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Sw haribo and amazing dinner!!!

Hi all. Busy day again today for me. I’ve had month end to complete. My team are doing amazing and I’m thrilled!!!!! I manage 30 other groups as well as running my own group. I love love love my job!!!

I’ve had some lovely meals today! All rammed with superfree.

Breakfast was scrambled egg, spinach, sautéed veg and two scan bran.

Lunch was something just made up. Cajun and piri chicken in a tomato and garlic sauce on a bed of roasted Mediterranean veg.

Dinner was gammon, syn free chips, mushroom, salad and pineapple. Totally yum!!!!

Dessert was my usual. Fat free Greek yogurt, fruit, choc shot and cinnamon. 1/2 syn.

I’ve also made these jelly sweets to snack on :-

Slimming world haribo sweets. 1.5 syns. These are strawberry flavour.

I used this version.

Jelly Sweets
1 sachet of sugar free jelly (1.5 syns each)
1 sachet of powdered gelatine
1 pot Muller Light yoghurt, I used the strawberry aldi Greek ones
Mix the jelly and gelatine in ½ pint of boiling water, pour 2 thirds of the mixture in to the mould and put in the fridge to start to set.
Mix remaining jelly with the Yogurt and pour on top of the mould.

Put it back in the fridge to set.

There is a recipe where you can add two sachets of gelatine. This would make them firmer.

I’m not obsessed with them but they are really nice. The left over mixture I turned in to a blancmange style dessert, just mix the yogurt in with the jelly and set.

I wore my new jacket today and I love it!! Good old new look.

Have a lovely evening and Happy Fopping xx









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