice. Syn free.

Fry off your less than 5% mince, I had beef but you can use turkey or quorn.
Then add chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms. I don’t measure herbs or spices I’m afraid. I’m a chuck it in and taste kinda girl!! So I add tons of cumin as this is the tex mex spice, approx a tsp cinnamon and approx a tsp or 2 of cayenne. Depends how spicy you like it. Add some fresh chopped garlic and season. Then add a carton of passata and a tin of kidney beans. Now I always use kidney beans in chilli sauce as they are free but they aren’t a P food so you can replace these with plain beans and a bit of chilli powder. I also add a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce. Simmer away until the mince is nice and soft. Done!!

Cauli rice is mega easy. Blitz some cauliflower and microwave for 4 minutes. Done, no water nothing.

Enjoy and happy Fopping xxx




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