2 thoughts on “Ivf update. What should I do?!

  1. Hi Hun,

    Love how positive you are about that whole IVF thing, I messaged you on SW on Instagram other wk I’m starting IVF Feb, scared about injections all the stress etc but this question 1 or 2 has been on my mind 2, I think 2 then I think 1, I panic if I could cope but I just think you do cope, you panic about having 1 then it comes along and you cope so 2 you wpuld just cope you would have to, you would be brilliant, plus when you think of it it’s only until they can get dressed themselves lol I think go for it have 2 put back in! You will cope your have your husband and family! After reading the comments about it in gonna go for 2, when I think deeply about it, I do think oh god what if I can’t do this or that with 2 and one will cry then other will, but it might end up just 1 and your never know unless you just go for it! Wishing you all the luck in the world, we have decided 2 I think now just trying to sort out where to buy all the medication from as I’m not offered IVF on NHS I have to go private, I was recommended amazing clinic The Lister I’m under James Niccouplos his been great so far not that we have even started yet lol Good luck 🤞❤ xx

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