Slightly hungover shopping and food haul

So I had a few too many wines last night!! Naughty me. Skipped dinner too which wasn’t good!! So bang, queue the hangover!!

Going food shopping when you’re hungover is dangerous!!!! I badly wanted haribo but I didn’t succumb. Lunch was sweet chilli chicken pasta salad, 1.5 syns for the sauce.

Dessert my usual fav 1/2 syn. Then after shopping I was peckish so had this snack of scan bran and superfree. 1/2 syn salad cream.

I picked up some of my favourite aldi products, the salmon which is syn free and the fat free Greek yogurts, again syn free. Aldi is fab for sw and so cheap!!

Got some holiday bits from boots, I’m excited to try this auzzie dry shampoo. It’s new and claims to be amazing for adding volume. This is the only sun cream I can ever use, it’s fantastic stuff!!! I get prickly heat but never ever had it while using this. Not tried this shampoo and conditioner before either so I’ll be giving that a whirl. I adore anything that smells of coconut. This is the best deodorant ever too!! Love it!!

I got the same jacket I posted a few days back in a light pink/nude colour. I really like this longer length duster blazer style 🙂 might have to get more colours!!

Hope you’re all having a fab day xx

Ps special shout out to Maureen from Warwick 😉 x








Saturday. Food food food

Hi all!! Well I’ve had some lovely food today!! I had to make up for a boring breakfast thanks to a power cut!! Cold weetabix and fruit booooo.

Anyway I headed off to combat and kicked some ass. Shattered I decided on a superfree feast!!! I’m off to Barcelona Friday, I do not want to that fast dash to the pool lol. That walk of fear where you dread the thought of anyone looking at your wobbly bum or cellulite!! It’s not as bad now I’ve lost weight, but I still hate it!!!

This was lunch.

BBQ chicken, ratatouille, cauliflower rice and corn. Syn free. I used the Schwartz BBQ flavouring and pan fried it in fry light. The ratatouille is chopped Mediterranean roast veg, tinned tomatoes, herbs and garlic. I just do mine in a tray in the oven. Cauli rice is cauliflower blitzed in a food processor or grater and. Ice leave for 3-4 mins.

Dessert was chocolate cappuccino frozen yogurt drops. Delish!!!!!!

Blog some muller light cappuccino yogurt on baking paper, pop a raspberry in and drizzle with choc shot then freeze. 1 syn for these and they were amaze. No shopping yet today but I’ve got my iPad in my head now so here I come!!

Have a lovely day guys and girls and Happy Fopping xxxxxx






Hi guys how are we all?!! So I’m loving these biscuits and wanted to share the recipe. It’s so easy!!!

OMG these are the best ones yet!!!!! Almond and cinnamon oat biscuits. Syn free as using a HEB, just syn the choc shot at 1/2 syn a teaspoon.

Simply add one egg and sweetener to your 35g of oats. Add cinnamon and almond essence. Bake for approx 10 mins on 200 degrees on baking paper. Served with superfree fruit and choc shot. Enjoy x


On, off, on, off

This post is inspired by something one of my woman of the year nominees said in our finals last week.

She shared the danger of constantly thinking you’re either on plan or off plan, then on plan again. You get the picture. She shared that as soon as you tell yourself you’re going off plan it can subconsciously, or even consciously give you free rain to go crazy. She is so right, slimming world is a life style change, not a diet. Therefore there’s no need to think you’re on plan or off it, you aren’t being good or bad or breaking it or sticking to it. I’ve eaten the slimming world way for over 14 years. I couldn’t of dieted for 14 years. I’ve had flexible days yes, these are days where you may need more syns to get through. That’s fine, we don’t do guilt at sw. If you tell yourself you’re needing a flexible day that feels very different to a day off plan. This way you stay in control and you relieve any guilt or feelings of blowing it.

So no need to say your on plan or off plan. You’re just food optimising and making good choices.

So I’ve done a bit of shopping over the miserable rainy bank holiday weekend. I’ve also enjoyed some meals out and a few vodkas, flexible days not off plan 😉 Here’s some pictures of recent purchases and meals.

Have a fab day and Happy Fopping xx

















Recent bits and bobs

Well it’s been a fab week food wise and work wise. My team are all doing brilliant and my group are awesome as usual!

We had our woman of the year awards this week. I love competition nights!! There so inspiring, motivational and fun!! The tasters everyone made were so yummy!!!! My fav was the key lime pie cheesecake, the chocolate cakes and the cumin spiced potatoes. Actually I loved it all!!

I had six nominees and two overall winners. All six did such a fantastic job. Every single one of them come every week, stay to class and plan and prepare. They’ve also got a really good positive mental attitude. It’s hard to lose weight without this.

I’ve included some photos of the night. My winner Su has lost 9 stone and Sandra in session two 6 stone. So proud!! There’s also a pic of a winner from my team, Mandy. She looks stunning!

So I’ve done some more quick shops this week. I got in a size 8 pair of trousers!! I’m so not a size 8 lol, but I’m taking it!! I’ve fitted in some gym sessions and I’ve been to some fab groups. I’ve booked a holiday to Barcelona too, so I need to get my bikini body on!!

I’m out this weekend Sunday. I’m off shopping, shock! Then I’m testing out a new paleo restaurant in leamington. There’s so much meat!! It’s all bbq’d all wood smoked, there’s also loads of sw friendly side dishes such as salads, slaw, sweet potatoes or new potatoes. Exciting!!

Have an amazing weekend all and Happy Fopping!!!!xx





















What’s in my tool box?!?

Have you heard the quote, a tool is only as good as it’s user?

I know a few tools in life ha ha and I’m also not very good at using tools, unless they are for applying make up or making food!

At Slimming World we have our very own tool box, never ever give up without trying every single tool. Trust me we have something for everyone!!

Some members sail through their journeys without needing a tool. However if you are struggling or feel you’ve lost your mojo, you’re lovely caring consultant can give you a tool to help.

So what’s in our tool boxes?!

The most common tool is a food diary. These are mainly used for new members and for members that feel they need to check they’re doing the plan correctly. If you’re given a food diary, it’s really important you fill it in as you go and commit to giving it back to your consultant. You can also fill these in online. The online food diary is fab!! You can track the syns there and then, plus discover any new healthy extras that may of been added on. Something you thought was free you may discover actually isn’t. We don’t want to become obsessed with food diaries though. Naturally slim people don’t write every single thing they eat down do they lol?! You may just want a little note book to track the syns instead?

Do you sometimes have a disappointing week and you’re not sure why? Queue the SAS logs! Slimmers against sabotage. I love this tool. It’s helps you identify any little thing that may be be sabotaging you that you weren’t even aware of. This is for your eyes only, it should hopefully help you identify any danger times or triggers. It also helps you to plan and self praise.

Increase speed and super speed foods. This is fab for boosting losses. Highlight all the S and SS foods and smash them!

Success express. A fab tool again to boost losses. It’s a plan that increases your superfree foods. See an earlier blog on this.

Flexible syns. Perfect if you struggle with occasions or you set yourselves impossibly high standards. Set a sensible amount you need for an event and work backwards. You stay in control and eliminate that, I’ve blown it feeling, what happens when we feel like that?!? We end up writing the whole week off!! True flexible syns as opposed to a sod it night is a great tool to limit any damage.

If you seem to have lost the want the For & Against list is for you. List all the reasons you want to lose weight, all the amazing advantages of it and how you’ll feel when you do. Then list any againsts. What you might find is the againsts aren’t even valid, ie dieting is boring. Fab news, this isn’t a diet!! I can’t eat chocolate, yes you can 🙂 have it with you for times you be having a wobble. Remind yourself by reading it how much losing weight means to you.

We also have some last resorts that I can’t go in to. These are to talk through with your consultant. They are a personal eating plan and fast forward. Try all the others before you ever go down this route. Trust me you won’t like them!

I’d like to finish with this quote, “You have a destiny and a purpose that no one else on this earth can fulfill…and you have traveled a unique journey that has equipped you along the way with the tools you need to carry it out.”

So I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’ve included some recent meal pics too. Any questions just shout. I’ve booked a holiday to Barcelona 5th September so I’m using the success express tool and increasing my speed and super speed food, also lots of body magic!! Can’t wait!!

Happy Fopping xxx
















Pizza alternatives and more food

Hi guys,

Here’s a quick post on my recent meals yesterday and today. Here’s my two fav pizza alternatives. The first is pizza topped omelette and the second pizza topped chicken. I had mine with salad and cauliflower rice mixed in with brown rice. Yum!!

Enjoy xxxx

Recipe below
Serves: 1
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes
Syns per serving:

Original: FREE
Extra Easy: FREE

Add 6 Syns if not using Cheddar as a Healthy Extra on Original and Extra Easy.


½ small red onion, chopped
½ red pepper, chopped
1 small clove of garlic, crushed
1 tbsp stock, made from Vecon/Bovril
2 vine tomatoes, skinned and chopped
1 tbsp tinned tomatoes
1 tsp tomato puree
1 tsp oregano
1 chicken fillet
Fry Light
40g low fat hard cheese, grated
1 cherry tomato, halved
fresh basil, roughly chopped


1. Place the onion, pepper and garlic in a small saucepan with the stock and simmer for a few minutes.

2. Add the vine tomatoes to the pan, then the tinned tomatoes, tomato puree and oregano. Cut the chicken fillet in half horizontally, being careful not to cut it the whole way through. Fold open to make a butterfly shape. Spray a non-stick frying pan lightly with Fry Light then fry the chicken to give colour on both sides. Place the chicken on a baking tray and place in the oven, 220ºC/Gas 7 for 15-20 minutes.

3. When cooked, place the tomato mixture on top of the chicken. Add the cheese and sprinkle with basil. Place the cherry tomato on the top, then put back in the oven for 5 minutes.

4. Serve with a huge crispy salad, a Healthy Extra (on Original) jacket potato or roasted vegetables.





Weekend in pics :-)

Hi all!! What a lovely weekend I’ve had! I’m all fopped out!!

Friday night we had this gorgeous prawn curry. So easy to do!! Just fry prawns with garlic, ginger and chilli. Add curry powder, chopped tinned tomatoes and some fish sauce. Season then at the end add some fat free natural yogurt stirred in.

Saturday I did body combat. I quickly got showered and had lunch, then off to try a cranial osteopath. They said I’ve got quite an uncommon issue whereby the bones that hold your brain are catching on each other when they’re trying to move about. He’s slowly manipulated it and I’ve got to go back again. It may not be the cause of my dizziness but it could be playing a part. I’ll try anything!!! There were also a few very strange tests going in, one involving his arms in between my legs lol!! Not awkward at all!!

Before my appointment I literally flew in to topshop and ended up doing pretty well in 30 minutes 🙂 yet another kimono to add my collection!!

We were out for the night for my bf’s dad’s birthday, we went to a nice restaurant called High Pavement. I had one glass of wine then went on to gin and slim. The New Zealand White wine there is amaze!!!! I didn’t have a starter or a dessert and choose this salmon dish. Not ideal but there really wasn’t many sw friendly options.

As it wasn’t a late one we got up and and met his parents for a coffee at costa. I had a de cafe regular coffee with skimmed milk. I’ve been doing no caffeine to see if that helps too, makes me feel so tired though!!!

We then went to leamington to my lovely members new coffee shop/cafe. Coffee architects, OMG it’s amazing!!!! This was my lunch and chocolate brownie dessert. It’s so nice to be able to eat out and know it’s healthy 🙂 The owner makes sure everything is on plan at Slimming World. We can’t advertise it as sw friendly but it is!! Such a friendly, beautiful place, check it out if your ever in Leamington.

After lunch we had a quick look round the shops, you guessed it!! More new clothes for me, yeah 🙂 It’s that annoying in between weather now where it’s too cold for summer stuff but not cold enough for jumpers and jeans. This was today’s outfit, jeans and my new white top 🙂 my bf had ripped jeans and a white tee on too lol, embarrassing!! We don’t co ordinate on purpose, promise!!

We then nipped to Morrisons to use our fab voucher from the sun. I got the new muller fruitopolis yogurts, ummmm not really impressed I’m afraid, 1/2 syn per pot. Bit bland for me. Got to decide now what’s for dinner!! Oh and book a holiday to Barcelona!!

I hope you’ve all had a fab weekend with lots of Fopping!!!

Have a nice evening xxx

















Enhanced not fake

I’m not a fan of the word fake! It implies to me counterfeit, fraud, cheating and something quite horrible.

I much prefer the word enhanced. This means to intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of.

Much nicer!! I like to enhance my look sometimes with hair pieces. I used to wear hair extensions a lot, I’ve had various types. My favourite thing to do now is, if I want to go for a different enhanced look for some more va va voom on a night out, or for days when you can’t be bothered to style it yourself, use hair pieces!!! I often get asked how I’ve done my hair when it’s up. Simple!!

Hair rehab is an amazing company set up by Lauren pope. I love love love her hair pieces!!!! My favourite is the messy bun in caramel or the clip in side plait. I’ve also got the ponytail too. I don’t really wear the full length extensions I bought from a different company any more, as my hair naturally is quite thick, long and full. But I adore my hair pieces from hair rehab. If you aren’t sure how to do the styles don’t worry, Lauren does her own hair tutorial videos for you to watch!! Her hair is stunning!!!!

So if you’re a bit lazy like me or a bit rubbish at hair, check them out! Literally takes minutes and gives you a different look 🙂

Happy Fopping xxx















Limiting beliefs

This is inspired by a lovely call with one of my team today 🙂

Do you ever hear about other peoples success stories, or hear about big losses and think, that’s amazing but I can’t do that! Guess what, you can!!! You’ve just told yourself you can’t. The sad thing is now you believe it too and you let it define you.

Have a read of these stories below :-

The Elephant, the Flea and the Piranha can tell us three stories about limiting beliefs. Unfortunately for them, they are unable to change their limiting beliefs, whereas we humans have the power to do so. As long as we can identify what our limiting beliefs are, we can reprogram our minds to change our limiting beliefs and get the things that we want in life.

The Elephant
Visualise the fully grown adult elephant in the circus. When he is not performing he is chained to a stake in the ground. A stake that would be hard for you to pull out but for this giant animal it should be easily pulled out and the elephant would be free. So why does he not break free?
Well, that elephant has been in captivity his whole life. As a baby elephant the shackle around his ankle would have been much smaller but the chain and the stake would have been the same size as they are now. As a baby elephant he would have tried to break free but the stake was too big then and too hard to pull out. He would have tried and tried, almost to the point where he would hurt himself. Eventually, after many failed attempts, he would give up and never try again…

The Flea
Fleas can jump between 8 and 10 inches high, easily. They are the best jumpers in the insect kingdom, but did you know they can be trained to be the worst?
If a flea is placed in a jar of say only 6 inches high, the flea will continue jumping as high as it always did. Unfortunately every time it does so it will bang it’s head. You see, the flea gives his all because it can. Soon (many sore heads later) the flea will reduce how high it jumps so at to stop hurting it’s head.
At this stage the jar can be removed and the flea will never ever jump above the height it was jumping in the jar…

The Piranha
Just like the flea the piranha can be trained. The piranha can be placed in a large tank and separated from their food by a glass divider. The piranha will bang their head repeatedly off the glass divider while trying to get to its food. It will eventually realise that it can’t get to it’s food and will stop trying.
Even when the glass divider has been removed, the piranha will not try
Lesson learned

Beliefs are pre-conceived ideas that we allow to filter through our body. We allow our beliefs to determine our reality. The brain’s belief system is called Reticular Activating System (RAS). It is formed by our religions, teachers, families and peers. By the time we are 5 years of age it is so well developed that who and what we will become has already been determined.

Unlike the elephant, the flea and the piranha we as humans have the ability to change our limiting beliefs. It’s not as easy as it sounds, afterall, we are trying to change things that we have learned when we were young children. It is possible though… The best way is staying to image therapy. Getting help and support to find new grooves, getting praise to believe in yourself and leave feeling inspired.

For years it was thought the earth was flat….
The 4 minute mile was thought impossible…
Man can’t fly…
Space travel is impossible…

Go for it guys!!! Happy Fopping xxx