So I’ve finally launched the new pack and the amazing SP plan in my group!! So exciting!! Lots of people are up for trying it after they’ve heard what fab results we’ve been getting!! I haven’t got much to lose to get back to target, about 10lbs and I still lost 4lb in a week. On my birthday week, which was rather flexible, I followed it where I could and still lost 1.5lbs! The best loss I’ve heard of so far is a colleague who lost a fantastic 13lb in a week!!! Just brilliant!! There’s a fab feature on lifeline online to help you more and also lots of lovely recipes, hints and tips. Make sure you have a peep. I’ve been trailing it for weeks now and I absolutely love it!!! If you look back through my meals, a lot were SP. I even tried cottage cheese with sweetener, flavourings and choc shot with S fruits mixed in, who knew it would be so nice!! Quark had been my life saver as I was a total yogurt addict!!!!!! I feel so much better for doing it inch loss wise too. I know it’ll help me get back to target!! If you’ve left group or never even tried sw before, quick rush back!! Don’t miss out as it’s just brilliant!!!!!

I’m going to share some of my meals I’ve had on sp and also some common questions I’ve already been asked. It really is very simple though. If you’re stuck please talk to your lovely consultant.

Fill up on those foods with a S or a P next to it, snack on as many S foods as you can, fill 50% of your plate with S and the other with P foods. Enjoy 1 A choice and 2 B choices, then your 5-15 syns to spend on what you’d like to spend them on. Simple 🙂

Extra hasn’t really changed, it’s just been streamlined. The term superfree has gone, it’s all been made that little bit simpler.

SP made me become really creative with my vegetables!! Here’s some of the things I now do for my 50% speed foods:-

Carrot and swede mash
Courgetti noodles, see the gadget in the pic for the gadget I use
Leeks as lasagne sheets, this is a hairy bikers idea
Large portobello mushrooms as burger rolls
Stir fry
Roast veg
Cauliflower rice
Cauliflower mash
Pizza topped mushrooms
Lettuce as wraps
Butternut squash wedges or chips
Celeric chips
Asparagus to dunk in boiled eggs
Egg wraps &
Sautéed cabbage with garlic, horseradish and fromaige fraise
For the cauliflower rice you literally just grate a cauliflower and microwave it for 3-4 minutes, you can use a blender or just a hand grater. No water, nothing. Here’s some variations on Cauliflower Rice:-
Spanish Cauliflower Rice // add red pepper flakes + diced tomatoes + jalapenos
Curry Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. curry powder + fresh grated ginger + red chilies + fresh lime juice
Fried Cauliflower Rice // add scrambled egg + 1 Tbs. sesame oil, (syns)+ fresh grated ginger + 1 Tbs. soy sauce
Italian Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. dried oregano + fresh basil + diced tomatoes + diced red onion
Greek Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. oregano + 1 Tbs. capers + diced olives (syns) + 1 Tbs mustard powder+ 1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
Sweet Cauliflower Rice // a dash of cinnamon + stevia to taste + vanilla extract
Lemon Cauliflower Rice // juice of 1 lemon + 1 tsp. sea salt
Herbed Cauliflower Rice // a mix of fresh herbs diced finely such as dill, chives, or basil, oregano, rosemary, etc.

Amazing what you can do!! So who’s getting to target in 2015?!?! Me!!!!!!! Have an amazing nye all, happy new year and thank you so much for supporting my page/blog.

Lots of sw love fopperholic xxxxx

Common questions

Why do you recommend members only follow Extra Easy sp for a week?

When you’re following Extra Easy sp you might be consuming less calcium (because yogurt isn’t an s or p food) and less carbohydrate (because you’re not including starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, rice and pasta each day). Calcium is important for bone health, and carbohydrate is important for a good overall healthy balance. So if you decide you’d like to follow sp for more than a week we recommend you:
either build in some standard Extra Easy days
or you add one more Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice (or have one regular-size pot of any Free yogurt (flavoured or natural) or the equivalent amount of fat free fromage frais each day to make sure you’re getting enough calcium)
Alternatively, switch to more s and p foods in your regular Extra Easy days.

What if I want to have potatoes or a yogurt on an sp day – do I count them as Syns?

No – potatoes and yogurt are Free Foods, so (as long as there are no tweaks involved) they don’t have a Syn value. They’re just not low enough in energy density to count as a Speed food, or high enough in protein to be a Protein-rich food.
The focus of Extra Easy sp is on Speed and Protein foods. If you want to eat a Free Food that doesn’t fall into these categories, that’s fine, and you will lose weight! You don’t need to count them as Syns and there’s a special section on the Extra Easy sp food diary to jot down these occasional Free Foods. However, if you really want to boost your weight loss and tighten up, stick with s and p.
And…. if you’re sticking religiously to Extra Easy sp, you can still have one Healthy Extra ‘a’ and two ‘b’ choices, as well as your 5-15 Syns as usual.

What if I’m struggling to have at least half a plate of Speed foods? Eg baked beans on toast

Common sense rules – as always. We wouldn’t expect you to have an enormous side salad with your baked beans on toast on a sp day – but we’d encourage you to incorporate a greater proportion of s foods into your next meal, and stick to Speed fruits and veggies in between meals.

Extra Easy sp appears to cut out starchy carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta etc) – are we saying these are now ‘bad’?
Absolutely not! No food groups are ‘bad’ (though fats have a lot to answer for!).
Carbohydrates are the second most filling foods (after proteins), which is why they make fabulous Free Foods! They’re just not as filling as Protein-rich foods, nor as low in energy density as other Speed foods, and Extra Easy sp focuses on the very lowest energy density and most Protein-rich foods to boost weight loss. If you’re craving a jacket spud or a banana, it’s not a crime, and you will lose weight! It just won’t supercharge your weight loss.

When I’m following Extra Easy sp, can I have any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice I want or do I have to choose those with an s symbol?

You can choose any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices – however, as you’d expect, choosing Speed Healthy Extras will lead to even better weight loss because they’re the lowest in energy density.

Can you have Free products such as Quorn low fat sausages on Extra easy sp – do they count as a p?

No, we haven’t given the p symbol (or any other symbol) to any branded/processed foods because although some are Free, we can’t be 100% sure of the proportions of protein in every branded product, and so we can’t be certain if they’d count as a p food. You can still enjoy them freely on Extra Easy though. I know yogurt isn’t an s or a p food on Extra Easy sp but could I use a low Syn one in place as long as I count the Syns?

I know yogurt isn’t an s or a p food on Extra Easy sp but could I use a low-Syn one in place as long as I count the Syns?
You could but there really is no need. If you’d love to have a yogurt on an Extra Easy sp day, you can still have a Free one and make a note of it in the ‘Other Free Foods’ column of your food diary. It’s probably better to choose a Free yogurt than one with Syns, as that way you’re eating fewer calories.

















Diet = Dare I Eat That? SW = Yes You Can!

Have you ever tried to add up all the money and hours wasted of your life on faddy diets?? Years and probably hundreds, if not thousands of £’s? Now imagine that when you first started if you’d just of eaten healthy and exercised. Even if you lost a 1lb a week you’d still be nearly 4 stone lighter in a year!! Diets tend to make you yo yo, so you actually end up where you started. If you’re feeling anything like me right now, you desperately want to get rid of those Xmas lbs already!! You’d do anything! New year brings out millions of crazy diet plans!! Slimming teas, shakes, cabbage soup diets, the cayenne pepper diet and so on! You see them everywhere and they tend to cost a fortune!! I tried every diet going before finding Slimming World, the worst being the cabbage soup pills or herbal life!!! They all cost money and they were all a waste of time!! I’d lose weight as I was eating nothing but soup, fruit and then finally a chicken breast on the last day, well of course that would make you drop a few lbs. My brother actually tried to take some of my chicken when it was cooked, I was that starving by then I went to stab his hand with my fork lol!!! Guess what I did after they finished though?!?! Eat for England!!!! I actually got really ill on the shakes and swore I’d never do anything like that ever again!! It was totally and utterly pointless!! There are some plans out there that I don’t like to judge, as my friends work for them and it’s not just weight loss products that they sell, each to their own and I think it’s about doing what works for you. I’d just like people to think about doing it in a healthy safe way that won’t cost too much.

Having lost three stone in three months eating healthy filling foods and maintaining it for over ten years, means I can say with experience, please don’t waste your time and money on the crazy fads. I understand why people would want to do it, I did for years!! But did I get anywhere?!? Nope!!! The worst side effect is the damage it does to you mentally. Diets can really mess with your head and your whole world suddenly revolves it. They do not make you happy! They do the opposite, you become miserable!! How do you have a social life on 500 calories a day?!? Extreme calorie-cutting forces your body to burn muscle for fuel instead of fat, and having less muscle mass actually slows your metabolism. Healthy eating combined with exercise, or as we call it, body magic, is actually the only secret magic weight loss solution that exists! If you look back at cavemen and women they were on the whole very slim and lean, did they have shakes, pills, lotions and potions?!? No, they just eat real healthy foods. That’s why I’m so passionate about Slimming World. It’s not a temporary quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change. It teaches you to find new grooves and not only lose weight, but keep it off. It doesn’t mess with your head as you can eat until your full, never ever having to feel deprived. You also get a hell of a lot for your weekly fee, I’d like to think my lovely lot think it’s worth the price of a Starbucks coffee and a magazine 🙂 Let’s keep fuelling our bodies, not punishing it. Let’s eat ourselves slim and be the happy healthy people we want to be. The good news is you can actually still lose weight quickly, especially with our new method based on lots of lovely protein and speed foods. This is currently being shared with groups as we speak. It’s amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to give my members their packs next week!!!

Diets can also be very lonely. Having a group for support and a highly trained consultant makes the world of difference, you’re never ever on your own. Plus it becomes a social circle for you, you’ll make loads of friends trying to achieve the exact same thing you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Sometimes we all know what to eat, it’s more about getting our head in gear and making life style changes, this takes help. We’ve formed these grooves and habits over a very long period of time, sometimes since early child hood, no amount of milk shakes or magic pills will change this trust me. We’ve also got to think of the impact of all these fads on the next generation. It’s quite scary to think lots of young girls, or even boys follow celebrities on Instagram or other social media outlets, who are constantly being paid to promote really faddy diets that they’ve probably never even tried or ever even researched. I’ve got more respect for the ones that do it through personal trainers and eating healthy foods like Davina. The ones that did it through extreme dieting have re gained a lot of it!! Look at Sonya in Eastenders, so sad.

So this is just my opinion based on a girl who has probably been on a diet since I was 15 until I found Slimming World, you only have to look at our success stories to know it works. 26 1/2 stone lost being one of them! I don’t think you’d lose that on cabbage soup pills and keep it off! Save your pennies for new clothes when you get to your dream weight 🙂

Happy Fopping xxx





London baby

Hi all. So I had amazing day yesterday!! My boyfriend and I both had the day off and went to London. I really wanted to go to Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park, but I also really really wanted to test out these amazing new products I’d heard about. They only sell it at Libertys in London or online so I combined the two. My bf thinks I conned him with winter wonderland ha ha.

I’d read about this brand, Hourglass, in one of my magazines. Cameron Diaz was raving about saying it was the best thing she had ever used. Then I was chatting to a lady who’s travelled the world doing various beauty treatments, she’s stunning and a total pro. She was telling me about this new brand of make up she’d found, I knew what she was going to say! It was Hourglass! She’d been to Libertys to test it out too. she’s so like me, she wanted to be able to really see a difference after using a new product. From the second she had it tested on her she was sold!! I was exactly the same! I’d read about the powders and the primers. The primer is Libertys best seller and the powders are stunning!!!! I went for these two items :-

Veil primer
This is the description from the website. “This silky, weightless and multipurpose primer goes beyond traditional formulations by concealing redness, minimizing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and shielding skin with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 protection. In addition, it repels water to keep your make up looking freshly applied all day long.

• Extends the durability of any foundation or powder.
• Minimizes the appearance of visible pores, fine lines and imperfections.
• Conceals redness (even rosacea) to create an even skin tone.
• The weightless formula is not greasy, tacky, pearlized and it won’t ball up
• The unique texture is fluid, airy, silky and cushiony.
• Offers Broad Spectrum SPF 15 with mineral-derived physical sunscreens, Titanium and Zinc Oxide.”


Ambient lighting palette. I had this tested on me and I adored it!!!! This is the description. “Create your perfect light with this palette featuring three shades of Ambient Lighting Powder, which utilize Photoluminescent Technology to filter out harsh light and refine the appearance of the complexion. Each of these high-tech, soft-focus finishing powders recreate an exquisitely flattering light source. The powders can be applied individually or layered to imbue skin with a multidimensional glow.

• Powders mimic universally flattering light sources, not unlike having a personal lighting technician at your disposal.
• By manipulating and filtering out harsh light, powders conceal skin imperfections, pores and wrinkles.
• State-of-the-art formula delivers a multi-dimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and perfectly lit.
• Universal powders make them suitable for every skin tone, while each can be worn day and night.
• The finishing powders enhance skin in any type of light, including flash photography.

My palette includes 3 shades:
• DIM LIGHT: A neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones.
• INCANDESCENT LIGHT (exclusive to the palette): An opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a celestial glow.
• RADIANT LIGHT: A sun-kissed golden beige that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow.

This goes over your foundation. I’m so happy I went and tried them out! Now I really want to test the foundation too!! I got a free lipstick as I’d bought two products, it was a lovely nude colour, so that was a bonus!!

Winter wonderland was stunning!! Beats any Xmas market I’ve been to! If you’re trying to lose weight though it’s a bit of a nightmare!! There was temptation on every stand! It was literally like food porn!! From sausages, burgers, fries, pulled pork batches, Nutella waffles, crepes, churrios and much more!!!! I’d had a big breakfast, taken fruit and hi fi bars for my HEB. We went to itsu for lunch, I had a chicken teriyaki brown rice pot with veg in it. There’s oil in them and some sauce but overall it was a really low calorie option and could of been a lot worse. My bf had an amazing waffle with Nutella at Hyde park. I did have a taste but that’s it! I stood there with a satsuma!! I would of loved a waffle but it would of been gone in seconds and I know I’d of felt bad after. I avoided the mulled wine and just had a tea and 1/2 beer. The shops were open till 9pm so we left the market and went back to the shops!!! I didn’t want to drink much as I’m doing my group tonight instead of Thursday.

I was only meant to be buying the make up but I accidentally fell in to some other shops too, whoops!! I bought a lovely necklace which was reduced to £4 from £12, I never get anything in the sale usually, as I hate sales!! I can’t stand looking through rails of stuff I’d probably actually never even wear. I spotted some shoes I liked too so grabbed them, they were also in the sale, winner!! I love chunky heeled shoes, skinny heels aren’t great for day time and I wanted them to wear with blue jeans in the day. I then saw a dress which was so me!! I have a particular style of dress that I’m obsessed with. It looked quite big so I tried the 8 and it fitted!! I’m not a size 8 but who cares!! I’ll take that and run!!! I might wear this nye so no picture of it yet, sorry.

We didn’t get back till 9pm so we were shattered!! This meant dinner was a quick chicken stir fry, which was actually really nice!! It’s always nice to buy new things but my favourite part about yesterday was just spending the day with my amazing boyfriend, soppy I know, but true!! Having a partner who also loves to shop is the best thing ever!! Plus he’s so good at navigating!! We walked for absolutely miles and I didn’t moan once!! Men seem to have this weird sense of direction that I’ve certainly not got!! I’d of been completely lost if it wasn’t for him. It was a really lovely romantic day.

If you haven’t been to winter wonderland it’s on till the beginning of January and I’d highly recommend it for a fun day or night out. Just be prepared food wise if you’re trying to make good choices.

Have a lovely day and happy Xmas eve eve xxxx











Weekend meltdown

Morning all. Well my weekend has been eventful!!

Have you ever had a total melt down before a night out? Clothes get tried on then launched across the room, you’re standing there nearly in tears in your underwear, as that’s all you have to wear, there’s millions of clothes, but yet you have NOTHING!! Your poor partner just stands there not knowing what the hell to say, then if they do offer some words of reassurance, it’s not want you to want to hear so you bite their head off! You declare you can’t possibly go out now and just basically have a complete bf!! (B***h fit!!) Well this was me Friday night. I’ve not been “a have it large Marge” during this tricky month but I have been more “flexi Lexie” than usual. A few extra meals out, a celebration here and there, a few extra vodkas, you get the picture. Then Friday it was star week and I just couldn’t stop eating. I was enjoying it all until I had to get ready Friday. It was my friends husbands 40th. I tried on what I wanted to wear but my stomach decided to pretend I was 9 months pregnant!! It looked awful! So I ended up trying on a million different dresses, leggings, trousers, skirt and top combos, to end up calling my friend and saying I’d cancelled the taxi and I wasn’t able to go out. Lol, I’d say this is probably the worst I’ve even been!! Now you might be thinking, but you’ve got nothing to worry about, but I swear star week hates me!!!!!! I literally feel and look a stone heavier!! I’m sure some of you feel exactly the same.

I pulled myself together, put the same outfit on I’d tried on first lol and re booked another taxi. I was boiling hot all night and could hardly move in my outfit, but I still had a fab night!! It really didn’t matter, no one made a big sign saying OMG look at Nicola!! Doesn’t she look awful lol! It’s shame my bf had work the next day as I think he could of done with a lot more alcohol after his ordeal!! He said he tried to google an app on how to deal with your gf having a tantrum he he. There should be an app for that!!!

I saw this fantastic visual which said, “it’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit anymore!” This is so true for me!!!!! I’ll always enjoy those high syn food and drinks, but to me feeling good and feeling comfortable and confident means so much more!! Friday confirmed it!!! I never want to feel like that again!!!

Now I realise there’s a lot more important things to worry about than what you look like, but for me to be truly happy I need to feel confident and happy in my own skin. Otherwise look what happens!!! I’m totally on it in between social events, I’ve actually said no to a lot of things this weekend!!

I’ve had my nephew overnight. We went to Hatton country park and saw Santa yesterday. It was so lovely!!! Like Santa says, if we’re good, we get what we want! This applies to a slimmer too 😉 The thing is though we aren’t being bad if we take a de tour, we’re just human! No one can be perfect all the time, not even Santa! He loves his mince pies!!

After that we went bowling. Lol my newphew is so competitive!! I started off rubbish then totally found my groove and got a strike and ended up coming 2nd. You can’t just let the kids win right?!? Again this is a parallel to a slimmer. Some fly straight away and get strikes every week and they make it look easy! Some are slower off the mark, they take more time to find their grooves. Some fail to even knock one pin down, but if you keep trying you can soon be a winner!! You might need to swop the ball your using or try a different position to throw, or even get some help from someone else, but you can turn it around by making some changes.

After bowling we went to get some food. I had gammon, a jacket potato and salad. I swopped from chips and a fried egg to this. It was really nice!! I do have a new found empathy for moms!! Leftovers, OMG I couldn’t resist a leftover potato wedge from my best friends son, also my nephew offered me a sweet, I took it then ate it without even realising I’d eaten it!! At the in door play park though I didn’t touch the hundreds of cakes on offer, I got a de cafe coffee and an apple. I made sure I had a big breakfast and I’d eaten lunch before we went, otherwise I knew I’d end up consuming more syns than I’d planned to. Planning really is the key for days like this isn’t it, you can feel confident knowing you’ve protected yourself. I’ve loved having him though, only down side they wake up flipping early!!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I’m off to town later to do a bit of make up shopping. Then Monday I’m going to London!! I’m so excited!! Hitting winter wonderland with a quick stop off to Libertys. They sell an amazing make up range that’s huge ATM. I’m desperate to try it and they only sell in there or in a couple of space stores. I’ve heard AMAZING things about it. Let’s hope it’s worth the journey! I’ll keep you posted on it.

Have an amazing day all. Happy Fopping xxx







Best of 2014

So it’s nearly the end of 2014! Where’s the year gone? I’ve put a list together of all my favourite beauty buys this year. Any questions just ask.

So the first one is Kokoso coconut moisturiser. My cousins wife created this and sent me a freebie as I’m family 🙂 It’s designed for babies so,it’s 100% natural, but adults can use it too. The owner sent one to Katie price for her new baby, she adored it and also used it on herself! My favourite use for it is a pre tan moisturiser. Your tan goes on so smoothly. It smells amazing!! Gorgeous Xmas present if you’re stuck for ideas! Check out her fb page or website http://www.kokoso.co.uk

Sally Hanson spray on air brush legs. I’m adore this stuff!!! It covers any little bruises or blemishes and makes your legs look really smooth and tanned. Just make sure you spray it in a bathroom as it can be messy! I spray it on to a mitt then apply it.

Elemis skin care. I started using this recently and it’s gorgeous. I like the marine range the best so far. It smells lovely and makes your skin feel really soft. It’s very hydrating and has anti ageing qualities too. Ticks all my boxes!!

GHD air hair dryer. I had a small amount of great lengths hair extensions added to my hair, purely to thicken it up. The only downside was how long it then took to dry!!! So after reading loads of reviews I got this hair dryer. This is what it claims to do, “Get gorgeous hair in half the time* with the ghd air® professional hairdryer. Its powerful 2,100W professional-strength motor and patented removable air filter deliver high pressure air flow for super-fast drying, while advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and flyaways to give a smooth salon-style finish in half the time*. Variable power and temperature controls, plus the choice of two nozzles, allow you to tailor your blow-dry to your hair type, while a cool shot button helps lock your finished style in place with a blast of cold air. The ghd air® is also a breeze to use thanks to an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold for both left and right-handed users, and a 3m long power cable that gives total flexibility as you style. The ghd air® is compatible with the ghd air® diffuser.” Did it disappoint, hell no!! My hair did dry so much quicker and it really does make it smoother. I got this hair dryer and the elemis cream from http://www.hairandbeautygallery.co.uk

While we’re on hair I had a set of ghds die on me so I got some Remington sleek and smooth hair straighteners from Argos, a friend recommended them for me. OMG they are amazing!! Now my hair is thicker these are perfect!! The plates are really wide and you can adjust the temperature setting which I love. I’d highly recommend these if you need a cheaper set, or a spare set. I still have my ghds because you can curl your hair with them too, but I use these for if I just want my hair straight.

This next product someone at my hair dressers told me about. I wanted something that was like Moroccan oil but better! He told me about kerastase nectar or thermique. It’s amazing! You only need a tiny amount on wet hair but it makes your hair so soft and smooth, the added bonus is it decreases drying time and also has a built in heat protector!! Winner! No need for a separate heat defence spray! It’s lasted me ages!!!!!!

I’ve always worn black eyeliner but thought I’d give this a whirl for a change. Benefit eye bright pencil. The idea is the white colour soft kohl gives you a wider eye look. It’s so good and looks really natural. I only wear this now for my day time look. It isn’t cheap, but it’s not as harsh as just a regular white eyeliner.

My boyfriend bought me some joe Malone perfume. My ultimate fav is alien, but he wanted to buy me something different. I’ve got tom ford, chanel etc so he knows I like really strong distinctive perfumes. They’d just bought out their wood sage and sea salt range, it is stunning!!!!! I adore it!!! It last for ages and really stands out from other boring perfumes!! If you’ve never tried Joe Malone you’re missing out!

I read in a magazine about rose oil. Molly King raves about it, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, it’s so cheap too!! Verdict? It’s a fantastic product!!! Face oils worried me, I thought it would make my skin really oily. It didn’t at all!! The one I love is Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil. It’s even suitable for really sensitive skin. The creator has had over 15 years experience creating these products and it’s raved about in the beauty industry. At £14.99 its well worth giving it a go if you haven’t already!! I’ll use it forever!! I do get told I don’t look my age, so maybe this helps!!

I love a good eyeshadow pallet. You cannot beat urban decays naked palette. If you love a smokey eye, this is for you!! The nuder shades I wear in the day, the shimmery one I use on my brow bone and in the corners of my eye, then the darker colours in the crease on a night out.

I wanted to find a really good primer, a beautician I go to told me about mac prep and prime. She said it’s just as good as any more expensive high end primer. I love Mac make up so thought I’d try it. Again I will use this forever!! I didn’t think primers actually made much difference but they really do! It’s an ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. It calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. What I love is it also improves the look of your foundation or powder.

Talking of foundation. My favourite all time foundation is Estée Lauder double wear. It is a thick foundation but my god it does the trick!!! Never sleep in it though!! It’s a very long lasting foundation, the claim is 15 but I’d say it would probably stay on longer!! It’s got a high coverage and you can build it up gradually if you prefer. If you want a matte, air brush look I’d highly recommend this!!! Get your colour matched properly though as I’ve gone too dark before and it didn’t look as nice.

Concealers next! Don’t ever waste your money on expensive ones ever again!!! All you need is collection 2000 lasting perfection!! It’s won loads of beauty awards and any good make up artist will say they love it too!! It’s got a high pigmented and covers flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. It’s water-resistent and transfer proof. Use it under your eyes or to conceal any imperfections. Spend the money you save or more make up 😉

Last but not least is my eyelash serum. I had a bad experience with some semi permanent lash extensions. They basically left me with no lashes!!! After a major freak out a gorgeous beauty and skin care specialist I know told me about this. Revitalash eye lash serum. I put it on every night and before I knew it my lashes were actually longer than before!!! The lady who told me about it uses it and I honestly thought her lashes were false, she actually now has to trim them! It isn’t cheap but it’s worth it!!

So there you go!! What’s your favourite product of 2014?? I’m up for finding more for 2015 🙂

Have a fab evening and Happy Fopping xxx













Who says there no such thing as a free lunch?

One of the most common questions I get asked in group is what can we have for lunch? Some members really do struggle with what to take to work. It will depend on what facilitates you’ve got, but check out this list of ideas below! If you’ve got any more please feel to add them to this post. Also please feel free to share this link if you think it might help any of your lovely slimming world friends

Happy Fopping guys xx

Sushi. A lot of supermarkets sell low syn versions.
Subway salads. Syn free if having lean meat and no dressing, or syn the dressing.
Sainsburys spicy pasta. This is a tin and only 1 syn! Add some superfree salad and you’re sorted in minutes.
Morrisins ravioli savers range. Again a handy tin. Syn free!
Cous cous. Plain is free, always check flavoured ones eg the ainsley harriot range
Mug shots. Less than 1% fat are usually free. Double check
Kidney beans in chilli sauce. Fab for adding to soups or add to cooked pasta or use as a jacket potato topping.
Quinoa. Lovely mixed in with a salad.
Quorn deli pieces, tikka or roast. I love these and syn free.
Mattersons chicken Fridge raiders. Syns vary on what size bag you buy. The roast are 2.5 for a 60g bag. Other flavours vary.
Ainsley harriot Szechuan rice is syn free!
Marks and spencer Vietnamese style marinated pork salad bites in mooli ribbons with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. There’s a tuna one too. Lovely and only 2 syns.
Some healthy range microwave meals are also low syn.

Here’s some ideas from my lovely members:-

My favourite lunch at the moment is leftover Pulled Pork (warmed up) on a huge salad. It is divine!!! My emergency lunch is a mug shot with 2 boiled eggs and ham thrown in and then lots of fruit! (Leftovers is such a fab idea!! Make extra dinner and heat up at work)

The best lunch is leftovers from dinner-it’s hassle-free as you’re making dinner the night before, and you know you’re securing chances of having a healthy one based on that! Alternatively, jacket potato with a different filling each day!

Cold pasta with Turkey or ham with a sliced egg, a huge salad and balsamic vinegar as the dressing.

At work a large salad with lean meat a mug shot for warmth and a yoghurt I would also take friut to snack on

I have jacket potato and baked beans a lot, boots shaper Moroccan chicken couscous salad is 2 syns so have had that occasionally when out and about and have to buy from a shop. A friend at work on SW makes a tomato pasta sauce then takes in ready cooked pasta and prawns which she runs under our hot water tap, heats the sauce and has that, it always looks tasty and fresh.

Vegetable soup = pre prepared bags (I like Aldi ones best for £1), add a chopped red chilli, veg stock then simmer for 25 mins then add dried noodles for last five mins. I sometimes add frozen petit pois too. Tastes like a wagamamas ramen soup

You can always get a jacket with beans and salad at my work! Tend to have mug shots for back up/poor days! Pasta with tuna mayo is always good as is nice cold!

I had left over stuffed mushroom today. Tasted fine microwaved. Am thinking of doing a few at night and having then having them a few days in a row. Ham with an assortment of pickled veg is good if I’m in a rush and low on fresh veg.

Mini quiches are good as you can make loads so they cover a few days worth of lunches.

I love the Thai mugshot mixed with veggies (you could cook some the night before) and chopped up crabstick. Easily done for work.

Heres some sw ideas!
Spaghetti hoops on toast: Pile a tin of spaghetti hoops on top of 2 slices wholemeal toast from a 400g loaf (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice).

Chicken & pasta salad: Mix bite-size cooked chicken with cooked and cooled pasta and lots of chopped salad – red onion, red pepper and spring onion taste great. Add fat-free salad dressing and herbs and mix well to coat the salad.

Potato and ham frittata: Add par-boiled potatoes, chopped cooked vegetables (eg pepper, courgette and onion) and sliced ham to a non-stick frying pan. Top with beaten eggs and cook for 5 minutes, or until the base is just set. Scatter over 1 level tbsp Parmesan cheese (1½ Syns) and place under a hot grill until set and golden.

Tuna & sweetcorn jacket potato: Top a huge jacket potato with tuna (canned in brine) and sweetcorn. If you fancy it add a dollop of extra light mayonnaise (1 Syn per tbsp) to the tuna mix. Enjoy with a big green salad.

Flame-grilled chicken sandwich. Place a chicken breast between two sheets of clingfilm and flatten with a rolling pin. Season, spray with one calorie cooking spray and grill, turning occasionally until cooked. Place the cooked chicken breast between two slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) and top with shredded lettuce, 1 tbsp salsa dip (½ Syn) and homemade coleslaw – made using grated carrot, cabbage, red onion, and fat free fromage frais.

Layered salad: Tuck into a layered salad made with shredded lettuce, grated carrot, diced cucumber, sliced tomatoes, sweetcorn, 30g grated red Leicester (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and 2 level tbsp Hellmann’s Lighter Than Light Mayonnaise (½ Syn per tbsp). Swap the cheese for fresh prawns if you fancy a seafood salad.

Ham minestrone soup: Add chopped onions, garlic, celery, carrots, vegetable stock and a can of chopped tomatoes to a pan. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir in pasta, canned cannellini beans and chopped ham. Cook until the pasta is tender then serve sprinkled with parsley.
Luscious lunch tips

Choosing reduced fat Cheddar means a generous 40g of cheese for a Healthy Extra portion. Grating cheese also makes it scatter further than slicing.

How large is your Healthy Extra? As a visual guide, a 30g Healthy Extra portion of cheese is about the size of a small matchbox or an ice cube. Look out for the Pick & Mix cheese section next time you’re at the supermarket – most portions are between 25-30g and can be enjoyed as a Healthy Extra. Discover more ideas on getting extra from your Healthy Extras.

Jacket potatoes are fab for Food Optimisers. Free fillings for spuds include baked beans, tuna & sweetcorn, low fat/virtually fat free cottage cheese, Quark skimmed milk soft cheese and prawns.

For hunger satisfaction pack sandwiches with Free Food fillings, like chicken, beef, ham, tuna, prawns, salmon, sliced egg and salad and lots of salad on the side. Automatically reduce the Syns in pre-packed sandwiches by choosing wholemeal bread as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice (deducting 6 Syns from the sandwich). Check that it’s wholemeal – watch out for those delicious granary and wholegrains.

Syn free salad
Packing a salad for lunch is a doddle as you can fill your Tupperware box with any salad vegetables you have in the fridge – and that includes leftovers from the night before. We love cold, cooked meat, lean cooked bacon, eggs, halved cherry tomatoes, finely chopped red onion, cucumber chunks and sweetcorn in a lunchbox. Drizzle on some fat-free vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar and you’re done.

Niçoise salad
For a classic Niçoise toss tuna (canned in spring water or brine) with green beans, a quartered hard-boiled egg, a chopped spring onion and cherry tomatoes. Add fat-free French style salad dressing to taste.

Cooked couscous is perfect for boosting your midday salad with extra filling power. Enjoy with chopped red onion, tomatoes, red peppers and coriander.

A quiche packed with Superfree Foods is easy to whizz together. Mix ½ tub of fat free cottage cheese with beaten eggs and herbs. Throw into a quiche dish or individual silicon muffin moulds. Add cooked meat or seafood like ham, bacon or prawns, add potatoes and veggies and pop in the oven for approximately 30 minutes, or until golden.

Make a doorstop sandwich with two slices of wholemeal bread (from a small 400g loaf) filled with layers of fresh sliced tomato, slices of hard-boiled egg, crispy grilled bacon (with all the rind and fat trimmed off) and lettuce. It’s Free – using a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice for your bread.

Many of our successful members tell us that they cook extra-large pans of food, then freeze portions for a busy day or to take to work for a speedy meal. Spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne and vegetable stew are just a few of our favourites. And you can’t beat the humble jacket spud – enjoy yours with:

tuna (canned in spring water or brine) mixed with sweetcorn and fat free natural yogurt

prawns in fat-free fromage frais, sprinkled with freshly chopped tarragon

melted Gruyere cheese (Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) with chopped grilled mushrooms and fresh parsley

quark and chopped spring onions

baked beans (with a sprinkle of chilli powder if you want to spice things up)

tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce

low fat/virtually fat-free cottage cheese with freshly chopped chives or fresh pineapple cubes

Baked beans and coleslaw

Mix shredded white cabbage, grated carrot and sliced red onion with a level tablespoon of extra light mayo (1 Syn) and the juice of half a lime. Season to taste. Serve with baked beans – with a spoonful of smoked paprika for extra oomph!

Garlic mushroom jackets
Jazz up your jackets with some garlicky mushroom magic. Transform the simple and understated spud into a sensationally stylish supper.

Prawns with Marie Rose sauce
Mix a few tablespoons of fat-free natural yogurt with some ketchup (1 Syn per level tablespoon), a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add as many cooked prawns as you like and stir well.

Mix together two chopped tomatoes, two sliced spring onions and your favourite Free pizza toppings – mushrooms, peppers, and cooked ham or skinless chicken all work well. Scatter over diced mozzarella cheese (45g is a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and grill for a few minutes to melt.

Smokey bacon and tomato
This bacon and tomato topping is full of flavour and goes perfectly with fluffy potato.

Scoop out the flesh of a baked potato and mix with chopped chives or spring onions, fat-free cottage cheese and diced lean ham or smoked bacon. Spoon the mixture back into the potato skin, sprinkle over reduced-fat Cheddar cheese (40g is a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice) and grill until golden.

Enliven a jacket spud with a generous topping of tasty home-made ratatouille and enjoy it either as a snack or a light lunch served with a salad.

Chicken and garlic mayo
Mix a little garlic salt or a small crushed garlic clove with fat-free natural yogurt or cottage cheese and extra light mayo (1 Syn per level tablespoon). Stir in chopped cooked skinless chicken breast and your favourite Free veggies (mushrooms, sweetcorn, cucumber and peppers all work well), then pile onto your potato!

Cook up a spicy beef or veggie chilli that your family will love – only you need to know that it’s completely Free. Serve with jacket spud and transform an ordinary supper into something sensational. If you have a microwave handy at lunchtime, take advantage of the hundreds of Free canned and chilled foods available. There are dozens of delicious soups that are Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices… Take a look at the Healthy Extra pages for details.

Snack ideas

Got the nibbles? Don’t reach for the biccies, there are plenty of Free Foods and Healthy Extras to enjoy on the go. We love…

Ryvita (enjoy 4 Original Ryvita as your Healthy extra ‘b’ choice) topped with 4 Dairylea Light Triangles (Healthy Extra ‘a’) and chopped vegetables make a filling snack.

A bag of Ryvita Minis (all flavours are a Healthy extra ‘b’ choice) make super scoopers for dips.

Having a bag armed with fruit or a big fruit salad is hard to beat when a snack attack strikes – all Superfree! We also love no added sugar jelly pots – only ½ Syn each!

Hopefully that gives you lots of ideas!! Don’t forget you’ve got the website, recipe books and the best place for ideas, image therapy xx