10 thoughts on “Top tips to get re focused after xmas & smash 2018!!

  1. Well done Nikki! In Noeleen Herbage’s class in Dublin & on hols in Marbella so missed class yesterday & next week also. Planning, planning, planning!!! Walking the legs off myself & will stay on track as much as I can. Happy 2018!! 👍

  2. Just watch you everything you say is so good go to class and stay that is very important to stay and you will also make friends I have lost nearly three stone with slimming world and when I started I never thought I could loose the weight I think well let’s have a go and try and every week I lost some week’s not that good!! But I kept going and now I feel great I have done it . Justy feeling great!! Diana

  3. Thank you tbhisbhad really helped me get out of the fog of Christmas over indulgence line drawn ready to get to target in 2018

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