Some of my fav ever slimming world meals :-) recipes are online or feel free to ask how they’ve been made x

Sweet chilli salmon, salsa and saladSmoked salmon, scrambled egg and sautéed vegetablesLamb rogan joshSimple omelette Roast chicken and vegCurry in a hurryFillet steak, sautéed cabbage and syn free chips and saladCajun chicken, cauliflower rice and saladChicken stuffed with quark and garlic wrapped in bacon, sweet potato chips and saladTex mex chilli, cauliflower rice and salad Cake in a mug, fruit and yogurtPulled pork, sweet potato wedges and saladSalmon stir fry courgetti noodlesSlimming world soupsJacket potato, tuna and saladBig Mac in a bowlFruit, slimming world cream and choc shotCajun chicken & bacon saladSyn free burgers, butternut squash and saladSw angel delightChilli burgers, mushroom roll

Chicken tikka kebabs, cauli rice and salad



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