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Fuel as opposed to treats?!

How do you view food and drink?!? When I was at my heaviest I always viewed food as a treat, I realise now this was ones of the reasons I got to a size 16. I know to some people that might not sound like a big size, but to me it made me feel like a different person. I was miserable. If I had a bad day, if I was upset, if I was happy and wanted to celebrate, if someone annoyed me, if my boss was horrible to me, if I lost weight and so on, I’d always always treat myself with food or drink or both!!!

It got to the stage though when it wasn’t a treat anymore, a treat is something you reward yourself with when you’ve done something to deserve it. It’s occasional, not most days. So if you look at this in black and white, I’d reward myself with the one thing that was making me miserable. Where’s the sense in that?!?!

I’m completely different now. Food wise I wouldn’t choose to “treat myself” on a massive pizza and ice cream or a huge high syn greasy Chinese all you eat. I wouldn’t dream of eating an entire Sarah lee chocolate cake or a whole bag of doughnuts. I would never ever judge anyone else who does but that’s just not me anymore. After I found slimming world I made changes, lifestyle changes. I had to. People do say to me, oh treat yourself, just have chips!! But to me that’s not a treat anymore, I can make much nicer ones syn free! Some people do find it hard to understand that if I’m on holiday I don’t want to eat and drink everything in sight, just because I’m on holiday. I enjoy healthy food, I enjoy feeling healthy. I love fruit, I love veg, I love meat, sweet potato, fish……. If I followed some sort of strict diet I’m sure I’d be totally different, but I don’t. Since starting my blog and fb page people seemed shocked at what you can actually eat. A treat to me is one of my fav sw meals such as fillet steak, a low syn sauce and sw chips or lamb dansak and rice with spinach. Amazing!! There’s millions of gorgeous meals at our finger tips, the new fakeaway book is just fanbloodytastic!!!!!! Fish and chips, kebabs, curries, Chinese, sw KFC and so many more healthy versions of your favourite takeaways.

If I feel I need a treat you all know what I do, I shop!! It might be a nail varnish, a new dress, some perfume or a lipstick. It doesn’t matter, the key point is I’m not rewarding myself with something that in fact is really a punishment to me. We’ve got syns, we can have chocolate, we can crips, nothing is banned, another reason why I love sw!! We can eat out, we can have a low syn takeaway. I don’t treat nights or syn laden meals out to enjoy myself. Another nice reward in my opinion is a pamper session, maybe a massage, a facial or a manicure. Something that makes you feel good, a tub of Ice cream never made me feel very good.

Now I’m no angel, I do like a drink. I did give up when I lost my three stone in three months or just had an occasional vodka and diet coke, but for me this is a lifestyle change and I choose to use my syns now for vodka or a glass of wine. It wasn’t realistic for me never ever to drink again, I enjoy it so why shouldn’t I. The difference is now I’m in control, I enjoy it but I try not to go too mad anymore.

The best way to view food is as fuel, not as a treat or for comfort, but for exactly what it is, fuel for your body. If we fill our cars right they motor along very nicely. If we start to neglect them or put the wrong fuel in, they break down! We don’t want any of you doing that do we!! Once you change your relationship with food and find your new groove, you’ll see things start to change. You find low syn or free alternatives to your favourite meals, you don’t crave things you used to, mentally and physically you begin to feel better. Off you go down that motorway to target, passing everyone else who may of broken down sat in lay-bys, waiting to be rescued. The thing is, no one can truly rescue you, apart from you. You’re in the driving seat, you make the choices of which roads to take, how fast or slow you go, you repair any damage that may of stopped you in the past, you put the right fuel in, you plan and prepare your routes to get from a to b. You may have someone sat next to you in the passengers seat, eg your consultant or a family member/friend guided you, but you have to take the wheel.

So is your pedal to the metal or are you heading for a total breakdown?!? Off to the scrap heap? The choice is yours. I choose other treats, I try and fuel my body right and I’m planning on staying on that motorway to target. Who’s with me?!? Come along for the ride.

In other news It’s the forth day in our new house and things are coming along nicely. I’m so happy here. There’s still tons to do but we’re getting there. I found some right bargains today in a shop called store twenty one at home. Will be going back there!! I also picked up some of my fav beauty essentials. My new dressing table is so beautiful, I love it!!!! Ummmm what next to buy!?! Then home for a lovely pizza omelette, salad and corn on the cob.

Have a fab day and Happy Fopping xx







New chapter, make the rest of your life the best of your life

***Warning this post contains lots of PDA’S which is very out of character for me!!!

So I’ve moved!!!!! I’m in our new house and I love love love it!!!! It’s crazy how life has so many twists and turns isn’t it!! My bf and I met up for our first date just over ten months ago and we haven’t been apart since. I’ve always been an over thinker and I’ve always said to my friends, how do you know if you’re with the one?!? Their reply, you just know Nikki. They were so right!!!!! I was so sure by the time I was 30 I’d be married, possibly children although I’ve never had much patience for kids lol. But things changed and I’m sooooooo glad that wasn’t the case now. I wouldn’t of been here, exactly where I’m meant to be.

When you meet the one and you know they’re the one you feel immediately feel comfortable from don’t you, you laugh till you cry, you respect each other, you do selfless things for them, you get excited every time you see them, you don’t care who knows how you feel, they become your best friend and you can’t imagine ever being apart from them, you can look at them on a night out and think “that’s my man!” and feel proud, you want them to feel amazing, so you treat them amazing, my bf words! Oh and most importantly for me, I don’t care if he sees me without my make up lol!!

Anyway enough mushy stuff ha ha. New chapters happen all the time, every single day is a new opportunity to re invent yourself. If you aren’t happy, you can change it. For example If you don’t feel you’ve done well sw wise one day, it honestly doesn’t matter, just draw a line and move on. Wake up the next day and make it an amazing one.

For me it’s about making this a lifestyle change. I’ve been in unhappy relationships and I’ve been in happy relationships at that time. You learn from them all and thats the whole point. If you have a bad day you can learn from it. Mistakes are just opportunities to do it right the next time, when it really counts.

I was moving things from 9am after we picked the keys up until about 10pm at night and still have tons to do. I didn’t give in to temptation thing of grabbing a sandwich or a take away. I popped to the shop at 3pm and got bowls of salad, packets of ham, cherry tomatoes, sliced peppers and balsamic finger and made a quick salad on the go. The old me would’ve used moving as an excuse for a take away or huge foot long subway!! We’ve already sorted the lounge and the kitchen and I love them both!!! Bedrooms are next! This could take a while, I’ve got approx five suitcases rammed with clothes and another 8 bin bags full, with everything still on their hangers. My bf has even more stuff!!! I said on my fb status that even if I lived to 100 and wore something different every day I couldn’t wear them all!! I’ve already had two huge clear outs but I think I need to be more ruthless!!!

One of the reasons I’m such a shopperholic is that when I was bigger I hated shopping!! I’d look at my reflection in the changing room mirrors and want to cry. I’d get ready for nights out and just end up wearing something that was baggy and covered my huge bum and love handles!! Nothing could cover up how I felt inside though! When I got in my first pair of size 10 skinny jeans I literally danced around the shop!! They must of thought I was mental, but I didn’t care!!! I’ve been a size 16 and I’ve been a size 8, I tend to be a size 10 as an average. Trust me when I say this. No food or drink has ever ever tasted as good as I felt in those jeans!! Don’t get me wrong, I adore the taste of cakes, chocolate, pizza, wine, beer, in fact there really isn’t anything I don’t like!!!! But those sort of treats or pleasures, as I used to see them, last two seconds! The feeling of liking yourself lasts so much longer!!!!

I wouldn’t be sat here now if I didn’t change my lifestyle. I wouldn’t of had the confidence to be single, after being in relationships most of my life, I certainly wouldn’t of gone on that date with my now bf!!! Losing weight can be totally life changing!!! It certainly changed mine, I got a new career I adore, a man I adore and a house I adore. Make the rest of your life the best of your life guys!!! You only get one life. Mwah

Happy Fopping xxxx











Is wine really fine?!? Is gin a sin? Does lager make us larger?!

Do you like a drink? Not squash, or diet coke but an alcoholic drink? Are you ever disappointed with your weight losses? Then read on….

Evidence shows that alcohol is having an increasing impact on managing our weight. It’s not only the calories in alcohol itself – we know that alcohol is high in Syns – but there is a general lack of awareness of how quickly we can consume a lot of calories and how drinking leads us to eat and drink even more.

Alcohol makes us feel hungrier because it stimulates our appetite, it makes us less inhibited and so weakens our resolve to stick to our eating plans. Have you ever necked a load of alcohol then woke up with a kebab stuck to your face?!? And you don’t even like kebabs?!? Ha ha you won’t be alone.

When I joined Slimming World I was a student. What are students best known for?!? Binge drinking! We used to go out most nights and I loved larger and bottles of blue WKD!! I nearly fell off my new member chair when I saw the syn values of these things!! No wonder I’d put so much weight on!! We’d always end the night too with a cheeseburger or chips and gravy!! Then the next day are you literally like a bottomless pit?!? I’ve devoured a dominos, foot long subway, ice cream, tons of haribo and chocolate just to survive a hangover.

Slimming world share, “We’ve surveyed people in the UK to find the average ‘tipping point’ – the number of units a person might drink before they start to eat and drink much more than planned – and how many additional calories in both alcohol and food they go on to consume after reaching this point. Our research shows that it takes the average woman just 2.6 glasses of wine to go on to drink and eat more than intended, 58% of us pass a tipping point at least once a week.
Once we’ve passed our tipping point (on average) we go on to consume an EXTRA 6,356 calories in 24 hours and 50% of us cancel plans for physical activity – which, when all totalled up could result in an average weight gain of 2lbs each week!
This shows just how hard we have to work just to maintain our weight each week , let alone get a weight loss!!”

How scary is that!!!! Now we aren’t the alcohol or fun police, you can enjoy a drink on sw, it’s just about staying in control and using choice power. You can also plan to eat before you go out or have on plan food ready for when you get in. You can also stock up the fridge ready for a sw fry light up or grill up the next morning, or afternoon depending on when you get up!!

Syn values at a glance – so what’s your poison?

Bacardi [35ml] 3.5 Syns
Bacardi Breezer, Orange [275ml bottle] 5 Syns
Bailey’s Irish Cream [35ml] 5½ Syns
Beck’s [275ml bottle] 5 Syns
Bitter (John Smith’s) [440ml can] 6 Syns
Brandy [35ml] 4 Syns
Budweiser [300ml bottle] 6 Syns
Champagne [150ml] 6 Syns
Drambuie [35ml] 5½ Syns
Gin [35ml] 4 Syns
Guinness Original [440ml can] 6½ Syns
Martini Bianco [50ml] 4 Syns
Port [50ml] 4 Syns
Scrumpy Jack [440ml can] 10 Syns
Sherry (Croft Original) [50ml] 3½ Syns
Tia Maria [35ml] 4½ Syns
Vodka [35ml] 4 Syns
Whisky [35ml] 4 Syns
Wine – Dry white [175ml] 6 Syns
Wine – Red [175ml] 6 Syns
Wine – Sweet white [175ml] 8 Syns
Top tips for tantalising tipples

How can we make this less synful?!?

Add soda water to your wine or spirits to make a long spritzer.

Drink Free fizzy mineral water or a carbonated diet drink between glasses of alcohol – these generally take longer to drink than still drinks, and they’re also more filling!

A slimmer’s best bet is a single shot of spirit [35ml measure] with a low calorie mixer, e.g. gin and Slimline tonic [4 Syns] or Bacardi and Diet Coke [3½ Syns]. Other good choices include shandy made from lager or bitter with diet lemonade [approx 4 Syns per half pint]; dry white wine spritzer with low calorie fizzy water [6½ Syns for 175ml wine] or Campari [35ml] with diet lemonade [4½ Syns].

Sorry Del Boy, drinks to avoid are the creamy ones (Bailey’s, advocaat, pina colada), and cocktails for which you can’t easily work out the Syn content. Alcopops have the same amount of alcohol as beer, but usually much more sugar which bumps up their calorie content and Syn value. Branded spirit and fruit juice combinations (e.g. Bacardi Breezers) may seem healthy, but each bottle usually provides more than a standard measure of spirit and the fruit juice has as many calories as a full sugar soft drink! Don’t be too disappointed though – we’ve included our very own alcopop recipe below.

I lost three stone in three months when I joined, what was the biggest change I made?!? I stopped drinking wine, larger and alcopops and swooped to vodka and soda with fresh lime or diet coke. At first I hated it, but it didn’t take long to find my new groove and then it didn’t bother me at all. I had to decide what was more important to me, a drink that made me gain weight and feel horrendous, not to mention turn me in to a nutter lol or a weight loss that I was happy with and that made me feel fantastic?!? No brainer really!!! We tend to think about alcohol in a different way to food. A glass of wine contains the same number of calories as a packet of crisps or a small slice of cake and a pint of bitter has the same calories as a glazed ring doughnut, but for some reason we’re less aware. Have you ever said, oh liquids don’t count or it’s fine, wines made from grapes ha ha.

Drinks can slip down much more easily and don’t satisfy your appetite so it’s easy to forget that they’re full of calories as research shows, it’s not just the drinks you have but the food you consume after drinking too. I wouldn’t of dreamt as a slimmer of eating three jam doughnuts or fish and chips from the chippy, but I wouldn’t of thought twice about knocking back a bottle of Sauvignon from New Zealand, my fav!!

Now I’m not perfect and I lost my weight a long time ago, bad habits can creep back. I mainly stick to vodka now or gin but the wine does creep in, after two glasses, like the study says, my choice power goes out the window and my nickname is “one more drink” lol!!! Do you ever wake up thinking OMG what the hell happened last night, this might be a clue you’ve gone way past your tipping point!!

If you would like more low syn ideas head over to our amazing website. These are some more popular ones :-

Virtually Free sangria
Soak your choice of fresh fruit in a 50ml glass of port overnight. Add a bottle of chilled Diet Tropical Lilt just before serving. Tip: You could substitute a glass of red wine for port if desired.

Nearly Free alcopop
Diet drinks are all Free. Add them to your chosen spirit to make a refreshing alcoholic drink with a quarter of the Syns of a bottled alcopop. Tip: Try Lilt, Diet Tango and Diet Bitter Lemon for fruity flavours.

Lime & ginger spritzer
You’ll need: 2 limes, ½pt white wine, 1pt sparkling water, 2 tbsp ginger cordial. Thinly slice the limes and place in a punch bowl. Stir in the wine, water and cordial and chill. This makes enough spritzer for 6 servings at 2½ Syns per glass, which means you don’t have to stop at one!





Shop till you drop

Today’s been a fab day!! I’ve been busy organising our first ever Slimming World race for life event Sunday 3rd august at Draycote Waters 10am. It’s a national event that all groups are taking part in. I’ve got the radio calling me tomorrow and it’s all over facebook. This should be really good fun and a fab bit of body magic.

After a work meeting yesterday and being busy packing I really really needed to get out the house, so off I went on a quick one hour shopping dash on my lunch break.

I picked up these little finds 🙂

The floral cami top is Miss Selfridge
The sports wear and black dress is H & M
The perfume is from the perfume shop, got my bf a pressie too
The white cami top is River Island
The kimono is Warehouse
Chanel sample House of Fraser

H & M sports stuff is really nice and so cheap!!! I love the dress too, it looks really nice on, very classy and lady like!! Well I can pretend!! The perfume was a great find!! I’m obsessed with Alien after one of my team introduced me to it. It’s such a strong distinctive perfume. This gorgeous gift set and free gift was the same price as buying the perfume alone!! Winner! I fancied a new foundation too and everyone raves about the Chanel range. The girl matched some to my skin and gave me a sample to take home and try, it’s the perfection lumiere one, the description is long wear flawless fluid make up. Excited to try this!!

I was so impressed with the Chanel girl. It was her first day bless her but she was amazing!! Such a pretty, friendly girl. We were chatting away and she was so complimentary! Good sales technique!! I learnt a lot about her lol as she was so chatty!

The man in the perfume shop was really helpful too and told me about the gift set and free gift for the same price as a single bottle. So I’ve got a 100ml Alien body lotion and a 30ml shower gel, plus the little handbag size perfumes. I’m passionate about good customer service so I was really impressed with both of these today. Gold stars!!!

Food wise I’ve had more fab meals recently. I’ve also included some pics of my packed lunch for work.

Any questions just shout!!

Happy Fopping!! Xxx


















Do you every struggle to fit in body magic? I’m moving house next weekend, so with work, moving etc the gym has fallen off this week. I feel pretty rubbish for it and to be honest it’s probably just an excuse, but other things have to take priority sometimes.

However what I try and do when I can’t get to the gym is use my trx. I’ve only recently discovered these, it seems to be the latest craze amongst female celebs. If you’ve seen the pictures of Danielle Lloyd looking amazing, you’ll know what I mean. A lot of mothers use them after having babies as they are fantastic at helping you to re build your core muscles.

Me being me, I had to test it out! I showed my bf the pics and he said he’d got some trx straps!!! Amazing! Now the first time I tried it the door wasn’t secure and I literally fell flat on my face ha ha, very embarrassing. Luckily I didn’t smash any teeth when I crashed to the floor ha ha. No one saw though so it’s fine!! My bedroom door was stronger so I had a go in there. I just googled trx work outs and found some fab ones on you tube. You just fix them to the door shut the door and then do different exercises. As it uses your entire body weight you can get really good results really quickly.

So what is a trx?!? The TRX was the brainchild of a Navy Seal, born out of necessity for keeping in shape during deployment. The principles are simple: hang it up (you can do this at home using a secure bracket), grab the stirrups and work your body against gravity to build muscle and burn fat. The instability caused by the suspension develops serious strength that’s very hard to replicate with regular weights.

You can buy them online, it’s more of an American thing but it’s quickly getting more and more popular over here, I’d highly recommend them as long as you can be motivated to exercise at home. It’s fab for a busy mom or for someone that maybe can’t afford a monthly gym fee. They aren’t cheap, but they are fab and will last forever.

I’ve shared some pics so you can see what I mean. Happy Fopping xxx







Various meal pics and recipes xx

Hey all,

Busy day today so just sharing for anyone who doesn’t follow my fopperholic fb page my recent meals. Sorry about the random order!!!

Dessert ideas

Check this lovely creation out made by one of my best friends, H.
Banana and custard muller
Sugar free jelly (0.5 syn a pot)
30g oats (B choice)
Frozen fruit
Tiny squirt of anchor light squirty cream (syns in the pic)
Looks fab doesn’t it and all for 1 syn and a HEB
You can vary the flavours or yogurt and jelly and also have with the Special K granola as a b choice or a broken up hi if bar. Yummy, thanks for sharing Hun xxxx

Lovely 2 syn dessert. White chocolate cream and fruits of the forests berries.

Simply stir the options in to the quark with stevia or sweetener, mix it all up thoroughly in a bowl. Defrost the fruit and then mix that it too. Done!!! You can add a mini meringue for 1 syn and have sw Eton mess!!! Yummy x (5 photos)

The best fat free yogurt ever pictured too


Mega organised for a sw managers meeting Fajita chicken cous cous salad, fat free cottage cheese, a syn free aldi yogurt, melon and berries sprinkled with stevia and cinnamon and a squirt of choc shot then my sugar free squash. The squash at the hotel isn’t sugar free! This is what happens if I get up early! Miss organised yeah

Amazing lunch!!! Syn free Cajun turkey burgers and salad. Then pineapple, tesco finest yogurt as per yesterday’s post and 1/2 syn choc shot. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Burgers are just extra lean turkey mince from sainsburys, Cajun power and salt and pepper, I pan fried them with fry light till cooked through. Got loads left for too yum!!! Off to meet my new consultant shortly. Have a fab day xx



Like Chinese food but don’t want to spend lots of syns on it?! No problem! This little beauty of a sauce is only 1/2 syn per teaspoon (10g, needs to be level not heaped). I stir fried some ginger, garlic, chilli and a pack of stir fry veg. Added soya sauce. I then swirled a teaspoon of this sauce with some water and added it to the stir fry. You can buy it in the Chinese section in Tesco. It’s quite a thick dry sauce so works better when watered down in my opinion. You can use more, at only 1/2 syn a teaspoon it’s not bad at all!!! I like my food quite dry but if you don’t add some more I also drizzled 1/2 syn of sweet chilli sauce. Syns vary for these sauces so make sure you’re checking yours out on the website or app. I had mine with the Cajun turkey burgers leftover from lunch. I would’ve done it with chicken breasts if I didn’t have these. Yummy and super quick and easy xx

Sweet and sour chicken

OMG AMAZE AMAZE AMAZE dinner!!! Syn free Chinese sweet and sour chicken and noodles!!!! I haven’t this for ages and one of my gorgeous team/members B reminded me of it in group. Again this is why it’s sooooo important to stay to class. I had mine with courgetti noodles, bf with normal noodles. He actually said it’s one of THE nicest things he’s ever eaten and way better than a Chinese restaurant!!!

I adapted the recipe for fanta chicken to my taste

Cut chicken breasts in to chunks and fry in fry light, add chunks of onions, peppers and mushrooms. Chopped up some ginger, garlic and chilli and throw that in. Then I made the sauce. 330ml of fanta zero, 3tbs passata, a teaspoon of vinegar, a splash of soya sauce, a chicken oxo and salt and pepper.

Pour the sauce in to the wok and then heat on high until the sauce goes sticky and thickens up. Take off the heat and add some chopped fresh pineapple. Voila syn free sweet and sour Chinese chicken!!!

I had mine with courgetti noodles, which is just ribboned courgette fried in fry light. Yum yum yum!!!!!

Chicken fajita salad


1 red pepper, halved, deseeded and finely sliced
1 green pepper, halved, deseeded and finely sliced
2 medium red onions, halved and finely sliced
2-3 skinless boneless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cumin
2 fresh red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
Juice of 1 lime
Low calorie cooking spray
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
For the salsa

½-1 fresh red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
15 ripe cherry tomatoes, halved
Small handful of finely chopped coriander
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Juice of 1 lime

Spray a non-stick pan with low calorie cooking spray and place over a medium-high heat. Add the peppers, onions, chillies, lime juice and spices and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes. Add the chicken, then stir-fry over a high heat for 5 mins until the chicken is cooked.
Meanwhile, tip the salsa ingredients into a food processor, along with the lime juice and a little seasoning and pulse until finely chopped.
Lay out the ingredients on a table and serve.

Enjoy and happy Fopping xxxx











Dream, believe, achieve

The mind is a very powerful tool. I really love the famous quote that anything that the mind can conceive can be achieved. Success lies in the positive thinking that there is nothing that can’t be done.

Ok so obviously there are limits to this quotes. I can’t keep visualising having supermodel legs and boom one day I wake up with them. However there is a lot of truth in this. I remember a PT session I had. My trainer, S, could see I was getting tired and I’d lost the belief I could lift this heavy set of weights he was torturing me with. He kept saying I could do it, he then placed his hands on the weights to help make it easier for me and I smashed out another set with ease!! Afterwards he confessed he wasn’t even holding it lol, just lightly touching it!! He’d encouraged me with words then actions too, all I needed was to believe I could do it and I did.

Failure and success are both figments of the mind, choose to succeed. Choose never to fail at anything again, keep trying even after a bad day and you’ll get there.

We need to not settle for just average to be successful. This is why in sw groups we encourage our members to reach for the moon, even if you don’t get there you’ll still land amongst the stars. This just means by aiming high, say 4lb in a week you’re a lot more likely to stay on plan and say no to things occasionally. By just setting say a 1lb or even just a loss means things can easily creep in as you think, oh well I only want a lb. A lb is good but 2, 3, 4lbs or more is even better and it means you’ll get there faster!

To keep a positive mind you need to surround yourself with positive people. If they are negative thinkers they can drag you down. We’re all allowed to have bad days or down days, that’s life. If they are constantly trying to throw you off track though or aren’t supportive with your weight loss journey are they true friends?!? This is why we encourage the group experience through image therapy. Where can you get an entire room of people who are all trying to achieve the same as you? This is also why we try and keep image therapy really positive, ie no long confessions of syns or letting anyone leave feeling low. We want to make sure you all leave feeling totally inspired and set up for an amazing week!

Some studies have demonstrated that there’s a free drug that can help treat many disorders with no side effects: our minds. It’s quite mind blowing how much our subconscious thoughts can massively impact how we feel physically. How we think can massively effect if we are successful with losing weight nor not.

When food is used for an outer solution for an inner needs you will never be satisfied. Yes food can fill us up but they can’t fulfil us. Our body is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. The good news is that you CAN change, every day is a new opportunity to change yourself.

You can overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs by using the power of the mind. And believe it or not, you can shift any negative attitudes and beliefs. How? By learning to use the mind-body connection and your powers of the mind you can change your body.

I read a fab article by Alex Ragner, BrainyWeightLoss.com. It really makes sense.

“Mindful eating and healthy lifestyle choices born from positive attitudes, high self esteem and self confidence, are not only required to achieve your perfect weight; they lead you to optimum health, great vitality and happiness. You start to use food to fuel and nourish your body, rather than use it as a reward, a bribe or to temporarily numb (medicate) unpleasant feelings.”

Have you ever said any if these things to yourself?

“No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back”

“I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good”

“I don’t have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out”

“I feel guilty when I eat fattening foods”

“I will take time for myself only after taking care of everyone else”

If you think (or say these negative-thinking phrases, even only to yourself), you should know that this could be the reason you might be struggling to lose weight.

Believe it or not, they are self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs you (subconsciously) can stop yourself from being successful.

Try to swop these negative thoughts with positive 🙂

“No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back”

Turn it around to something like:

“I eat a healthy diet and easily stay at my ideal weight”


“I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good”

Turn it around to:

“I often eat fresh fruits as they make me feel so good!”

In the same way,

“I don’t have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out”


“I always make time to exercise, it energizes me whenever I’m tired”

And so on – you get the gist of turning limiting beliefs into empowering positive thinking phrases, right?

Whenever you catch yourself using limiting beliefs, STOP.

Switch to positive self talk immediately; this way, you change your current reality into a new one, where your body is able to release all extra weight easily, without resistance or frustration.

Remember, when you expand your beliefs and use affirmative MindScripts™ you instruct your subconscious to shift your reality from how IT IS right now, to how you WANT it to be. As a result, you progress faster towards your weight goal and become able to keep your ideal weight with no deprivation or struggle.

You should know that using positive thinking phrases in this way is a big part of what self hypnosis for weight loss does through the hypnotic scripts. With these, you gradually change your thoughts and feelings about your body, your eating and exercising habits.

This way, your current reality starts to be shaped by your new belief of what’s possible for you.

Believe it or not, when this belief becomes an unshaken certainty for you, things begin to happen – seemingly out of thin air: you start to enjoy healthier foods, stop experiencing food cravings, become active and full of energy. You learn to release stress, get adequate rest and take better care of your body.

Before long, all these habits become automatic – they become your NEW REALITY!

So guys what’s is to be?!? Negative knickers or positive pants?!? Up to you.

Happy Fopping xxxx





Quick shopping trip haul

Quick shopping trip done! Don’t you love outlet places so you don’t have to go in to town!! Easy parking and some decent shops like outfit, debenhams and boots. Oh and subway for a quick turkey salad. I adore subway!!! The little box is my bf salad to go with his 6 inch lol. These are fab and only a £1!

Excited to try my new lip gloss, it’s a matte one so more like a lipstick. Needed some day perfume so got these in the sale. Then picked up this gorgeous dress and playsuit in outfit.

Now time to chill and read some magazines 🙂 have a fab day. Happy Fopping xxx